Lily offers to help Oscar reach a deal with the owners of the lot areas | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

– Woo-hoo!
– This will be fun! I’m excited to swim at
Miss Lily’s rest house! Yippee! Miss Lily said
the air is cold there! That’s right! I’m sure
you’ll love it there! The air’s cold there because
it’s located near the mountains. I’m sure that place is
as beautiful as the hills we used
to live in! Oh no, Itong. I think this place is
much more beautiful. But the question is: Will we all fit inside
that swimming pool? Well, I think we will. I don’t think she’ll invite all
of us if we won’t fit, right? At last! We’re finally
going on a vacation! I’m sure it’ll be like
we’re going on a honeymoon! – Wow!
– Yeah! That’s it! Listen, Caloy. We’re going on this trip
so we can have fun as a group! Oh, by the way! While we’re on this trip, we still have to tend to
Mister President’s needs. – That’s right!
– Exactly. That’s right. We’re not just
going there to have a good time. We still have to do our jobs. We still have to cook
and serve the president and Miss Lily too,
of course! But I don’t think we’ll have
trouble serving the president. Why is that? Because Miss Lily
will be there with him! – Oh, yeah!
– You’re right! Hold on now, everyone. You can’t rely on Miss Lily
to do everything for him. Oh no! I think someone’s
getting jealous! My goodness! You guys are
teasing me again! We’re just worried you might
get jealous again, Miss Elizabeth! – I’m not jealous!
– Oh! I’m smiling, see?! I’m as excited
as you guys are because I plan to swim
all day! I plan to go sunbathing too! – Wow!
– Hear that?! – Did she say “sunbathing?!”
– Yes, she did! President Oscar Hidalgo
visited Magbanua to check out the lot, where Rising Sun Technopark
will be put up. Joining the President
on this visit are Japanese ambassadors
and investors, who will put money into the establishment
of the said technopark. I’m so glad our
fellow countrymen are finally getting
to watch some good news. It’s not good to
always watch bad news like killings
and other crime. You’re right, Lily. This good news will give
our fellow countrymen hope. And this technopark will be a big help to
our country’s economy. I have an idea about
that technopark project. What is it? The technopark
can be expanded. Why don’t the investors
buy the adjacent lots? I can help you
strike up a good deal with the owners
of those lots. That’s a good idea. Thank you very much, Lily. What if she falls in love
with the president? This way, Oscar. Make a single file. Let’s go. – So beautiful!
– Yeah! Please come in, everyone. Welcome to my
rest house, guys. Miss Lily,
this place is so big! I thought this
was a rest house, not a resort. Miss Lily,
your pool is so large. I just had it cleaned. So you can
take a dip now. – Nice!
– Yeah! Listen up, guys! Don’t get too excited, okay? You can’t swim yet because we’re going
to the market first. Auring, you don’t need to
do anything here aside from have fun. Everything’s all set. Elizabeth, we don’t
have to cook anymore. – No way!
– Just enjoy yourself, okay? Thank you, Ms. Lily. This place is
as beautiful as you. Oh stop it. You should go to
your rooms, and unpack your stuff. – Let’s go.
– Sure. – Capt. Salonga.
– Ms. Lily? Aren’t you going
to join them? Go on, Edwin. There’s no one else here but us. There’s no need for you to
guard Mr. President. I’ll take care of him. Yes, ma’am. I’m sure you can
unwind here, Oscar. Thanks, Lily.

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