Island of Hawaii Travel Tips: Land Safety

What makes Hawai’i special to me is we’re the most isolated archipelago on planet Earth. There’s a lot of great hiking here on the island, but there are some things that you should know before going out. One, proper footwear is really important. Having a light jacket, having rain protection, having food and water. Our rivers and streams have dangerous currents and undertows and can also be prone to flash flooding. If you’re going to be hiking in a place where you’re unsure if it’s safe or legal to access, make sure you consult with a local guide that has a lot of experience in the area that you’re going to. There’s a lot of private property here on the island of Hawai’i. Never enter places without permission because you could be going into somebody else’s backyard or, perhaps, a hunting area. This island if an incredibly rugged, raw, and beautiful place. But don’t forget, it’s always important to be vigilant about safety of yourself and your loved ones.

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