Living in Colorado | Living in Denver {17 Things you NEED to Know}

Trying to figure out what
it’s like living in Colorado. Will you even like living in Denver? I’ve got 17 things for you to know
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I’ve got you covered when you’re coming to the Denver area. Okay, so
you’re doing your research. Maybe you’re even comparing Colorado to
a few other States and you’re wondering what is it like to live in Colorado? What is it like to live in Denver? Well, I have 17 things for you to
know. There’s probably more, but we’ll stick to this list. Number 17, Colorado is not all mountains. For
those of you that have been here, you already know that, but for those of you who haven’t and
all you see on TV are those beautiful Rockies. It can come as a shock. 40% of Colorado is our Eastern
Plains. It’s just flatland. We are so thankful for our Eastern Plains. They are huge producers
of fantastic produce. We get the best watermelons, cantaloupe, and more out of the Eastern
Plains. Every summer. Cattle is Colorado’s number one
agricultural product. You may not care, but you’re going to notice when
the storms blow in from the North. You’re going to get a whiff
of the byproduct of that
cattle coming right along with it. And number 16 on our list, Colorado owns big mountains. Colorado has 55% of all
of the United States. Fourteeners that’s 53 of the
97 peaks over 14,000 feet. Maybe you’re asking why do I care
before I moved to Colorado? Well, that makes outdoor living
exciting all year round to that. Brings me to number 15. If you’re a single or a young couple and
you’re planning to move right into the city, I recommend you
take up skiing, hiking, all sorts of sports that keep
you active all year round. Why? Because most of the city empties out
on the weekends no matter the season, so if you don’t join
in on those activities, you’re probably going to be sitting
back in the city fairly lonely on the weekend. Number 14 – on the
flip side, not everyone’s skis. It can seem that way, particularly when you’re sitting in
that traffic heading up there yourself, but really there are lots of
people in Colorado that don’t ski. So while we’re talking
about the mountains, let’s talk about number 13 on the
list of things you need to know about. Living in elevation is a thing. Denver is called the Mile High city for
its elevation, not for its marijuana. Yes, I’ve been asked that. If you’re moving to the Denver area
or anywhere in Colorado for that fact, the odds are you won’t have
the opportunity to take
it easy for your first few days, which is what’s generally
recommended when you come here. If you’re arriving from lower
elevations, your best bet: move slower than you usually would,
drink a lot of water and stay hydrated, don’t have a few beers to celebrate
until you’re a few days in, and just know that the elevation
won’t get the best of you forever. It doesn’t take long for your
body to acclimate. All right. I brought up marijuana,
so let’s cover that topic. Number 12, cannabis is a big
deal here for a lot of people. Since Colorado was the first state to
legalize recreational marijuana use, and it’s still on the cutting
edge for cannabis legislation, it attracts investors,
businesses, and users alike. Some people really hate this
addition to the Colorado landscape. Some people love it. Regardless,. it’s here and it brings
in a lot of tax dollars. What I will say is if you’re
a user, just know the rules. They do vary by area. Number 11, Hey, your vote matters here.
Colorado is a purple state. Colorado is predominantly blue along
the Front Range and in ski country, and Colorado is predominantly red in
the agricultural and more rural areas. The bad news is there are a lot of
political ads during election season, but the good news is your
vote does matter. Number 10, Coloradans are active and healthy. From yoga in the park to biking
and hiking to mountain climbing, skiing and snowshoeing. Finding yourself an activity
that you love and get involved, and even if being outdoors
isn’t your favorite thing, find something you can learn to
love and do it because afterwards, if you’re with friends, you can almost be guaranteed to stop for
food and craft beer because craft beer is number nine on our list of things
you ought to know about Colorado. Colorado is one of the
original States of craft beer. Colorado is still third
for total breweries, third in barrels of beer produced
and there are beer fests year-round. Oh, and beer goes great with number
eight on my list – pro sports. It is all about the Broncos here. I
mean if God didn’t love the Broncos, why are sunsets blue and orange? Denverites and Coloradans
love our Broncos, but Hey, if you’re not a Broncos fan, you will
find fans from your hometown here too. Pretty sure of it, but we do ask,
please don’t love the Raiders! And our love for the Broncos isn’t
meant to slight. Our other pro teams, we have the Rockies, the nuggets
the Avs, even a pro soccer team, the Rapids. seven might be up for some
debate, but I’m going to stick to it. Colorado is friendly. People
overall are just friendly. Doesn’t matter who you need on the
hiking trail. Most people will say hello, you move into a neighborhood…the
people nearby want to be your friend – or they’re at least cordial. A recent
travel site ranked Colorado, one of the top 10 most
friendly States in the U S, so I am in at least some
good company. However, there are plenty of people who I have
come across (and I’ve heard it myself since I’m not a native) who’ve told
me stories of being told, “Get out, you don’t belong here.” So it is
possible, if you’re moving here, you’ll hear the same thing. “You’re
not a native”, “you don’t belong”, “Colorado’s closed go home”.
