Investment in (and of!) the future!

Hello Nina, my name is Harrison. I’m the co-founder and chief product architect of ResonanceX, and we are a digital platform. Now, we use newest technologies to broaden access to efficient investment solutions. So, the idea for ResonanceX was my co-founder’s, Guillaume’s… So, he comes from private banking and my background is Investment Banking So, we joined, like, complementary skill sets, to use all the right market expertise to solve this hard problem of efficient access to investment solutions. By getting very good and numerous feedback from the community and the participants in this market. To best understand what could draw them on our marketplace and what would really give value for them. Sometimes, I’m exhausted. But I tend to get energy from the community around me. Also, I tend to go for walks, listen to good live music and keep busy. I think, a piece of advice that I really keep in my mind is to do something that you really love. Because in a startup, you know, there are days which are good, there are days which are bad. So, you really need to feel, you know, motivated from, you know, from internally. So, we found Kickstarter a very nice experience. It’s a fantastic platform for startups to be able to come closer to corporates, understand the problem, potentially do pocs and, you know, bring the ecosystem together to kick-start, basically, and accelerate startups.

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