Malice Steals Olivia’s Giant Magic Diamond! 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 10

– [Kids] Kiddyzuzaa. – And last stop on our tour
of the palace, the library. – Wow, I didn’t know you
had a library, Olivia. – (coughing) It’s
very (coughing) dusty. – What kind of
books does it have? – Oh, all sorts, look. “The Plumbers’s Guide
to Chocolate Fountains”, “Neo Zuzaan Painters”,
“The Big Book of Soup” . But the really interesting
stuff is over here. The magical history
of Kiddyzuzaa land. – [Altogether] Aaaah. – And that concludes the tour. Right, teatime everyone! – tea! – Can we go home yet, Timothy? Are you all right? Hmm, the “Coralia Diamond”. Rightly regarded as the
most powerful gemstone in all of Kiddyzuzaaland. Hang on a second. I knowledge that diamond. (mischievous music) I knew it, no wonder my
plans are always foiled. They’ve got a super powerful
gemstone on their side. But how will I know if the
princess is away from the palace for long enough so
that I can steal it? – Come on, Princesses. Mr Zuzaa’s waiting for us. – Oh, that was easy. (evil laughing) – Wooh, that was the
biggest tea I’ve ever had. – Ah, Mr Zuzaa certainly knows how to make a hard boiled egg. – And how’s about
those (gasping) (gasping) – Oh hello there, princesses. I just thought
you’d like to know that I’ve taken over your palace and stolen your
precious diamond. Now if you could
all just go away whilst I take over the
world, that’d be great. – This isn’t good. – What are we going to do? – Make soup? – We’re going to
get our palace back. – Oh, yeah, that’s what I meant. – No, how do I get you to work? What are the secrets
to your power? Whoa. Whoa, there must be
an instruction manual
for this thing. (heaving) – It’s sealed tight. – Hm, Esme, have you
still got that boiled egg? – Sure do. (banging and clanging) – Wow, that really
was a hard boiled egg. – Aha, the power of
the Coralia diamond can only be activated by performing the ancient
Zuzaan diamond dance. (flute music) – Wait, I know a shortcut. Come on. – Ugh, this isn’t
doing anything. Alternatively, tap the diamond
three times and say activate. Oh for the love of Zuzaa. – Hold it right there, Malice. – The game’s up. – You’re too late, princesses. The diamond is mine. And with it I can finally take over the whole of
Kiddyzuzaaland. (evil laughing) One, two, three, activate. Come on, you stupid
thing, activate. (wind blowing)
Activate. Whoa! – Olivia, that was amazing. How did you learn
such a powerful spell? – Hm, instinct I guess. – So, how come the
diamond didn’t work? – Oh, that’s not
the Coralia diamond. That’s just a decoration. It’s made of crystallised sugar. (licking) – Well, where’s the
real diamond then? – Oh, I’m afraid
that’s a family secret. – You know the best
way to find berries is to go down on
your hands and knees and look really closely. – Wow, Esme, you sound
like you really know what you’re doing. Maybe I should keep
a lookout up here. And you can search down there. – Okay. – Phew. – Oh, I don’t know
what to make today. – Oh, I know, how
about a machine that– (sniffing) (sneezing) – Whoa, I must be
allergic to these. Oh, well. – Hm, interesting. Moo! (yelling) (evil laughing) (squeaking) – There, now whenever something
bad is about to happen, we’ll know about it beforehand. – Awesome. (alarm ringing) – Huh? (sneezing) (thumping) – I don’t feel so good. (sneezing) (gasping) – What could it be? – I don’t know. Maybe it was something she ate? Isabella, did Esme eat
Malice’s mystery grapes from her garden again? – No, no, we were just
walking through the forest. Esme was sniffing
everything like usual and then she started sneezing and everything
was turning giant. – Hm, very interesting. (doorbell ringing) – Who could that be? – Dr Ecilam. Nice to meet you. Oh, poor Esme,
you look horrible. (Esme groans) – Um, who exactly did
you say you are again? – Dr Ecilam. I make house calls
throughout Kiddyzuzaaland. I got a phone call from
um, um, Mr Snuggles. – [Altogether] Mr Snuggles? – Yes, that’s right. Now, Esme, what seems
to be the problem? – I keep sneezing and
making things giant. – Good, good. – Good? – Ah, no, I mean,
bad, but don’t worry, Dr Ecilam will cure you. All you’ll need is
to hold the spider up close to your nose and
you’ll stop sneezing. – Hey, isn’t that? Malice! (yelling) (clanging) (laughing) – Essence of Zuz, sneeze of neut. – Don’t you mean eye of neut? – Nope, sneeze of neut. – [Olivia] Oh, yeah. Are you sure this
is right, Lilliana? – Trust me, this
slime recipe has been in my family for generations. It will make the
bounciest, squidgiest slime you’ve ever seen. Now, last but
certainly not least, one fluorescent toadstool. – Um, I think we’re all out. (gasping)
– That was full yesterday. Someone’s been at my toadstools. – Well. Here’s a toad and
there’s a stool. – That won’t cut it, I’m afraid. We’ll just have
to get some more. And quickly, before the
mixture becomes too volatile. – Where do they grow? – At the very edge
of Kiddyzuzaaland. – But that’s miles away. – We’ll have to take the Lilliana mobile. – Uh, is that thing safe? – Of course it is. Now come on, we’ve not got long. (tyres screeching) she’s quite a machine, hey? – Uh, yep. – [Lilliana] And check this out. – Oh, that is quite cool. – On your way to the
scrap heap, princesses? – Malice. – What are you doing here? – Just taking my new
wheels for a spin. Thought I’d drive out to
the edge of Kiddyzuzaaland. Maybe pick up some
fluorescent toadstools while I’m there. – Why do you need
fluorescent toadstools? – I’m making a mushroom risotto. I mean, I’m making a giant
evil mushroom monster. – Right. – Well, anyway, I’d
love to stay and chat, but that risotto won’t
cook itself, monster, I meant monst– oh nevermind. (engine revving) – Let’s do this. (engine revving) – [Olivia] Whoa! (water splashing) – Quick, reel in the ferry. – Huh – Fancy a swim princesses? – She thinks she can
stop us that easily? Let’s take to the waves. (engines revving) – A hovercraft, hey? Very clever Lilliana, but just one obvious weakness. (evil laughing) – Come on, we’re gaining on her. – Lilliana, watch out! (tyres screeching) (yelling) well at least we
got a soft landing. – Malice! – Come on, Lilliana,
let’s just go home. We can make the
slime another day. – No, I’ve still got one
more trick up my sleeve. Hold on tight. (yelling) – No sign of those
princesses anywhere. Those toadstools are mine. What? – Nice try, Malice, but I
think you’ll be having soup for dinner this evening. – Ugh, drats, that’s it. (engine revving) (yelling) (yelling) – [Altogether] Ha? – Oh, hey guys, fancy
seeing you here. (humming) (yelling) (curious music)

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