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  1. My dad said he could no longer teach me anything when I turned 18.

    I think having narcissist parents are just as bad as not having a parent there

  2. Growing up with a father who was a good father but crushes You, You automatically seek for an ideal father figure which in my case was my oncle who was extremely positive thinking who encouraged me also gave me good advise…only later I realized that my parents really sacrified a lot for us but also used us as tools for the pressure they had running a demanding business, their frustrations were directed as us. Yes Jordan Peterson is an ideal father figure because he encourages and demands self- discipline in a positive way.

  3. men who have no fathers/werent raised by any dont make for long term relship material, populate reddit, spearheaded mgtow. etc trust me women. disqualify substance use, absent dads (1 constant stepfather is alright), no college degree, endless stream of odd jobs leading to nothing bigger and better (only ok wen done in tandem with college and to maximise one's working hours), activity on facebook.. stay away

  4. do not date men from broken homes. especially generationally. if the grandma was divorced n the mum got married twice n the sisters got abandoned by their guys n the niece is a pregnant teen….run like hell. how many times must i say this to women

  5. I know my origin, but the important thing is not who has bred you. The important thing is how you become who you are. The main thing is that you have become good, have done well in life.

  6. It's quite simple, if you have a birth/berth certificate issued by a government and there is no father on the certificate then you claim the government as your father and claim whatever you want from them.

  7. Father's play a very important role in kids' lives and not just as some guy whose genetic material is part of you, that guy who gets you food and meets your material needs and keeps you safe. Every daughter knows that dad is her first and sometimes only true love she will ever know. Even if others judge him to be a bad dad eg drinks, Gamble's, is too popular with other women than mum etc.He is what gives daughters confidence as women and can advise them on how to handle men. I recall my own father, who was far from perfect giving me a valuable piece of female advice that stood me in good stead in life and prevented me becoming the usual victim type many modern eg abused etc. It was simple: Look after a good man and he'll look after you. O asked him how to get a good man. He gave a few points on what the hallmarks of a good man are, which mum disagreed with, and then said "You will have to find him yourself, if you reject the ones I find for you…" (My ethnic group still had arranged marriages, with agreement with their kids). For boys, father's are a role model. I recall meeting a very sad son of a single mum who had just got out of jail. He chatted about his life and how he ended up in trouble from a young age. He said "Mum was very beautiful. She was the best. I adored her. If she wasn't my mum, I'd marry her…But she was poor. I had no dad. I knew we needed money, 'cos we had none. But I couldn't get a job…I just didn't know what to do to get money she needed. So I did it and got caught…That's how it all happened…" Of course, there is no guarantee that having a dad would have kept him out of jail. He might have been, probably would have been a bad male role model. So, not only does a boy need a father to base his own development on. Be needs a good male model to watch and learn how to be a man from.But, modern millennial feminists believe fathers are superfluous, other than as providers of
    Child Support money.Some keep pet men as househusbands, to do unpaid child care and housekeeping drudgery work women have traditionally hated doing.They don't even want fathers of their kids around for sex because nowadays, their younger gen feminist morality (or should that be immorality???) actually gives them permission to have several men at once, despite being married to just one, typically father of their kids or one of the many fathers of their multiple kids.

  8. I knew a wild young dad who had been in jail in his youth. But he met an ultra proper virginal type who insisted on no sex before marriage and they married, though he saw no need and he was also very good looking, considered "pretty hot" by the rest of his own age females. They had four little sons and the father completely turned his former bad life around. I recall seeing him and his four boys riding skateboard doing wild dangerous stunts on these out I the wild wind, longish hair blowing in the wind, eyes flashing, laughing and shouting like young boys do. You could tell he was their dad, because he was taller, but he might as well have been a boy himself, behaving like his sons, riding a skateboard, but as their leader. They stopped as they came dangerously close to me walking boy and dad held his hand up in a stop motion. They all stopped dead, no boyish protests at his stop instruction gesture. Then he said to me "Wanna meet my gang?" And he introduced his boys one by one and they all respectfully said "Nice to meet you". I was impressed. So I asked who they hung out with, where they went, what they did etc, just making friendly polite small talk. The eldest boy spoke on behalf of the rest "Oh, we're in dad's gang and we go everywhere and do everything, don't we? " He turned to his brothers and they all agreed, like a kind of army or something. It was bizarre and yet, in a sense he was a good dad. I told a friend about it and she said "Oh, that Peter Pan like guy? You'd think he'd grow up by time he had his fourth kid…"But I suspect his good relationship with his sons which lasted even as they matured into young men, was possibly because he retained his own boyishness.

  9. My dad had always been in our lives but not much of a man. He never disciplined us, allowed our mom to be verbally abusive,was unemployed but would still cheat on my mom and he allowed people to take advantage of our family since he was such a people pleaser. My mom still made us do everything for him such as his laundry and prepare his meals.. It honestly felt like having a grown child in the house

  10. Perhaps infant is very annoying for you, dr Peterson. It definitely was not for me, why my baby boy was one…🤔😏

  11. I'm sure Peterson really enjoyed such a polite exchange with this lady. You can tell he gets really tired of being on the defensive all the time.

  12. a woman who chooses to be a single parent is clearly delusional, and cultures that encourage single motherhood reap what they sow

  13. People who get married thinking they can divorce are immature and selfish.. especially if they got kids and not provide a safe, loving home for the kids.

  14. Im not so sure…. My kids have no mon so what does that mean you need to elaborate more I agree to most ( sounds obvious)

  15. How the left can call this man the awful things they do, and try to bring him down is just appalling. JP is one of the great minds of our time and helps so many. Additionally, he rationalises so many things into common sense understanding. I guess as a consequence of his thoughts, he exposes what the left has been doing and attempting to portray as the new norm…

  16. Why is there no video entitled 'Growing up in a motherless home' or growing up with an emotionally vacant mother?

  17. I grew up without my mom and I turned out pretty bad. I don’t think that the emphasis of importance should be placed solely on the father because you make it seem as though mothers are unimportant. I’m already thoroughly convinced that I am worthless after being introduced to “the red pill”. I feel so fucking worthless that I want to die

  18. I can't imagine a father not wanting to teach his son everything he knows, even though he knows he can only teach so much.

  19. “All families are equal” is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. The ideal is two decent and committed parents, who stay together. One good (responsible and selfless) parent is far better than two bad, obviously. Two good who live together is better than two separate pairs who ping-pong the kids, too.
    Marriage is to benefit everyone involved and persevering it, if both partners are not physically dangerous, is the best thing we can do.

  20. They should have taken the mike away after she asked her question so she couldn't interrupt him with 'mmmhmmmm' every five seconds.

  21. Each year we have more and more fatherless boys and less and less father figures in media thanks to feminism and progressivism. Modern trend is strong "womyn", weak, possibly gay man. At least kids can watch old movies, until they censor them for being too conservative and patriarchal.

  22. I’m single with 2 kids I dnt think anyone notice me anymore 🙁I came here for advice but I only see it’s not about u it’s about the kids I wish I had picked a better father my kids dad is a deadbeat and I’m depressed

  23. Women are lost coz of this, they have no sense of respect for man's at all,

    Infact young women see males as ATM, use them and trash them.

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