JAMAICAN REAL ESTATE ADVICE: Documents Needed To List Property (House/Land/.etc) For Sale in Jamaica

Hello my name is Paula Roper Bacchas and I am a real estate agent here in Jamaica where I assist my clients to buy sell
rent lease residential and commercial properties island-wide and it would be
my pleasure to assist you today so on today’s episode we will be discussing
documents required when listing a property for sale in Jamaica with a real
estate company so we have five main documents that are required for the
listing of your property for sale with a real estate company here in Jamaica
however depending on your situation these documents might vary just a little
bit or other additional documents will be added to the list for one we will
need a certified copy of the title for the property for our records in order
for you to list this property for sale number two we will need all the
registered owners on the title to sign the listing agreement there are many
different forms of listing agreements which I will do a video and link it
below in the description for what the different types of listing agreements
are in Jamaica however on this list I will just say listing agreement so you
will have to have your duly signed listing agreement by all the persons who
are registered as owners on the title for this property number 3 copies of all
the registered owners of the properties identifications so we will need copies
of all the registered owners identification identification has to be
government or state issued however it can be from anywhere in the world so you can use your passport your driver’s license your national ID
or your national identification card or your state ID all it has to be is
government or state issued and it can be from anywhere in the world
so I have clients in Saudi Arabia believe it or not I have clients in
Australia I have clients in Switzerland I have clients in the
Netherlands and let me think about somewhere else I have had clients from
Japan and other parts of Asia so we will need copies of their identifications
Jamaicans live all over the world our persons who want to live here or do
real-estate business here live all across the world so I will need copies
of your identification I will need this for all registered owners of the
property number four proof of address proof of address has to be either a
utility bill so for example if you are living in Jamaica an example of a
utility bill would be your National Water Commission bill – NWC
bill your JPS bill your Flow bill your digicel bill these types of bills I’m
talking about and if you don’t have any of these you can also give us a letter
from a financial institution that has been mailed to the address that you will
be using on our customer information form I will address that in the next
point so if you have none of these you do not have any bills verifying your
address from a financial institution or from a utility company you can go to a
Justice of the Peace you can verify your address with the justice of the peace and the Justice of the Peace will write
a letter stamp and approve the letter they will write a
letter stamping it verifying your address as you stated it and you can
bring that to us as your proof of address if you have none of the listed
above number five & final we will need you to complete our real estate board of
Jamaica’s Customer Information Form this is a form that should be done
individually or if there are multiple persons as registered owners on this
property each person would get a copy of their own customer information form to
complete so each person completes their customer information form individually
so just to clarify once you have given us a certified copy of your title you
have completed our listing agreement you have given us copies of each registered
owners identification you have given us copies or proof you have given us proof
of each person’s registered address and you have completed our customer
information form then you would have completed all the documents we need or
depending on your situation for us to go ahead and list your property for sale on
the open market I hope you have learned something today and I hope you found
this video informative it was my pleasure seeing you again and if you
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