KTM RC8 R Superbike, Overview and NEW OWNER IMPRESSIONS!

You’re watching Carlyle’s picks. Anywhere
you see superbikes you see a Honda Suzuki Kawasaki Yamaha and every once in a while
you might see something different like perhaps a KTM RC8R the the new kid on the block that
says to Japanese manufacturers, watch out. First let’s go to the features 173 hp six
speed transmission. Dry sump lubrication liquid cooled wet multidisc clutch, space frame 320
mm discs in the front and that feature twin disc brake system in the rear 220 mm brakes
single disc brakes with two piston brake fixed brake discs.
The bike weighs 405.6 pounds with no fuel KTM says this bike has the most powerful v
twin engine of our times. The best chassis in the world.
They say has a precision to copy others when entering the corners and up our and traction
but away from them on the exit and ergonomics to enjoy to the fullest. I have not had a
chance to ride a motorcycle on the racetrack yet still I can’t say much I can say it it
pulls pretty strongly from 3000 RPMs. And that is what you get with v twin torque. Now
let’s talk to a new owner of the ktm rc8r. You know when I first saw it I fell over the
bike I just couldn’t believe it. Unlike say it is the X. 10 with the BMW this is not a
top 10 bike is very fun to drive round straight. The to work very low-end torque. It’s a twin
two cylinder so it’s not like your typical airline for. Someone the most best handling
bikes and underwritten a been a CBR Oddbins the extent of an hour-long despotic best handling
bikes that have been on as far as the breaks probably the best breaks that have use on
a sport bike. I would Tomaso Celinda breaks being Bramble. I don’t 09 Kawasaki ZX 10 and
was great bike don’t get me wrong. But actually this bike handles and brakes better than the
09 the extent it does not are all top like to the extent adeptly handles and brakes much
better. You can’t just base the bike on the styling of though some people do I want to
make sure that I was comfortable on the bike and at the time of his styling I did like
most or like some could not ever have the opportunity to go to international motorcycle
show record one New York I sound a bike along with it and you’ll unlike other sport bikes
a lot things are just on this bike handlebars the put bags the swingarm So what’s my take on the ktm RC8R. well not
quite convinced just yet. Deftly peak my interest but the fact that looks great and is adjustable
is not enough for me to justify the cost. When I buy a sports bike or when I buy a sports
car what I’m buying it excitement as? So I try to match up the level of excitement that
the vehicle is going to deliver with the costs. And right now based on what I’ve seen so far
I don’t have enough experience yet to see if this bike delivers excitement to match
the cost. I would try to get a ktm RC 8R on the racetrack to give you my feedback of the
bike we really push it we really get into that one factor that excitement zone and only
then let it will tell you my true feelings about the ktm RC 8r obsoleted with white impressive
entry into superbike market bounced away from old personal experience to see this bike delivers
on the promise

92 Replies to “KTM RC8 R Superbike, Overview and NEW OWNER IMPRESSIONS!

  1. Great review Carlyle! I've been owning an RC8 for the past 4 years, rode it to the Isle of Man TT, around the Alps and Appennines many times and on a dozens european circuits where I could squeeze it thoroughely. It simply rocks! All right, it may not be as refined as its multi and twin competitors, but it's got the best chassis out there, by miles.
    See ya on the road!

  2. If he still wants to test it on the track, then why did he make a video ? Then I conclude that this video is incomplete

  3. Nice review but this bike doesn't have one of the most powerful v-twin engines. The Ducati Panigale produces 195HP and my Panigale R produces 201HP. The Panigale had massive top end power too.

  4. The Daytona is no underdog. Definitely not the 675R. It is nice to have a unique sport bike since most people don't make it past the Japanese brands though.

  5. Many people dont know about Daytona, just like this bike. BTW working on Daytona top speed run video! 675R! 🙂

  6. Awesome review by the owner. "Handles better than zx-10r, CBR, and BMW". This just confirms chrome-molybdenum steel tubular space-frame chassis are the most rigid and don't get upset when entering corners. That's where the "feel" comes from – the chassis stays rigid while the suspension and brakes perform their work. The initial grab during corner entry no longer upsets the chassis and steering dampener feel will be more definite as the chassis no longer acts as a large dampener, suspension, torsion spring, etc. As such it's worth it to have all the other goodies on this bike.

