Interview questions with successful business owner #1

a victorious a says Frank and actually interviewing Pretoria and if
you can a three-time tell me a little about your
visits where you do a little bit of an introduction and chef my name is Peter audio than she is it and say if they arrest in
Anaheim Lakefield for 116 nutley you I saw the
business said Jennifer Sep 2008 tough time to begin or a good time to
begin depends how you look at it her cray cray call so you can so I was saying earlier you said
the on for for businesses altogether and her first
business as a bowling alley supporting out in the
North Italy what it was that express I tell us a little bit about that
expensive you was set 21 just past 21 yeah it was a good experience it said was the foundation of you begin to
realize how tough it is to open a business ought to run a business yeah to make some money on it are at the
office one right anybody cassette the business right
anybody come and up making some money it right okay what
would you say the the reason you start your main
reasons three reasons they start your business three recent well I E I love what I do
have a passion for its and eventually one another fashion so
whatever business or whatever profession shoes eventually gonna see some results
for an extra money I love it right if you can make money something
that you love to do that they doesn’t seem so such a passion that’s
why passion I like this get all the business right care what keeps you doing it like
my sense if keep the people happy mayor see it’s
always a a rectifying to see people leaving with a happy smiling yeah he is it’s
something good initiated what you do there so you know
other good reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor at so what’s your sees a retro more time Apache thats
russians that’s it I R Us right okay what I mean obviously are you were talking about why
do people start businesses dress like a marathon and the you know it’s its hard and now
everybody finishes for what what do you think is the main
factors why you’ve continued any have such good reviews and you always have good reviews too as
far as I know yes I’m shy at some once you can keep
everybody happy that not everybody you know foods press
in business when you deal with Pavlik I was a fool
this like us they’ll drive it but let’s def models
doesn’t mean with what’s good for you might be good
for the client sometimes you have to listen at that so late so is that they were misled the
most of its affiliates I have a lot of the videos the reason
probably because i’m involved I miss six days a week and Sunday we are
closed seige they of so that’s why like those
arrested seven get a real day off you have to be presence that’s one of
the key be present well how do you be present
the RSS way they present while UCSB in the restaurants I mean I’m
not working on rush just on the grounds around at work
it up to the people Press make sure you stay low usage apply
to every crack most patch every table there is an ass that is
because it’s too type so being present greatest the physical being present as a
conscious being present with 20 min use mean physical sick physical okay and okay conscious doesn’t pay the bills crisis
is a fair health okay physically being present okay
doesn’t mean I may not be here conscious company is looking at pictures
on the world ahead but you know you have to be a yeah sure things run it’s mostly correct
okay what we what are some things you do are
to stay organized I mean well you have to prepare yourself I mean obviously the when things look
easy because he is always a good organization behind yeah still got myself to time yourself
like in a music like running for two hours
get on a run too fast to begin with here pace yourself I okay basic basic
okay what are some tips that you it gave
gifts to to stay you know consistent organized and everyday things that you do that
really help you make you maybe probably different everything else well I mean I don’t
think it makes me differently you just have to hope that we’ll the strength just about every day fresh
yeah the my philosophy is that that said
you’re only as good as the next day special one get the public’s always
proving yourself was going us whatever you did today the voice in your
day you settle it right like this by the way Friday every
builder the web to catch the flight what you
don’t right having you had times where it was hard and you just don’t want to
work and things like that course how do you know that situation
just snap out of it accounts work with that responsibility
makeshift come to work like any responsible person business
snuggle you can say an idea a don’t feel like going to work today such
thing I mean you yourself to get where you are now UB School you’ve been to college I’m
sure what there’s anyone there you want to study yeah did you now evidence that you are you went back to
the books in the UK 12 crisis that it yes that if they persist and consistent in
the things that you do makes you go ahead of the most other people camp how many
employees here about 10 10 employees okay 10 points but you
don’t see or think you get every delegate to your employees you can you can I do I do but a me deploys a vague that you need them
to make that to make a success doubts but the same time you need to be
present just like ship the knockout yeah that yeah sometimes they don’t do what it’s supposed to do
because like you said they don’t feel like doing it and if you’re not watching it will do it
it’s the simple wrestling it’s human nature when they’re was a time when the mice are what was
that phrase a the cat is the idea that I said
Lansing yeah along the line yeah yeah okay I’ll what do you say is their biggest
challenge with this business andy is this joins us now cornelius okay you my biggest challenge one you know
once you get the foundation use that allies then they just have two minutes the biggest challenge like to say the
apt to my with the we’ll have the strength and that’s and to refresh yourself as a refresher
