Most HEAVILY Guarded Homes In The WORLD!

From real moats to minefields, here are 9
of the most heavily guarded homes on Earth! 9. The Zombie Bunker
In a world where The Walking Dead is one of the biggest TV shows on Earth, you might think
that there are people crazy enough to want to build their own zombie shelter should the
worst come to pass. And…you would be right in making that assumption. In fact, not only does such a shelter exist,
it exists in a place you might not expect: London, England. Known as “The Zombie Bunker”, this place was
built head-to-toe to deal with the threat of not only zombies, but people who might
want to try and break into the bunker to save themselves, even if it meant costing others
their lives. Because, you know, if there’s a zombie apocalypse
all those conspiracy theorists would have been right and we will all be knocking on
their bunkers for help!! The place itself is layered with concrete
and iron. Now, the person who built the Zombie Bunker
wasn’t stupid, they know that people have to move around inside of it, as well as being
able to see outside from time to time. So, there are actually moveable walls within
the complex, and there are windows you can see out of. But, when it’s in lockdown mode, the windows
get concrete sheets put behind them, the walls on the inside are moved into defensive positions,
and no one is getting in. Also clever is that the bunker features a
drawbridge of all things to let people in or out. While it’s fair to say the zombie apocalypse
isn’t coming anytime soon…I hope…if it does…the people who make it to the bunker
have nothing to worry about! 8. Bill Gates’ Home
Ah, Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, the owner of DOS, one of the masterminds behind
the Xbox, and one of the most charitable men on the planet. Gates has a reputation for being kind and
generous, and wants to help the world however he can. But, that doesn’t mean he wants people invading
his privacy and invading his massive mansion. And since he’s a tech guy, he really does
go all out. He has mines and an electrical fence, he has
security cameras and sensors that can alert him and his family if there is a person coming. In fact, they can actually detect people from
a mile away from the house! As if that’s not enough, he made it so that
trees and various plantations actually surround the house, making it so people can’t get good
clear pictures of the property without getting a lot of greenery in the way. The ironic thing is, even if you’re INVITED
to the house, you have to go through special security measures. Mainly, you have to wear a special pin that’ll
allow you to get through the security surrounding the house. A little too elaborate? A bit eccentric? Maybe, but when you’re one of the most brilliant
minds in the world, you have the right to go all out to protect yourself. 7. Fair Field Estate
From one rich mogul to another, we now head to the Hamptons. For those who don’t know, this is where a
lot of wealthy New Yorkers and other rich people go to during the Summer months to get
away from it all. All these rich people need security. As a side note, this area was the “setting”
of the hit USA TV show Royal Pains, and they did a good job interpreting how rich and lavish
some of the people in the Hamptons are, but, nothing compares to the Fairfield Estate in
terms of both lavishness and security. The property itself is owned by junk bond
billionaire Ira Rennert, and he’s not afraid to spend those billions as you’re about to
see. The massive property he has in the Hamptons
is worth about 248 million dollars alone, which is one of the most expensive in the
United States. And it is one of the largest homes in the
US with 62,000 square feet. But as the old saying goes, it’s the inside
that counts. Renard is known for spending lots of money
on rare things and it is reported that he has 500 million dollars worth of rare art
inside the mansions many rooms, it could have anywhere from 21 to 29 bedrooms depending
on who you ask. So, naturally, he has to have a state-of-the-art
security system to protect it all. The entrance alone is hard to get past. There’s a massive security gate and wall keeping
everyone out unless invited. Add to that, there’s an army of security cameras,
bulletproof glass windows, and more. Plus the neighbors are always watching… If you’re thinking about trying to rob this
place? Think again. There have to be easier targets. And now for number 6, but first be sure to
subscribe and click the notification bell so you don’t miss out on the latest videos! 6. The Kardashians
The life of celebrities can be a bit complicated, full of pitfalls and dangers that us “common
folk” can’t understand. While they seem to want to be showered with
attention and share all their private details with the world, at the same time they are
adamant about their safety and their privacy. Only the best of the best in security guards
are allowed to work at the Kardashian manor. And if you don’t agree to a pat down by them,
you’re not getting into the house, not even if you’re a friend of the family. Other security measures include motions sensors,
cameras, a safe room, and more. Kim Kardashian is so concerned with being
followed that she actually has a fleet of cars that are used every time she goes out. She takes one, security takes the others,
and they bob and weave through each other to ensure no one knows where Kim Kardashian
is, and hopefully can’t be followed, unless she wants to be. The life of a celebrity… Be careful what you wish for. 5. The Corbi Family Residence
We’ve already seen just how far certain rich people will go to protect themselves, but
in the case of the Corbi Family, they take things really far. This place is a fortress!! SAFE security firm founder Al Corbi built
the house in 2001. SAFE is short for Strategically Armored & Fortified
Environments so of course his house has to be good!! These millionaires from Hollywood Hills have
gone to extreme lengths to ensure that their family is protected no matter what comes their
way. Want some examples? Ok, well, California is known for earthquakes. So, the Corbi’s made it so the foundation
of their home, which is huge, has 30 feet of concrete. Nature won’t be able to crack that. The house is also built to survive nuclear
and chemical attacks, which is a whole other level of logistics and impressive on many
