35 Replies to “Millionaire with Roth IRA (Long Term Investing Strategy)

  1. Doh! I watched this and my income is too high to contribute to a Roth IRA. One option if you really want a Roth in that bracket is to do a Roth IRA conversion, and it will convert your normal IRA into a Roth.

  2. yes sir i was planning on making a video on this same thing ! and now with us able to deposit 6k into it yearly it's even better !

  3. Just transferred 6k into my ROTH Ira. Think it’s time to make a breakdown video on what stocks I put it into. Definitely the best vehicle to get you where you need to be for tax free retirement income!

  4. I have both roth ira and traditional ira. The reason why I do both because the government could change the tax rules dealing with Roth Ira eventually. I am putting more in the Roth though.

  5. Great video! I just opened a Roth IRA, but with Fidelity. I just contributed $700 and I invested in the total market index fund. I’ll probably get fidelity’s s&p 500 version. What do you think?

  6. The TSP (government employees) is the best. You can contribute to the S fund with is the dow jones and C fund which is SP500. i am 75% S and 25% C. Almost 11k at 24 years old

  7. Opener my Roth in January have invested 1650 so far doing $400 every month. So far all my money into the target date fund 2055 😖

  8. Vanguard made getting into Admiral class funds easier to compete with Fidelity zero index funds. I go VTSAX all the way !

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  10. Pretty cool video. Will have to look into an IRA. Just started 401k this year. Been invested for a couple years. Between the 3 should be set for retirement

  11. will be investing in a roth ira with Vanguard in the next 3 months. Starting a bit late, but I need to get on it!

  12. The fact that you started investing in retirement is a huge step that future Bruce will thank you. Don't second guess yourself because the market is down. You have at least 35 years of market growth and dividends in your favor so stick with your plan and reap the benefits. Good luck!

  13. How is your Roth funded by mutual funds and ETFs? For mine I can only invest in mutual funds :/

  14. Hey Bruce can you do a video on going with M1 finance over Vanguard for opening a Roth. I'm currently debating who to go with. Given how far behind vanguard is with their website and app im leaning towards m1 at the moment.

  15. So a Roth IRA is just an account to hold money in? Like if you don't buy, mutual funds, ETFs or stocks with it, then basically the money in your account won't grow?

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