Long Live Ram | Owner Story | Jeremiah’s Ram 2500 | 595,358 Miles

I have a 2007 RAM 2500 with about 595,000 miles on it. We’re here in Northfield, Vermont. A somewhat central part of the state, it is a very mountainous region. It’s a rugged environment. It’s challenging on us, the horses, and the vehicle. I’m what you would call a ferrier. We travel around the country helping horses with lower leg and hoof problems. Annie and I are 1 of maybe 12 ferriers currently certified in the particular craft we practice. Our ability to go in and help horses that some of them haven’t been sound for almost a decade. Being able to reconstruct their foot, help move them along through their lameness, and eventually return to work is our goal. It’s been a passion of mine for pretty much my entire life. We travel down every dirt road in the country you could possibly imagine. The vehicle is our office. It’s our home on the road. It’s the one thing in our day we can count on being consistent. But whatever the weather, whatever the conditions, the truck will get us there. I feel like we roll up with confidence. We’ve outfitted it in a way that, “we need this?” We can reach in and get it. “You want this size boot?” We can reach in and get it. We kinda have it all. I have a very strong sentimental attachment to it. It’s my goal to get over a million miles with it at this point.

15 Replies to “Long Live Ram | Owner Story | Jeremiah’s Ram 2500 | 595,358 Miles

  1. No mention of the motor I bet it’s a Cummins. Is Ram going to keep the Cummins in their trucks if not they will lose a lot of customers.

  2. I have a whole fleet of vehicles and Ram holds up better by far. I"m now getting ready to go all Ram and transition out to only ram trucks. The others are good, just not as good as Ram.

  3. I have a 13' Ram Big Horn that I was in an accident the following year(I cried so hard). Had it fixed and it still works like brand new. Dodge for life!

  4. I have a 91 d250 with 589,411 a 96 ram 2500 289,852 and a 2013 Ram 2500 with 128,752 and I would take either one across the country with no worries.

  5. I also have a 2007 Ram. So what????? 2007 was PRE-FCA. You better have some good bullshit commercials if you want to sell these overpriced 2019s

  6. Next time you have a vehicle that is a mid year change. (1998.5, 2007.5) Please tell us what it is. That would be great thank you!

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