“we don’t like Californians”, “we don’t like Texans”. Let it roll
off your back. You’re welcome here, and Colorado overall is fantastic. Number six on things you need to
know about living in Colorado, especially living in Denver,
high insurance rates. Sad to say, but we have bad drivers and these bad
drivers lead to higher costs of car insurance than in many other
States. Now I have to say, I have lived several other places and I
do not think that our drivers are that bad. I actually don’t think of
them as bad at all. However, the stats speak for themselves and the
insurance companies have raised the rates here in Colorado. Insurance may be
higher here, but if you choose wisely, number five on this list, can
put money back in your pocket. Number five is the taxes in Colorado. Property taxes are considered among
the lowest in the U S on average. Average property tax
statewide is it 0.55%. The thing is that’s not true
everywhere, that’s just our average. The property taxes will vary by county
and they will also vary whether you’ve purchased a new construction home
or an older home. For example, while the statewide average
is just 0.55% Douglas County, which encompasses much of
South Denver is nearly 0.8%. and then there is sales tax. The statewide sales tax
is just over 2% not bad. It is not uncommon for sales tax rates
to top out at 8% in some cities and even goes up to as high as 11% in some areas. The higher rates are usually the mountain
towns, probably not surprising. Again, choose wisely where you put down your
roots and you can put a little money back in your pocket. Number four on this
list also has to do with choice, but there’s not a lot
you have to do with it. Colorado is a school choice
state. You have open enrollment. What does this mean for you? If you
don’t come from a state like this, you have no idea! Parents and students have school choice
– this means families can request for their student to attend any public
school in Colorado for free, inside or outside district lines. Number three on the list of things you
want to know about living in Colorado. Weather! Does it snow every
day? Nope, it doesn’t. I get asked that a lot by people moving
here from sunny States like Florida, Texas. Many think that the whole state must
get snow a lot…and nearly every day, at least in the winter. We do not. We really don’t get snow
every day of the year. Colorado has 300 sunny days a year. People will debate what makes a sunny day. Colorado has more than Florida
and I’m a Florida girl. I came from there, and I can tell you we have more sun
here than we did in the Sunshine State. Colorado, the saying goes,
“Come for the Winter, Stay for the Summers.” Summers
in Colorado are fantastic. It’s when the wild flowers are
in bloom. Hiking is at its best. Festivals are in full force and warm
days with perfect nights in Colorado seem to come with endless abandon. Ahhhhh, but summer holds its
secrets – Hailstorms!! And those hailstorms can cause some
intense damage. Damage to your car, damage to your house, damage to your beautiful flowers
and your fabulous tomatoes. And all that damage is reflected in
our insurance rates here as well. Hey, you’ve probably heard people say
about our weather. It’s a dry heat. Or, it’s a dry cold. Well,
they’re right. It’s just dry. It’s really dry here. And if you’re coming from
anywhere east of the Mississippi, I just don’t think there is any amount
of lotion that’s going to make your skin feel like it did back
home. Just be prepared. It’s just really dry here. One last thing, I have to share – the wind. Now, if
you’ve watched any of my other videos, you may have heard me talk about this. It’s actually the thing I hate
the most about our weather. The wind is mood changing. It puts me in a sour mood if it’s
really windy and I have to be out in it. It will blow your hair.
It blows things away. If you go to bed at
night on a windy night, you could easily wake up with trash
cans down the street and a neighbor’s trampoline, or yours, blown out
of the yard. Fences could be down, shingles could be off, siding could
be flapping, the wind here is intense. Luckily it’s not that windy all the
time. It’s mostly windy in the spring, it’s hardly windy in the summer.
It’s really winter months, but winter heading into early spring
is when we get most of that wind. Okay. Number two on the list.
It’s related to weather, so we aren’t going to
fully pull away from this. I’ve got to finish this thought for you. The number two thing you need to know
about living in Colorado – don’t live on the wrong side of the street!! Nope, I’m not talking about picking a good
neighborhood or a bad neighborhood. This isn’t a wrong side
of the tracks thing. It’s a wrong side of the street thing. I’m talking about choosing a house
that faces the wrong direction. If your house faces East or North, you’re in for a lot more work than
your neighbors across the street. Driveways here that face West and South
really won’t have to shovel that often in the winter and that’s thanks
to Colorado’s 300 days of sun. The snow melts very quickly
under our warm bright sun. If your driveway faces East or North,
you HAVE to shovel, doesn’t matter. Otherwise your driveway becomes
a skating rink for all of winter. The number one thing to know about
living in Colorado and living in Denver, the gratitude never ends. We can see the mountains from the city
of Denver and every suburb we see every reflected sunrise off of them and every
stunning sunset that takes our breath away. We’re close enough to tell when the
mountains have gotten a fresh snow fall. We can see when it’s been windy
enough up there to blow the snow away. When crab apple trees bloom in the
spring and tree lined streets turn pink, you breathe it in, or when mountain
sides of aspens blaze and gold, you can’t turn your eyes away. And
truly for those who love it here, the gratitude never ends. If you’re even thinking about relocating
and moving here to the South Denver or Denver area, give me a call,
shoot me a text, send me an email, however you want to get in touch. Know that I can’t wait to serve you and
I’ve got your back when you’re moving to Denver, this channel is full of everything you
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