6 Replies to “Lec-16 Properties of Pure Substances-I

  1. At 18:19 according to gibbs phase rule, (2+1-2)=1. 1 component and 2 phases exist in L+V area. so the system is defined by only 1 intensive property. Then how could I vary specific volume by fixing Pressure in that area?

  2. Sir, where will i find answers of all questions in the end of lectures,is there is any seperate web site for that from IITKGP?

  3. 15:34 Why constant-T line in P-V plot are not described inside the Vapour dome ? I can see T-constant lines intersecting the constant-P line on the Saturated vapour curve, but the constant-T line do not extend beyond it. It is required to understand the phase change in constant temperature, so we must be able to trace the constant-T line inside the vapour dome

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