Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Eva Green Movie HD

Come with me, there is a place I go when I want to be alone. How, how did you? Air; it’s my peculiarity. If I show you the rest, you have to promise not to run away. Jake, right on time. Miss Peregrine, delighted to meet you. He is invisible. Of course. We are what’s known in common parlance as peculiar. Claire why aren’t you eating? She is embarrassed in front of Jake. Don’t be. Because our abilities don’t fit in the outside world, we live in places like this. Where no one can find us… Jake! Come and play. I knew you were one of us when you were born. It’s time for you to learn what you can do. I’m just ordinary. No you’re not. [Miss Peregrine]: You were born to protect us. Promise me one thing: look after them Jake. I promise.

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  1. If any of you guys watch this movie, I realised that the part where the loop is gone, Victor gets bombed by the planes…Im so sorry Bronwyn! ;(

  2. I'm not a hater believe me. It is just that I loved the book so much. The people in the book are so funny. For example Enoch. He is creepy and funny. In the movie he is way different. Emma is a badass. Not in the movie. I don't like it that they have destroyed those beautiful children. Sorry.

  3. In the actual movie where a hallow eats Baron's eyes, my mom and friend were cringing and I was like HELL YEH sitting straight up leaning towards the movie.

  4. I watched this at the cinemas; incredible movie! And sure, it's not as good as the book, but I've never read it and I personally adored this movie, I guess your opinion changes if you watch the film to begin with.

  5. What i dont get about the movie is abes grandson can only see the monsters but when shelly was driving him home she saw a monster to

  6. I got really confused as they changed the characters completely. Their ages, their powers…. WHY???!!! It's completely different from the book so if anyone is going to watch this film, read the books as well as the film doesn't really do them justice.

  7. wow just perfect another awesome movie that i wish i could live in

    cough cough harry potter cough cough
    cough cough willy wonka cough cough

    (keep it going)

  8. If you read the book the movie sucks in my opinion. Like all the role changes and stuff just fucks with my mind

  9. so disappointed by this movie… and they created an ending so they will never make movies for the other books but they carry such a good story line! its a shame it really is

  10. It was set in Blackpool I was there and didn't know it was filming this 😂This is amazing I saw it for my birthday the month after it come out

  11. The movie is totally different from the book itself..Characters have been switched, story was a mess, and the portrayals are just average.. Poor review.

  12. I have this movie and when we watched it for the first time I ran out my living room crying at the bit where the grandpa grabs jake with no eyes, sorry if I am spoiling it for others but you should definitely watch it. But yes I cryed quite a bit though the scary bits but I cry at most things so yes. Still watch it

  13. Does "The Peculiar's Tale" by Ate Demi or "AnakNiRizal" inspired by this movie? Like ofmg thats cool.

  14. Does "The Peculiar's Tale" by Ate Demi or "AnakNiRizal" inspired by this movie? Like ofmg thats cool.

  15. Relax peeps(people's)! Its Tom Burton we talk about, he is creating movies really good, and don't you know it takes a long time to create a good movie, I've seen it , and…..Its my favorite

  16. Good movie- as a standalone. But it was based on a literary masterpiece so it makes me want to kill myself.

  17. I love the music they used in this so much ! It is very different from the book but why is nobody mentioning the hollows in the book they looked fine but here their pure nightmare fuel !

  18. i still remember how excited i am when i saw the trailer, and upon watching it, i am indeed dissapointed, because they changed an awfully lot of things from the book. but i still gave it a try. its beautiful and unique up till now, but i must say, books will always be the best.

  19. I wanna go read the second novel of this already but i still cant find a copy of the first novel of it, so iam just gonna watch the movie

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