Introducing Tracy Wardle from Abode Property Management

Amy: So, Tracy, tell me a little bit about
yourself and what you do and tell me about Abode. Tracy: Abode is a property management company,
that’s primarily what we do. We have been established now for seven years.
There are myself and Charlotte. Amy: That’s gone fast. I remember meeting
you when I first started about four or five years ago so it has flown by, hasn’t it? Tracy: Yes, definitely. Charlotte and I met
when I was working for a letting agent, many moons ago. And she was buying properties and
we, kind of, worked together, with me managing her properties. I worked for an agency that wasn’t very good.
They no longer exist, obviously. And Charlotte and I became friends and established
a company, as I say, seven years ago, now. It’s just grown strength-to-strength, year-on-year. Amy: Fantastic. Amy: So, Tracy, tell me about the main focus
of your business at Abode. Tracy: Our main focus is to provide the ultimate
property management experience and that’s mainly customer service and that’s to both
our clients as landlords and our tenants. We care about them both, equally. Amy: I’ve found it’s always a very precarious
situation to being a letting agent because you’re technically working for a landlord
but you are managing, ultimately, a tenant. It’s quite a balance to get right. Tracy: It’s a fine line between what a tenant
deems to be acceptable and a landlord saying, ‘I don’t want to pay for a new boiler, it’s
worked for 20 years’. Unfortunately, it no longer works and you
have to do it. You’ve got to be fair to tenants in situations
like that. Amy: You have to have great mediation skills. Tracy: Absolutely and you have to guide landlords
into what is necessary. And then, on the other hand, you’ve got tenants
who think things are necessary and they’re not. One example, ‘Can you come and change
a lightbulb?’ No. No. Can you change your own lightbulbs,
please? Amy: Wonderful.

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