Māori business leaders keen to be part of PM’s Business Advisory Council

Maori business leaders are keen
to see Maori representation on the Prime Minister’s
business advisory council. The Prime Minister,
Jacinda Ardern, announced the formation
of the council during her speech this morning
calling for better relationships between government and businesses. Here’s our political reporter
Eruera Rerekura. The Prime Minister reaching out
to the business community. Paul Morgan is the CEO
of the Wakatu Incorporation – a leading Maori business
– known widely for its produce in seafood and wine. He says he likes
the prime minister’s idea. Latest figures estimate
that the Maori economy is worth nearly $40 billion, and analyst suggest that the
Maori economic growth alone is faster than the
New Zealand economy as a whole. But the opposition
thinks differently. So, the Prime Minister’s
made the call. Will Maori be at the table?
Time will tell. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

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