Misconceptions Of Being A Small Business Owner! lEntreprenuer Life Ep 14

most people think that being an
entrepreneur is very very easy and you just wake up and start a business well
I’m gonna say you couldn’t be further from wrong so in this video I’m gonna
break down the common misconceptions of entrepreneurs and also regular people
who see entrepreneurs if you’re interested in that keep on watching videos gonna be very very fast very very
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they have some common misconceptions about your business and this video can
tell them certain things that they need to know the most common mistake that
most entrepreneurs make as well as normal people is they think that the
business is just gonna take off overnight
I’m here to tell you it’s not it takes time to grow a great business even if
you have a lot of followers who’s the say those followers are
actually wanting to buy from you that’s why it’s good to know your target market
and you were actually aiming to sell for it so just be patient don’t rush the
process if you rush it your business will be rushed and you’re gonna end up
may get a lot more mistakes so definitely definitely that we just
work on growing your business instead of focusing on sales the second
misconception is people automatically assume we have money because you have a
business that can be further from the truth
if you think about it we are always putting money back into our business
back into our business so we can bring better products we can bring in better
services we can bring you better and more like you don’t I’m not saying you
can’t have money because there is ways that you can have money in your business
but just starting out you don’t really have the funds in the extra money to
really just do anything and think so in the beginning you’re not
really gonna have my third misconception is you don’t really need another job if
we have your own business that’s not that’s not nowhere near the truth I
still have a 95 it’s not music I was another file but I have a 95 and that’s
because I like stability yes I have my own business but I’m also gonna not quit
working because at the end of the day it’s no guarantee that I’m gonna have
sales every single day pump it in so I’m not gonna quit my nine-to-five night if
you wanna quit your 9 to 5 go ahead by all means do you but you
gotta think about it yourselves are not always guaranteed you don’t all this may
not be a safe or an income and at least with the nine-to-five you have stability
of being able to take care of your normal everyday bills also with a 95 I
also use my 95 to invest in my business as well until I’m able to get the
traffic and the amount of sales that I want so it’s the second source of income
to my business as well and also I like having a second source of income so it’s
up to you but you don’t have to put your not in fire once you have a business
especially if you’re just starting out before people think that black owned
businesses should be cheaper or discounted our small businesses and
general should be cheaper or discounted than what they already are I’m here to
tell you don’t drop your prices for anybody if you believe your products are
worth that price definitely keep your prices there but if you’re not selling
something that’s worth the price that you’re on charge drop it back the same
time like you gotta take into account that that business search for that
vendor they either handmade are created that product put in great ingredients
for you guys also they have to think about labeling mailers all of that like
every single thing that comes in that package that you get they have to put
into that person so if it’s a little bit more expensive than you want to pay just
think that person actually really did put in a real good effort for that
product ok so when it comes to list I think that if you’re selling something
that you believe is worth $20 keep it at 2 needles don’t drop your price because
you feel like that’s gonna get you more sales if you believe that your product
is work that amount of money keep it there don’t let nobody bully you
into changing your prices honestly the people that I want you to drop your
prices are not the customers that are your customers those are customers that
I’ll shop with you once and keep on going the customers that you want are
the repeat customers that love your prices when they’re $20 and then love
them when they’re at 10 it’s too many people doing the same thing well I’m
here to tell you it’s so many companies that do the same thing that’s just the
way the world works there’s Nike Reebok indeed a section over forever 21
Charlotte Russe all of them do similar things but guess what they all stay in
there only same thing with facts with this bird
cake wiggies McDonald’s like they also burgers and fries but everybody loves
one or the other because they all stay in their own lane and they all provide
something good about themselves that has that person coming back to them so yes
ISO lashes yes ISIL applause yes ISO jury and yes there are a lot of
companies that do the same thing but guess what that other company can’t do
it like I can like you have to make your own brain like original to you and
unique to you that pulls that person to specifically you that way you stand out
against those other brain the next common misconception is you should run
your brand the same with someone else when I see these comes I’m like well I’m
not so and so the way I write my brand is good for me because I took the time
to pick that I was gonna run my brand this way I want my brand to be this way
like don’t ever try to make your companies like run your company like
somebody else because you don’t think like them you’re not them you can never
be them so you’re gonna be two steps behind trying to copy somebody else and
run the your brand like somebody else then just trying to figure out on your
own and just being you like you’re gonna make mistakes like don’t try to be
someone else because at the end of a you can’t you can’t run your brand like
somebody else he said anything not in their head to know exactly what
they’re doing anybody can do it and yes anybody can have a business I don’t
understand how this is a misconception there’s not a rule out there that says
only you you you and you can have a business anybody gets on your business
anybody can do it just do it be like Nike like I don’t understand but also if
you’re gonna do a business don’t do it because it’s popular don’t do it because
you think you can get the same amount of money as them that’s how the markets
over saturate that’s how we have these businesses out here or talking to
customers reckless because they don’t want to buy something right now like
honestly or you have people who are just okay was just asking for free product
it’s because they want to be a brand ambassador yes anybody can do it but at
the same time like there’s a certain way that you carry your business that’s just
a standard for anybody yes anybody can have a business but the difference is
are you going to stick with it like it makes it harder for people who have
businesses for long standing times for somebody who just starting and then now
they’re talking roots or customers they’re not really taking their business
serious or they are blocking people because they don’t want to buy products
right now like I’ve seen it all like trust me I have some stories about
business but yeah like are you gonna stick with it anyone can business but
are you actually going to stick with this business and do what needs to be
done in order to take your business to the next level so guys hopefully we
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video bye

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