levels. Should something happen to make them want
to take cover, they have two options. It has not one, but 2 panic rooms where they
can not only see everything via camera footage, they can control their very impressive security
system, which is so advanced that it actually has the ability to release fog onto the grounds. Then they can make a quick getaway on their
helipad!! Or, if there is an attack on a global scale
and they want to be safe and secure, there is an underground bunker beneath the house
that can keep them safe and fed for about six months. It’s clear that this family takes their security
very seriously. 4. Ryongsong Residence
When you’re the leader of a country that isn’t quite well respected, you better believe that
you need a good security system. And in the case of North Korea, especially
in light of recent events, that need for security has never been higher. Yet, ruler Kim Jong Un has done very well
in making the home of the Royal Family of North Korea very secure. Ryongsong Residence is nearly impenetrable. Just on the outside alone, it’s pretty solid! There’s an electric fence surrounding the
whole place, armed guards positioned strategically around it, and then, as if that wasn’t enough,
there’s a minefield! Yes, a literal minefield that will blow you
up if you step in the wrong spot. The walls of the residence are built to last
as well, and not just random strikes, but full-on nuclear blasts. This place could literally survive a nuclear
apocalypse should it come to that. But, in case the family of Kim Jong Un needs
to flee, they’re covered, because the property is built on secret tunnels that will lead
them to various other safe houses. It’s hard to say exactly what’s going
on at the residence because Kim Jong Un has also had it renovated several times already. Oh, and there’s also apparently gas that will
be released if someone breaches security and somehow makes it onto the grounds. So you’d have to be either really brave or
really stupid to try and breach the Ryongsong Residence. I’m just saying. 3. The Maximum Security Mansion
Ok, let’s be honest here, if you live in a place that is called the “Maximum Security
Mansion”, it better live up to the hype. And this one most certainly does. Located in Evergreen, Colorado, this mansion
is without a doubt one of the most secure buildings on the planet. The cost of protecting this 32-acre estate
comes in at around $6 million dollars. That’s a lot of protection, but then again,
there’s a lot to protect. One of the interesting things about the house
is that there are numerous cameras watching over everything, and because of how advanced
technology is nowadays, all you need is an iPhone to check them out. Now, yes, you need to have the login details
AND permissions from the security team on the estate to check it out, but it would be
cool to view it. Of course it’s a smart house. The house is so advanced, that IF someone
somehow was able to break in, they have thermal scanning that can find footprints and break
down exactly what kind of print it is within 20 minutes. It also can speak to the family (in its own
way) to let it know if something is going wrong inside the house, whether it be a burglar
or a disaster like a fire or a flood. So yeah, it really does live up to its name. 2. The White House
Is it really a surprise that the place where the President of the United States lives is
on this list? Because it shouldn’t be. The White House is one of the most secure
places on the planet. It has now housed 45 different Presidents,
and through the centuries of its existence it’s grown and evolved into one of the safest
buildings ever. Which, again, makes sense, as it houses one
of the most important people in the world. Let’s start with the outside, any pictures
or photos you’ve seen of the White House shows a gate just outside it. What you might not know is that gate can take
an impact from a massive vehicle and not budge. Add to that, there are guards outside the
gate and on the grounds itself. So if you somehow made it past the gate, you
would be taken down very soon after. Which is what happened twice already if you
recall those people that jumped the fence a few years ago….whoops, there must be a
glitch! Oh, and if you were going to try to poison
the President through his food, you wouldn’t make it to his table. Why? Because all food that is brought into the
White House is scanned and tested (for poison) offsite to ensure that nothing untoward gets
inside. And, obviously, the personal chef that the
President has is vetted six ways to Sunday. So you can’t get in on the ground. Well…how about the air? Nope! The White House has a personal radar system
that can detect if anything gets too close to it, and the airspace above the White House
is restricted, so flying over it is actually a crime. Add to that, there’s bulletproof windows,
numerous guards inside the White House, and if I’m being honest here, I would bet that
there are some “secret” security systems inside the building just to make sure that the President
is safe at all times. 1. Buckingham Palace
God save the Queen. In this case, literally. Much like the White House, Buckingham Palace
is a popular tourist destination, but don’t let that fool you, this place is one of the
most heavily guarded places in the world. And despite some scares and breaches of security
(on a small scale), its defenses have never truly been breached. Let’s start with the obvious. The place is surrounded by guards, each of
them unwavering in their dedication to making sure that the Queen is safe, as well as the
various other people that live in Buckingham Palace. In fact, at night, the guards do a special
ringing task that makes sure that none of them fall asleep accidentally. Also, the roads outside the building are closed
when visiting hours arrive, and the police are brought in during those hours to ensure
that nothing goes wrong. The Queen has had panic rooms put in to protect
the royal family from attacks, poison gas, bombs and all kinds of other threats. Details of course, are secret bu tit is reported
that royal security is estimated ate 128 million pounds a year. Thanks for watching! Would you ever live in one of these homes? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!

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