self when you come to work bigger problems subside whatever they
are there business police personal uptake your problems to
work if exactly thats everyone show promise
to work okay that’s on at least me as a as a whole
last thing you want to seize a employers paying the promise to work what is your biggest what is your
biggest issue with employees busy issue well I’m consider myself
pretty like a corset the it where they have for the biggest issue
sometimes they don’t show up to work you know it anyway being late Sen the they don’t feel like working so they
find excuses not to count one sick the you know but sometimes they ask
sometimes it’s it’s tough to find the peak right but rest find the people you can
find a lot of peeps offended by that I mean how do you find your people like
%uh do you interview like was your interview
process and one interview process I mean obviously I
talk to them nice all the best announced that they have
and company this is a business have to pick up the pieces to an easy smile and the yes a lot of
patience yeah the the it with that bf like say if
somebody comes off the Street what are some things that you
do to be able to tell if they’re that good employer and I confess about this
be the one of 11 applications but it works well kinda experience they
have yeah and above most appalling expands comes with working I don’t know how someone who doesn’t
have a lot experience is good with people as you can train them for me being here presence all the time I can do that
can’t read them personally so you like people that are trainable
that can sauce but people there our hair again for so it’s they won’t go along with me because it
was kind of tough house if West for especially because the
public crack what is your man it was your style managing how do you manage you like what
do you prefer like strictly near like what’s your best
way if managing people Libya both you have two
million when you need to be and you have to be stricken out
something at the Pantages present time like to see everyone like family president such but the same time you
know you wanna keep 7 this a certain distance okay this is
you know we all respect yeah place ray so he can be 25 too
friendly for friendly yes to something friend the
people in the stands when it’s time to work it works thanks
to joke with Joe distance okay can you explain
this sense in another way like quitting in protest in Psych like you couldn’t explain this to me in this is in a way that you love you need
to have respect for each other is it the need to be the space between you and
your employer other its comes that respect obviously
and someone makes a travel their me you
cannot 38 want to come to work they have to get
some girls yeah those to be update yes Manchester
district for them to obey the rules now okay from an employee perspective and I’m coming
to work for you they a RBC is hot hard economy never retire but if you found somebody
they’re super exceptional would you hire them if that you thought they were very
exceptional a as an employee if I needed yes here force SCA it’s actually been
needing enough don’t want to change stuff days I was allowed to keep people what I
have so you give people chances but of course
their least you have to keep now its prospectus but obviously strong
the DC I mean we all units will make mistakes
year same time you want them to i mean they still lost didn’t stale they do what they need to
do is a generous take fixture jump stick we all know I make mistakes
here here you have to really me have been
here for five years and I out Champix busboys maybe so pretty consistent the ecosystem my
stuffs is been here for a long time yeah but
family so russians now a income was about to ask you like
how much you make great like that but happy you own a restaurant the is it you know up and down or is it
pretty consistent like people think have this preconception
that business is up and out is that true do you think worst this yeah Sep events was up and down because it’s like us:
there’s a lot of things happening around you school
standouts vacation games on TV depends where you what area but overall you know I its basic be the closest subscribe
course is gonna go up and down but you know buttons it online at the
end of the year do do a lot of marketing at all
marketing just what about that’s good so the best yeah Damascus the way I look I’m it’s a
small place if I had to say and the City restaurants
yes over the summer being only 670 people we have a great base
clientele and the day get it done right will tell
difference yeah that’s the best that the you can
get very true very true so you never you
never do any other other advertisement like I have done it to the game yeah like what happened advertiser
everything but the beginning and that the name that was the same but he wasn’t babies easily get the budget it seems that click on that same this a couple other
it’s a something through rest on the comp
coupons things like that but I am no I’m not a big believer in the statute
yeah I deleted everybody right and ok just tell the difference okay her okay what are some things you done to
grow what I call were have you ever listen to
Jim Rohn anything like that temp Tony Robbins
afterwards too many hours for those I kit a what’s the main contributing factor to
your success the main factor like the reason why by her successful really pinpointing one
reason I’m saying nothing in either just a good food good
service with Auntie Anne’s be consistent me like a is like the carter give you the right
ingredients to make it this right I just to come up with too much but girl
so much Martinez make it but not any the right
ingredients yes to bounce beautiful gratification the people up front the second can be
too strict can be 28 gotta be exactly and the bigger there obviously
is there a lot of common sense and get like that they’re putting been
sold yes the sequence how long have you had your