  7. suzuki, yamaha, honda, kawasaki all make both dirt bikes and street bikes. But ktm? stick to making dirtbikes… You're unexperienced in this field, you dumb fucks. Really did you copy the design from action man for this bike? Lols

  8. Lol listening to you is HILARIOUS…. Not trying to bring you down or the owner down( Im sure he loves it) but KTM got their ASSES HANDED to them in AMA last year.. It's weird though everyone review says its a good handling bike but those AMA results showed a few things… The EBR 1190rx took them for a ride and didn't hold back Despite being a bigger underdog than they were..

  9. Real men ride V2wins.
    Ride any inline 4 and then ride a v2 sports bike
    And I bet you will freak out on the v2, instant balls.
    I ride a 2009 RC8 with full arkro pipe, power commanda, and
    Quick shifter with custom tune.
    Once you ride a v2 you will never go back!

  10. Liked the review… Hey, request: You are an "in the know" kind of rider … Please do a review for entry lvl Super Bike riders…. been years since I've had a bike and need to know opinions and to see an ACTUAL review on the best bike for beginning Super Bike owners. TYVM ~Cophros~

  11. exhaust is needed but I actually like this bike a lot and im a Harley rider so im not a fan of sport bikes but there is is special place in ymheart for these v twin sportbikes more interested in riding them I had a buell for awhile now I kinda want this

  12. It's cool, but it competes in price with the S1000RR and the Panigale. Both of those bikes are better in just about every aspect.

  13. Take a look at the NEW SUPERCHARGED Ninja H2 which MIGHT have as much as 222 HP!! The END of the BMW S1000RR..The Kawasaki Ninja H2/ニンジャ H2

  14. Obviously you are going to be boast a bit you are in goo-goo gaga over the h2r. I'm really disappointed in your open mindedness as you haven't got anything somewhat near a follow up to this video and it's been a long time. Como Carlyle I'm staring to question my views on your honesty and journalistic integrity. Are you exclusively working with kawasaki or are out still a freelance opinion and reviewer. Don't forget your roots and always stick to your values!

  15. To be different, I almost bought this bike two years ago. What kept me from buying it was people in the area kept saying it was a heating problem and most of all the power of the bike.

    Oh and the price lol. Which I can't see spending lots of money on this machine knowing the Japanese bikes puts out much more for less the money.

    If I was more into the exiting and bottom end side of things though, I'd pick the ktm over a gsxr and Honda.

    I'm team kawi and Ninja comes first before any other bike. Plus I can get that same power down low. Just drop a gear and twist the throttle. Or gear it for acceleration.

    Ktm is a beautiful machine though. I'd like to test one out and I'd love to test out the mv f4rr

  16. You sound like an idiot. The way you talk makes it sound like you're trying to over hype every single spec and every single sentence, it gets annoying. But to each his own I guess.

  17. i am a student and cant afford this bike yet 🙁 i have a v-twin suzuki sv650 before which i literally hated those half-naked bikes and their low-hp engines and wanted to have a R6 or sth.
    I am so glad i found thisone and test-drive it :-)) i love V-twin and will never ever drive any other than V-engines.
    i saved this vid in my favorites and will watch it ever day <3

  18. I love these. They are stunning in person and more importantly for me fit larger riders (I'm 6'1/215) with athletic riding styles. My only concern in buying one would be dealer support since KTM is discontinuing them (from what I have been told).

  19. I really want to get an RC8, but I'm concerned about long term reliability issues. My friend has a 990SMT and it gives endless trouble, plus corrosion seems to be an issue in wet climates. Anyone here have one of these for a few years? let me know your thoughts? I know its a fabulous well balanced bike but reliability is very important to me.

  20. Black folks dont know the meaning of the word Torque, they are too low IQ to really understand it fully, they just repeat what they hear

  21. Why do americans ride in jeans, cannot take it seriously.. Its a no go in Europe – and why would you ride in jeans, it feels naked and vulnerable and looks foolish. I have the RC8r and license to compete in european track series, I know its a truly great bike but I dont think any jeans-rider know what its capable of…

  22. I have owned mines for over a year now, I have had 3 previous sports bike before the rc8 and honestly once you get the suspension professionally set up the rc8 it is unreal! I’ve not been on another bike that corners like the rc8, yes top speed isn’t great but really who needs to be going over 175mph. The torque is crazy and it wheelies all the time. All round great bike apart from riding in town or in traffic, they don’t like to be sitting at less then 40mph

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