Jobs That Pay Daily | 2019 (From Home!)

I got 99 problems and having more money
would probably softly 95 of them hi guys I’m back did you miss me I am so sorry I
haven’t made a video in about a month oh I didn’t even notice do you think I
just sit around waiting for you to upload a video oh well yeah I know
well I’ve mentioned it cuz I thought you mention it I did okay okay if you’re new
to my channel hello my name is Kat Theo and welcome welcome today we’re gonna be
talking about ten job inside hustles that pay you daily because sometimes we
just have months like that we have already talked about some other apps
like fieldagent in gigwalk so consider subscribing if you don’t want to miss
any of that in the future okay let’s go our first side job that pays you weekly
it’s called VIP desk connect the VIP desk is a customer service representative job
so you will have to be able to talk to other people notice I didn’t say like I
said be able to talk to other people because you will be interacting with
customers online through text and also by telephone according to glass store
they pay about age twenty five dollars an hour it’s only open for u.s. and
Canadian citizens and currently as this videos being made they are hiring in all
of these lovely states they might hire me hiring later on in more States or
less depending on when you watch this video but just click the link below for
more information about that my second jobs last side hustle that you can do to
get paid weekly actually daily is with Rover and wag actually never really
talked about this website just because it seems like everybody already knows
about it but I just met a subscriber that makes about a thousand dollars a
month on Rover just watching her neighbor’s dogs and pets in her free
time in the weekend and when her neighbors are at work not that my third
job is Qkids with you kids you can work remotely from your house or
anywhere in the world teaching kids English so we’ve already talked about
other websites like Palfish and VIP kids and DaDaABC this is just another
one to add to the collection of options of teaching kids online they have
flexible part-time hours you can make your own schedule and they pay between
16 to 20 US an hour each class is only thirty minutes though my fourth job is
text broker text broker is a great website if you like writing text broker
is a website where you’re assigned a lot shorter tasks so instead of writing a
hundred page book for somebody you’re gonna be doing a lot shorter gigs so you
can get paid a lot quicker when textbook are you get paid point seven cents to
five cents a word depending on the quality of your writing and
get paid weekly as long as you can reach the $10 threshold and they do pay with
PayPal my fifth website is called call center QA call center QA you are a
mystery telephone shopper so if you don’t like leaving your house then this
could be a great option for you all you need to do is make phone calls to
certain businesses and then you review the process I couldn’t find exactly how
much they pay online but I will link in the description the website my six
website is study pool study pools a website that pays you to give a homework
advice and help to students around the country on their website they claim that
there are study poolers that make up to five thousand a month by helping other
students with their homework and also giving advice there are tons of
different subjects you can look into so anything that you study something you
can get advice in myself let’s say is being an Allegiant transcriptionist
Allegiant transcription pays sixteen to twenty-four dollars an hour
approximately you are paid weekly but you only can use a PC so Mac users
unfortunately they do not have the compatibility the reviews I receive on
Glassdoor have been pretty positive so I think this website could be really great
if you like transcribing my eighth website is clickworker clickworker deals
with all kinds of digital assignments that you can do from transcribing to
translations to surveys to researching to data entry writing jobs in much much
more anything that’s digital then that’s what they specialize in so essentially
they’re gonna have a bunch of different jobs that you can do whether it’s right
for something research something data entry something and you just apply and
it’s like each little job has its amount of money and you rack up your money like
that but the pay that I saw for clickworker is about $9 an hour
approximately but I did see a lot of mixed reviews where some people really
liked the company some people hated the company and there was a little bit in
the middle but most of those are there love or hate so check out this website
on your own do your due diligence before deciding to sign up okay my nine website in
Accolade support call center with this call center they have
numerous other companies and organizations you set your own schedule
and you start making money by making calls for other companies and businesses
the only requirements are you must be a US citizen you must be at least 18 years
old or older you must have a corded phone landline which I know a lot of
people do not have I don’t have a landline you must need a headset you
obviously need to be in a quiet working a background but you’re gonna be on the
phone and internet the pay that I have seen is was between seven twenty five to
ten dollars an hour so this would be something that you might want to combine
with other things to supplement your income what they do pay weekly and it
does say on their website that they do offer compensation plus on top
compensation on top of the hourly wage okay my tenth and last website is called
American support with American support you will be a Telesales agent with
this site and you make cold calls your base pay is about nine dollars but after
the first 30 days it rises to ten dollars an hour you can look on the
website to see what their specific requirements are because there are some
different things that they require from you but it’s not too difficult I’ve also
seen a lot of the reviews they seem really good and they seem like a good
legitimately good company to work for I’ve also heard a lot of other people
talk about this website on YouTube never really looked into it until recently
okay well that’s all I have for you guys today those are my ten jobs that you can
get paid weekly or daily if there was anything else I missed because there’s
like literally tons I always find new jobs every single week let us know in
the comments and maybe it will be in one of my next videos so I will see you in
the next video bye

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