Jose Alberto, Madrid: A day in the life of a Brompton owner

I’ve had a Brompton bike
for the last 11 or 12 years. At first, I only used it
for short urban rides. Nowadays, I use it for almost everything. I’m José Alberto Guardeño, I live
in a small town 20 km away from Madrid, I work in Mammoth, a bike shop, and I don’t have access to regular
public transport, so I move around using my own hybrid car,
take my bike out of the trunk, and I ride to my shop,
which is centrally located in Madrid. Everything in my life
gravitates towards bikes. So I tried to make a place for myself
around my passion as soon as possible. Working with bikes
was the best thing for me. I chose the S-type handlebar Brompton
because it was the most sportlike, and now I have two Bromptons
with totally different setups because I like to move around with them
wherever I go. I always carry it around in my car
and it makes my life easier in circumstances where I’d usually have
to call a cab or use public transport. Instead of this,
the bike takes me wherever I want. Madrid may seem a difficult city
because of its ramps and slopes, but it’s not that special. Distances are long,
but nice and beautiful. People riding bikes are on the rise,
and I’m sure their numbers will increase.

8 Replies to “Jose Alberto, Madrid: A day in the life of a Brompton owner

  1. La maravillosa experiencia de viajar en una Brompton… Aunque yo viajaría del pueblo a Madrid todos en la bicicleta… Es lo que actualmente recorro al trabajo todos los dias… Es una fastidio andar en automóvil… Aunque sea híbrido… Saludos desde México

  2. Hello Brompton. Always nice videos from international Brompton users. It would be nice to have in the description what type of Brompton they have (and why not the type of modifications) Cheers.

  3. Judging by these videos I guess English speaking Brompton owners are supposed to be so sophisticated that they are expected to understand both Spanish and French without subtitles ….guess I’m not one of them!

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