Japan’s dog amusement park | WanWan Land!!

Please throw your ball at the stage! He’s having hard time picking a ball. So the number is…7 You can punch 7, 17, 27, 37, 47,….. Number 5! Please pick one. Wow, your prize is 5th (second from the bottom). Here you are. Cat house! Number 6, kuromame (Toy Poodle). He thinks he’s the cutest dog in the world. 3..2..1.. Kuromame is winning. Obstacle means nothing to him. Kuromame came in 1st! First one is jumping rope. Our leader, Botan will try first. You’re so ready. Okay, calm down. Aibo! Ringo. Come this side. Botan. You did great. Perfect. Aibo. Start. Walking on a thin ladder. You can do it! The last trick is standing on the ladder. Now, you can jump at me! Dive! Please give him a big applause. Than you very much. Bye bye!

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  1. at 7:03 the cat making all that noise is a savanna cat. they are actually part wild and they grow up to be huge.
    that cat is desperate to be outside.

  2. Lol!! Jun fell in love with the polar bear dog ❤️ (can't spell the actual breed name) I had one. Great dog, cat friendly, kid friendly, protective, but needs a LOT of space.

  3. I swear, Japan is the place to be if your in love with animals they have
    Bunny Island Cat Island Dog Island Fox village this and Squrriul Home I swear I wanna live here

  4. liking your earrings! where did you find them! please let me know they are awesome. Great video too, fun to watch.

  5. The U.K. Should do this it's amazing, the Japanese are genius, but Western Europe would rather replace itself. Hahahah good times.

  6. We’ve been to a similar venue that features Pan & James. It is in the Mount Aso agriculture area. It also had bears! — http://www.cuddly.co.jp/ Alas James the Bulldog passed in 2016.

  7. The white bear-like dog is a Great Pyrenees. Its a mountain dog specially bred in the Rockies of North America to protect their owner and livestock from Bears, Wolverines, Wolves and Lynxes. They are naturally nocturnal and will protect any small animals and children you have in your household. My sister have two females and they take turns taking care of my two young nieces and a kitten who have lost her right back leg.

  8. No lie, I started tearing up when the two cats were cuddled together sleeping. I've never seen something so cute as that in my life

  9. Just from the attitude those cats have, you can tell they know they're just the secondary attraction behind the dogs, and they're not particularly impressed about it either 😛

  10. I've seen cat, dog, fox and rabbit island in Japan.
    Everyone of them dependent on tourists to feed and water them and left to breed out of control. Rabbit island the rabbits had no health care and we're mostly sick and fighting each other for food. Tourists and government should be doing something about the out of control conditions and lack of food, care and medical treatment. It's like a circus indulging people without them realising it's cruelty, with people making money out of a problem where animals are suffering, breeding out of control of the resources available. This is ignorance, at least on the rabbit island. It was awful.
    I saw a video where they showed the reality of these places.

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