employees like 45 years he said yes 5 some more than five some fun something do you have any communication tips
communication tapes now it’s sad you think you will
obviously I spend more time with them about their own families and the same here an hour stand 12-15 hours
a day communication tapes at me you hit up to them and that there is a
problem you try to make them in sounds try to
solve the problem and at the beginning that for example they used to do some
dishes which I wasn’t very happy with it one on my way so K tonight got the same
thing a sit-down needed to get and then I would ask them if you pay for the
dollar for the dish very good grief yeah such a pace that is
all about that the seven or so why not by the Knights too much why is it so
much what they said what’s missing so that’s one way to make them realize there you know they have to set up she
did it wrong you it bring them to the process of
white pit there in the sand with the try to understand the up to see the
solution is what they want to do the right thing just have to show them writer and at the end of the day I don’t really pay
them it’s the client’s as a place they are not they’ll and the other one
damian pay them but I always tell them the buffet that
me buffet the food comes back but the and the other one paying your
your check and mine I me that just passing through my hands
but the other one thank you the Sony understand thats the
better you gonna be yeah any job straight this is great are okay for what is something we’re talking earlier about keeping of
staying fresh think fresh I any any specific tips that you know day to to to keep it fresh keep a fresh
that the refrigeration and refrigeration the refrigerator
counterfeiter air there is a while the refrigerator a
and not over by product is there a specific
thing you do every single day like like a specific thing they do every
day that is are the things that makes out
everything was service every day it was a sausage today for the day we do especially the
sauce and you have a system where you just do it every single day and every single day or every two days the
most whereas we never do too much okay last question I ask
question are when you consider the restaurant business because
obviously people not succeeded a as much as you have in the end the pass
for 45 years I mean I’m so Sam successful let me know
I’m staying in business I guess that’s a success already nowadays have a home or your hair okay a but a at were is is business restaurant is is it
worth it in your opinion obvious just on my opinion if you don’t know the business stay with
it for as my advice its course it’s if you look at it you make these wage
yeah make that money as an investor it’s tough as investors invest if it’s just an
investor fun in a restaurant it’s tough yes what he say that wow you know it causal
are rushing to close down what you think is that now but
management it feel to buy get them by good enough
too much waste yeah arrest in business you don’t make
money you make money at home that being cautious been then again example from a loaf of
bread you’ll make money on the bread you make
mammograms have to be kept wastage the that’s what’s a good analogy ago profit
this season that’s a really good analogy LSU waste
of course you feel so is the same threat to the same he left the field
more or less the same wage you have to pay them it so much
less the same amount can be a little more arouse this house
but no thats those have a stable to you consider yourself you’ll be in
this business for long on Morel much longer yes I said I so enjoy what I do yeah think so
that’s our secret as doing what you do yes enjoy which
where you have to like which will you can be lazy that’s for sure can be lazy delays hey Forster to worker forced to work but
you have to do what’s up with him to suggest you have any their children kids I do a 50-year-old
yeah 30% off that’s it okay and be in the restaurant business how is
that is a conducive to morning children a way the cities that
are silent children and now it’s a reason I for the small restaurants work with
other family life was it becomes a big questions becomes almost like a freeze
in with Windows yeah i close on Sunday for that was at San this family day very we save
money awakened yeah that’s great it’s a good
place to be when you can say that yeah especially in this business at
Leicester have your own thing as every other Fri
freer fear is its your son at Dollar paradise okay
it’s better for your daughter because you have the freedom and then also you can make much more
than if you’re just working for somebody else you can make much more of course if
you’re around things properly yeah I mean a good you
can make that my if you look for someone else defense
indicating already feel I I worked for other russians and your
make that money there as a manager where the manager academic arm and responsibility long
hours the fates or are okay depends what what you’re looking
for as an employee thinking they were at work in a restaurant or you tell somebody that’s thinking
about the joining a restaurant as thing about it but their employees at the
moment and that’s it nothing about what you
tell them they would you would you give them any advice with you
while if they want to open a restaurant year is that your question their kind of
thinking about opening of the you need to find the right people make
it work find the right people we gonna that’s the not now cast
arriving at the white people and obviously I would always say staffs small dawn south to take before you start running a slim after
work perfect businesses the seven out alright thank you again just what’s your your business name and then where
they can find you online at the them for the rest and again bachi means cases it’s a Canyon I and food of course get dresses 41 16 not Lakefield cell phone number 714 to 82 22 20 but they can check the website budging
Anaheim Ducks thank you thank you for listening and Oprah

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