Minimalist Approach To Investing 💸 (The “Lazy” 3 Fund Portfolio)

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  1. Set it and forget it is a great way to invest, and one of the safest! Too many people play around with their investments so frequently they don't allow the process to take place!

  2. Interesting concept…lazy investing! I just want a simple way to start an index fund cheaply. What are the best ways, and with what minimums?

  3. This is a great way for the average Joe out there to build wealth over time! Great video Ryan, and congrats on 400K!

  4. Huge congratulations to you ryan for 400k! 🔥
    Ryan is gonna hit 1M+ by end of this year, mark my words! ⚡ (I'll not edit this comment)

  5. The minimalist way 🙂 the less you touch your portfolio the more gains you’ll have over the long term!

  6. Congrats on 400k subs Ryan! Btw, todays video was awesome!😁 I love how you can take a minimalist approach to investing and still make good money.👍

  7. Very well done video, Ryan! Explained well. Although boring, this is honestly a strategy that a lot of people could benefit from.

    I know people love to play around in the stock market but if you’re looking for excitement.. go to Vegas 😂

  8. I've found that the less stuff I own, the less my stuff owns me
    If you're interested, my channel does animations to bring value on Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Stop by if you have the time 🙂

  9. Congrats Ryan on getting 400,000 subscribers. May you continue to educate us all with financial education while growing your influence and networth

  10. I have a vanguard target date fund that has the three fund portfolio and it automatically rebalances as you get closer to that date. Another good option. Low fees as well

  11. I am a long term passive investor. I have tried day trading and didn't do too well. Because of the timing where I live, I kept missing the market open.

  12. What are your thoughts on just pushing funds into VTSAX or more likely VFIAX Vanguard Admiral funds? I'd been considering liquidating my holdings and just moving into it.

  13. Hey it's the first time in my life that I have a few thaousand $ saved. What's a good place to put it? I still want the freedom to dip into it at any time. Rite now I have it in an ally savings account with a 2.20% interest

  14. Index funds are great for individuals who don’t have the time or don’t want to research individual stocks. Though it does offer less possible returns than picking individual stocks, it is definitely better than not investing in the market at all! Great video

  15. I have a Roth IRA under betterment that uses their investing strategy. Also owns a Robinhood account that I personally manage stocks because I enjoy researching and picking my own portfolio

  16. Love not having to manage this part of my portfolio. Anything not 401k or set aside for real estate goes straight to my Vanguard index ETFs. Literally forget it's there sometimes.

  17. The growth of your channel and businesses is astounding! I was one of your first handful of subscribers from when you were making videos on your lunch break at the job you hated, to placing candy canes on strangers' cars lol. You really went for it and I'm glad to see you so successful!

  18. Im Active in my investing, reason why is because I believe I'm better than a robot
    . If I'm not oh well then they can unleash the terminator and we'll see.

  19. Ryan, would you recommend waiting on International funds until the completion of Brexit?

    I think the Euro and British Pound will go down in value, at least temporarily.

    Your thoughts? Please respond.

  20. the ROBO rebalancing creates short-term gains taxable events right? i assume the sell-offs don't wait unit the 1 year date.

  21. To me, investing is like driving on a highway. You can weave in and out, keep switching lanes, cutting people off, running a higher risk of crashing, and arrive a few seconds ahead of others….or you can pick a lane, stay in it, adjust in anticipation of an upcoming exit, and be slightly behind (or sometimes even ahead).

  22. I use the 3 fund portfolio. I wanted something simple that works well for the long haul so I can focus all of my time and energy on real estate investing.

  23. M1 Finance is what I'm using and I love it. I'm up close to 16% on my investment… Too bad it's not a huge amount, but it's a start.

  24. Review SPDR funds (SPDR S&P500 ETF) and maybe compare them with Vanguard!!
    Only thing I know about SPDR S&p 500 ETF is that their fee a little bit higher.
    But I'd like to hear your opinion on if it's a good option as long as I don't have exposure to Vanguard funds.
    Or maybe there is some international platforms that allows to invest in US stocks? (I'm from Kazakhstan, the country that's located right under Russia)

  25. I'm lazy and numbers scare me, so I invested a lot in vanguard's stuff. Then the rest I just pick reliable blue chip stocks to hold forever ala Warren Buffett .

  26. Being passive in anything else, never produced better results than getting involved and learning the subject matter. Being lazy is never good. Chasing returns is never a good idea.

  27. I think you owe credit to Taylor Larimore's book, "The Bogleheads Guide to the Three Fund Portfolio". I just happened to finish reading it today (short book). Simple is better. Also, I think more emphasis should be on expense ratio. Of course Vanguard is known, started this. There are online calculators that compare two rates with your money amounts and rates. Many say the expense ratio is all that matters.

  28. I will not invest in anything that is not collateralized and these type of investments are much safer and pay higher yields.. No brainer to me.

  29. What are your thoughts on the S&P 500 (VOO) as opposed to investing in the entire market? I know that's what Warren Buffet recommends and that's what I have been putting my money into until I have enough to do a real estate deal.

  30. I am a minimalist, living in an RV, and enjoy the lifestyle thoroughly. It enables me to save even with a very low income. Here is the formula I use:

    Make sure you have enough to cover the basic survival expenses food, clothing, shelter, insurance, transportation.
    Make sure you can cover 3-5 non-survival things that really add value to your life, preferably the ones that don't cost a lot of money. I find that once these are covered, not having the rest doesn't really bother me. The key is to be really honest with yourself about which three things you pick. The number can vary a bit, but focus on value added to your life.
    Split any excess between building up a 3-6 month emergency fund and pay down debt. Once the emergency fund is fully funded, hit the debts hard.
    Pay down all non mortgage debt and non-student loan debt first, then hit the student loans, then split evenly between paying down a mortgage and saving to invest.
    I use VTI as my primary investing account, and put 30% of my income from my job into that.
    I have a network consulting business as one of my side hustles. 80% of that income goes to VTI, 20% goes to my expenses.
    I also trade currencies as a second side hustle: I split my savings 50/50 between and VTI until the Forex account had $5000 in it. 4% of my total Forex account equity goes into VTI in any profitable year. The goal is to save 50% or more every year.

    The side hustles can be anything. These are just the ones I like. You can also use this process to fund 401Ks, solo-401Ks, and Roth and Trad IRAs. Much of it can be automated. I have also found it useful, once I got the Forex account funded to $5K, to beef up the emergency fund to 12 months. I just sleep better knowing I'm covered in the slow months.

  31. Would something like 60% in VTI, 20% in VXUS and 10% in BND be a good spread for a fairly aggressive approach?

  32. Hi Ryan, interesting video. Betterment seems a pretty good way of investing without been worried about things such as rebalancing your portafolio, but it only operates in the USA. Any suggestion of another roboadvisor that can operate outside USA, for example LATAM?

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