Lagos Property Auction by Northcourt Real Estate

My name is Tayo Odunsi. I’m the CEO of Northcourt Real Estate. Northcourt is a full-service real estate company focused on West African markets: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and recently, Accra. We offer valuation services, brokerage, facility management, property management and advisory services. So we considered doing this option have been dictating markets in the last 24 months since being in a state of Comatose in market we’ve seen that a lot of buyers want to find ourselves In Campeche found this in because the money is moving as far as the world By the same time buyers rather sellers want to be an ayah, because The bottom lost a lot of value so they want to make up these so they become the mix matching market and we found that one way to kind of Jewish to sort some sort of hash collisions are auction with buyers room self selection list their properties for buyers who have the opportunity to bid on and so the highest Ewp and that’s at the idea of your campaign negros property reaction is taking place Friday 29th of November 29th II performance by Sheraton mature in me victory, I Trust that to be a very interesting Thank you for to be successful by all these differences So, I mean this is the 2019 I kid it’s fresh it’s the first Let’s see how we Never knew See how this wanders Well, I mean it was it was wrought stood up by two sessions It’s been an exciting process We spoke all exciting ranging of drops of our audience traveling to each axle and the different types of Vehicles not to give the I meeting with with markets. Yeah, but she it was so fun to blast And like so this something on Everyone you think properties Very nicely priced So for the key to the desert Has been drawn between to give a bias not hot properties I good shape To be purchased so it’s an exciting Scene hard action Well in terms of innovation that we are looking to print in markets that’s it not a mastodon our Job them are still on lanky pieces in premature to talk about them described But I know that in in Arctic people’s Research an attraction. See I’m looking at some sub markets that videos. They have not been considered and about three years ago we started tracking the co-working market and significantly grew and it’s now obviously as Subsets of it. Oh we Stopped tracking what’s happening at outer space as well, but tracking was going on in color in between quality space We’re also tracking what’s going on in in popsicles as a whole and I’m making see me come comments on that looking at what low premiums organizations are clean and What kind of funding is coming into the project market? So these are some exciting things that we’ll be looking at how to people as most other than my vision in English With strategies so that external our son I took right now

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