My Millionaire Real Estate Investment Strategy

I am so excited about today’s video. I’m
talking about my millionaire real estate investment strategy. As in I’m going to
be breaking down how to make a million dollars whether you’re starting from
nothing. Whether you have a little bit or you’ve actually been able to save quite
a bit of money. And ultimately today, I’m going to break down the game plan for
all three of those situations so that no one after this video has an excuse of
whether they aren’t ever going to get into the regain of real estate. When the
reality is you can. Most people don’t have this information or this
perspective. So, I look forward to sharing with you. And at the end I’ve got
something pretty special lined up for you to make sure that we can customize
your experience right after this video. Dude, I am so pumped for this video today
because I’m going to try to put something in a video I’ve never done before.
Basically I’m going to say, “Listen, if you have no money, I’m going to show you how to
make money. If you’ve got less than 10 grand, I’ll show you what that game plan
would look like. And for those either have $100,000 or a
million dollars on up, what would I do if I was in your shoes?” And so today, I’m
going to break it all down for you. It’s so important for you to know how to become
a millionaire whether you’ve started with some money,
whether you inherited some money or whether like me, you started deeply in
debt and you have nothing to show for yourself. And you’ve got to have the
strategy because if you don’t, how can you actually have hope, right? So, let’s
break it all down for you. I’ve never tried to put this much in a short video
together. But roll with me. We’re going to work from the top down. First of all, I
want to assume that I’m doing a private game plan for someone that has over
$100,000 and they’re saying, “Kris, I want to be a millionaire. I’m not a
millionaire. I got $100,000.” Right now, if you have more money
than that or a million or ten million dollars then we’re talking about how you
multiply that. So, understand that when I look at $100,000 first
of all, it’s probably sitting in some type of financial planning Reserve
account 401K, IRA, stock market. Most of these things are single-digit earners. So,
you do need to understand that the money you’ve accumulated, it’s going to be very
challenging for that to actually become what you want it to. And the reason why
is if you look at the rule of 72, how long does it take to double my money,
you’re looking at decades and decades and decades and decades and decades for
100 grand to actually become a million bucks. If you’re only earning
3, 4, 5, 6 percent like most financial brokerage accounts. So instead,
we got a new plan. And when I look at 100 grand, what I see is I see this. I don’t
see 401Ks, I don’t see IRAs. I see little houses. I see 2 or 3
of them depending on where you buy. Now, some of you have actually watched some
of my videos and you’ve gotten this document for free. It talks about the
last billion dollars worth of real estate that I’ve purchased or I’ve
helped my clients purchase. Over 4,000 homes. And on the homes that I do, I’m
pretty accustomed to earning 25% ROI. Now by the way, if you are
earning 25% on $100,000, how long does it take for that
to double itself? Well, it’s going to be… If it’s compounding, it’s going to be less
than 4 years. So, for just a moment, imagine that you were doubling your
money every 4 years. That’d be pretty exciting because this 100 grand sitting
in these 3 properties. What would we do in 5 years? In 5 years, we would
sell those homes and we would trade 3 homes for 6 homes. Does that make
sense? I bought 3 homes, I doubled my money. So when I sold them, I went back in
and this time instead of buying 3 homes, I bought what? I bought 6 homes.
And now, if before I was earning 25% without putting any new
money in, this 25% is now sitting in twice as many properties.
That’s equivalent to me now earning 50% a year on the money. Now by
the way, that should put like a goofy, goofy crazy smile on your face. Because
401Ks can’t do that. Stock market can’t do that. IRA can’t do that. And now, you’re
thinking, “Okay. Well what do I do Kris at year 10? When I take 6 homes and turn
them into 12 homes?” Well, at that point, that’s equivalent on the original
money of you earning 100% annual ROI each and every year. At that
point my friends, you have done something here that is really exciting. 100,000 it’s become 200,000. 200 becomes 400,000. And now at this rate of return, you’re going to get to a million dollars
super fast, super easy. Now, this is not even the fastest way that I know how to
make a million dollars. But today in this video, I just want to help you understand
that moving assets from low yields to high yields is actually how you win. If
you’re currently earning like most people 4, 5, 6 percent or the
stock market’s doing 20% but… You have to look at the average. I don’t care about
this year I look at the sustainability over time. And so if you’re earning an
average of 5, 6, 7… Maybe S&P, 9% then at the rate that it’s going to
take you to double. It’s going to take a very, very long period of time. You’ve got
to cut that period of time down. This is one way of doing that. So, that’s what I
would do if I had 100,000 or a million dollars. I would say, “Let’s go
from low yield into higher and learn how to ultimately go from a 25 to a 50.” So,
ultimately a triple-digit ROI. If you keep doing that, you’ll get right
I have. Some 4-digit ROIs I have some 5-digit ROIs. Which by the
way is freaking crazy. It’s all about leveraging time and the right kind of
deals. Okay, the second scenario that I wanted to
show today is well what if you only had 10 grand, right? “I’m young. I may be just
out of college. Or I’m still in college. I’ve saved up a little bit of money. Or I
inherited a little bit of money. I got a small amount of money. How would I become
a millionaire?” If you have $10,000, the strategy that I would do is I would buy
what’s called a primary residence. This house with the P, primary means it’s a
