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‘May I have your attention, please.’ ‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ Bro, hurry up! Come out!
– What’s the rush, bro? I can’t hold it anymore. Quit singing and come out.
– You deserve it for lying to me about individual bathrooms. The taps have gone dry!
– Taps have gone dry? You mean it is the 10th already? What do we do now?
– Mr landlord, sir.. Open the door. Sir..
Shobhan is taking bath and we ran out of water. Please, turn on the motor. It is urgent.
– He is only taking bath. No issue. I mean, it is urgent for me.
How about I use your bathroom.. Please, turn on the motor!
– What is the date today? I know, it is the 10th. We’ll pay the rent in 3 days..
– I’ll turn on the motor three days later. Sir, please, this one time!
– You know why I leased that pad to you guys? Because you found no one else to lease it to?
– No! It is because you promised you’d pay rent on time. Sir, this one time!
If you don’t, I’ll have to.. No! Fine, I’ll turn on the motor.
If you don’t pay the rent on time hereon.. You’ll turn off water supply to us. I get it.
– Now get going. – Shobhan, come out now! Sai, the weather is great. Let’s smoke.
– You remember the last time we smoked in balcony? Ms. Padmaja ratted us out to the land lord.
– Let’s smoke in here. No! What if the land lord comes here
on a surprise inspection? He’ll kick us out. What does a guy do after smoking?
– He eats a mint gum. What should we do after we smoke indoors?
– What should we do? Cool! Smoke?
You guys are smoking? I’m coming! Yes, sir? What brings you here?
– This is my house. I’ll come whenever I want to. Are you burning down my house?
– No, sir, we’re performing a puja. Puja? And you guys?
I’m sure you guys are smoking. So much smoke! How many cigarettes did you light?
– No, these are incense sticks for puja. Puja? Show me atleast one image of God.
– ‘Shit! What do I do?’ Is she the Goddess you are worshipping?
– No! Let me show you the God we’re worshipping. Here, sir, is Lord Ganesh.
– So, you are doing a puja to this image? Where is Sai? – Sai can’t stand smoke, so..
– Let’s smoke this Milds before that idiot landlord.. Give it to me.
– Sir.. – Give it to me! Sir, we three can’t share one cigarette.. I don’t care if you guys smoke cigarettes
and damage your health. But if you smoke cigarettes in here
and damage my walls.. Vacate this place right now! Get out!
– Sir, please.. – Stop it! When Paddu, I mean, Ms Padmaja, told me about you,
I should’ve kicked you out. I did a mistake. Something is brewing between him and her.
– You know why I leased this pad to you guys? So that you could barge in and snatch cigarettes.
– No! It is because you guys don’t lie. Sir, we’re sorry. We’ll never smoke again.
– Yes, we’ll never light incense sticks. He is talking about cigarettes, bro!
– Sir, please.. – Alright. But if you repeat this..
– No, we won’t. – I’ll smoke this cigarette. Do you got anymore trash?
– No, but the landlord stays downstairs. He is trash too. Cut it out.
This is all, bro. Why is this so heavy?
– Well, we had two days of holidays, so.. You boozed so much in two days?
– Make no sound. Our landlord shouldn’t know. I’ll pay you 20 extra bucks.
– Alright. I said make no sound. Who is this guy? The trash man?
– Sir, could you help me carry this? How come there is so much trash?
– You see those two guys? They had two days of holidays, so..
– So, we cleaned our pad. Nice.
Let me lend you a hand. Pick it up.
Now put it down again. Pick it up again
and put it down again. Is it beer or brandy?
– Beer it is. Sir, please..
– Even I was young and naive like you guys. How did you think I wouldn’t know?
– You mean you too used to booze back in the day? He is upset we didn’t offer him beer.
We will for sure next time, sir. Vacate this pad immediately!
– Sir, please.. – We boozed as it was a weekend. It is tough to booze so much even in an entire week.
The trash was so heavy that he asked me to help him. Screw you, idiot!
– You know why I leased this pad to you guys? So that you could booze with us?
– No. It is because you guys don’t booze. Sir, please! We’ll booze anywhere but in the pad.
– No. We’ll never booze anywhere. – What? If you booze again, I’ll skin you alive.
Now get out of my sight. Wasn’t the movie amazing?
– It was but we shouldn’t have gone to the late night show. We should watch horror films late in the night.
Look, you still look scared. I’m scared about what our landlord would say?
– Cut it. We’ll jump the wall and tip toe in if needed. What? He locked the gate?
– Like you said, we should now jump in. This is why doctors ask to eat light at nights.
I’m too full to catch sleep. Here they come. Did you land safe? Now, help me out.
– Quite, else you’ll wake him up. Bro, help me out.
Take my footwear. You know why I leased
this pad to you guys? So that you’d help us jump the walls
whenever we’re late? It is because you’d be home before late.
– Are you avenging the fact that I made you pay for tickets? Hurry up. If that asshole wakes up,
he’ll beat our ass. Where the hell are you?
Oh! He opened the gate for me? Screw you, Sai!
– You too, get out! Spend a night on the streets. Hi, Sheeja!
Bro, she is Sheeja! He is Shobhan.
– You rascals! You get girls to the pad? So, how are parents?
– Wait there! What is going on? Sir, she is my sister, Sheeja.
And Sheeja, he is our landlord. He is like the Lord to us.
– Very true! – He looks so strick like dad. Dad is nothing when compared with him.
Dad just threatens to kick me out. But this man will actually kick me out
if he is pissed. He doesn’t even smile. He is so strict.
– Who is she? She is my sister.
– Come here. You say cigarettes are incense sticks.
You say beer bottles are trash. But if you call this girl your sister.. She is indeed my sister..
– Trying to fool me? Even I was young and naive like you. That means you, too, used to bring girls..
– Come here. Trying to act smart?
– He is my brother. Do you both look alike by any means?
– She has gone on my mother.. You know why I leased this pad to you guys?
It is because I believed you wouldn’t bring girls here. How can you stoop so low, girl?
You look like a girl from a well to do family. Come here.
– ‘Shit! Is she really his sister?’ I get it. She is your sister.
– He deserved it. Now does she look like me?
– Yes, she does. – I say you vacate this pad right away. What a jerk he is. Law of the land. It means we should follow
the laws of which ever place we are in. For example, we are in India.
So we should follow Indian rules. Likewise, if we lease a place..
– Sai, what are you blabbering? – Am I over doing it? Ask the viewers to subscribe.
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  1. hahaha..nijam gaane.. bachelors ki room dorakatame kastam. Paigaa ilaanti wirally team so nyc.

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    Climax gud

  3. Total sollu chusaka sai real matter cheptunte enti me subscription note okkasari chesinavallu malli Ela chestaru prathi video ki chestara ..

  4. Sadtish gadlu alagea unnaru owners yearly one time rent increase cheastaru…..sariga water supply undadu….parking kuda proper ga undadu….poni eapudu Anna walls ki paintings cheyapistara adi undadu….

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