house you’re going to live in. And the reason why is because you’re usually
putting a 3% down payment. Now, if you’re living in an area where our house is
$250,000, 3% is going to be 7,500 bucks. So, $10,000. When I bought my first house,
it was 110,000-dollar house. My down payment was like 3,300 bucks. Ut was really, really, really small. Less than 10 grand.
Here’s the benefit: If you can get an amazing deal on this first house.. Like on
my first house, I bought a house with $40,000 of equity.
Here’s the cool thing: If you sell that home later down the road and let’s say
that you make $50,000 on it, you got a 500% return on your
money. But based on what you put in, it’s way bigger than that. It’s freaking huge.
Huge ROI. And that’s the goal with the primary residence is I don’t have to put
20% down like I did in this game plan. Because these houses are all… I got to
put 20% down which is like 30, 40, 50 grand. That’s why I needed 100
grand to buy these homes. And then I’m earning 25% ROI on them.
So, here if you can buy a primary residence, what’s the next thing that you
do? Well, you move out 12 months later and you do it again and you buy another
primary residence. But you’ve seasoned some of the equity in this home to pay
for this one. So, you’re not new money out of pocket. If you were willing to move
2 or even 3 times, every time you move, these P’s become I’s –investment
properties. And it’s as if you put 20% down, 30, 40, $50,000. But you’re not. In
fact, for $10,000, you just got yourself into 3 homes. And if you do it
correctly, you should have a net worth over 100 grand. And if you do, guess
what? Now you’re going to hop up to this game plan and say, “What do you do if you
have 100 thousand dollars? That makes sense? Now,
what some of you’ve been waiting for is, “Okay, Kris. If I got a million dollars
or 100 grand, you show me what to do.” If I had 10 grand, you gave me an idea
of what could… I’m not saying you like my ideas. I’m just sharing with you
viable ideas at work. But what do you do if you have no money? If you have no
money then you’re going to call a dealmaker.
You need to go find number one, a mentor. That number 2 has a track record of
doing a lot of deals. Number 3, you go track down some OPM. That is not opium. A
drug. That stands for other people’s money. And then the fourth thing that you
got to do is you got to track down a deal. Now, here’s the crazy part: If you
have a mentor who has a crazy awesome track record, he’ll show you how to find
other people’s money and deals. And if you put all those together, then you’re
going to learn the ultimate skill. The ultimate skill is “How do I buy a real
estate with no money?” And if you can do it once, you can do it a thousand times.
And friends, that’s where I’m at. That’s where I started. In my game plan, I
started with $5,000 in the bank. And I used it to get my first
25 properties. Those 25 properties paid me about $12,000 a month.
Gave me a net worth of 1.6 million dollars and totally got me on my
way. Now, what I just shared with you are actually excerpts from a book that I
wrote years ago. It’s the first of several books I’ve written. I love giving
knowledge and wealth to people. You know, some people make themselves wealthy just
for them. You know having become wealthy at such a young age, I love sharing with
people. I love saying, “Dude if I can do it, you can do it too.” But you’re
going to say, “Kris, how do I do it?” You’re watching these YouTube videos. Hopefully
you’re a subscriber and get a chance to get a lot of knowledge. But I packed it
in the most powerful consistent way here in this book that has helped people go
on to become super successful. This book, you can read it in 2, 3 hours. And
it will tell you step by step whether you have a million dollars 10 million
dollars, $100,000. 10 thousand dollars or nothing.
How to get in the game of real estate and win? This book is a free gift from me
to you. Only thing that I ask is that you cover the shipping on it. And other than
that, we’ll send that to you. So, listen. Hopefully we answered the question today
that I know that you were asking which is what is my millionaire strategy?
And beyond just… I wanted to make sure that anyone in any financial situation
could see it. I hope you get a better idea of what that looks like. Do me a
favor. On the way out, will you smash that like button? It totally tells that
YouTube that they should be sharing this content. It’s meaningful to me. And
otherwise if you’re a subscriber, I will see you on tomorrow’s video.

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  1. Trading 3 to 6, 6 to 12 and so on works only from phase 2 of the cycle to the peak phase. There's a different strategy for each market shift and during each phase of the cycle.

  2. Kris if there’s any possible way you can email me I think you would like what I have to say. I want to get started and our testimony’s are so similar. But I’m in the beginning stage of where you were when your wife couldn’t even buy groceries. Just need help if there’s anyway you can email me that would be amazing.

    I know I can do this if I can just get started!

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  4. Dude,Your vids are amaizing! I’m 21 with two kids. I had my first daughter at 16 while in high school. Iv made about 25,000/year for the past three years cutting grass.Somehow, I now own a house, that I bought for 35,000, and after a little remodeling, it is worth twice that . I didn’t even know what equity was until I started watching your videos. I now feel that I was blessed with a perfect starter home and starting to feel less stressed about the future.

  5. Seems nice and all but there’s so many scenarios in which this can go wrong that he’s not telling us. He wants us to believe this will be a piece of cake. He should make a video of what to look out for and how it can go wrong very quick if proper precautions aren’t taken. No sugar coating.

  6. Great video Kris, currently in progress of starting my real estate strategy. Your videos are very well crafted and very informative.

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