Neoscape Brings Real-Time Design to the Real Estate | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

>>Neoscape is a creative agency
that focuses on strategy and branding for real estate.>>We are not just
a rendering shop, because most architects do
really good renderings in house. But we provide services that
they cannot provide in house, things like films, and interactive
and realtime experiences.>>We create beautiful images
every day, and we see how beautiful
the games are getting. And so we started really
taking realtime seriously. Because it started
to look so good, which is what we are after.>>We use all the tools,
and they all do a great job.>>But I think with Epic
and the Unreal Engine, it has always been
the gold standard of quality.>>So, we did a project
maybe a year ago or so as a test bed to translate MaxVR scenes
into the Unreal Engine. That took us about
four weeks to do. That was a manual translation, so that was not
really that practical. So, six months ago or so,
with Datasmith, that changed completely. I literally can do
the same thing I did in four weeks in one day.
And that is magic, you know? It is as magical as it sounds.
It really is.>>Because of the ease of use
getting something from Max into Unreal,
now it can be something that can be part
of the standard pipeline. All the work that we are
doing in Max can come right into Unreal
through Datasmith. And the team can continue to
work as if nothing had changed. But of course, now they are
in a realtime engine.>>You want your pipeline
to be as efficient as possible. And so, when implementing
a new tool like Unreal, you want to make sure that
it is worth the effort, right? It is, because a tool
like Unreal and Datasmith allow us to export in
so many different formats, that it is really worthwhile.>>We are re-thinking how we
approach traditional visualization because of how good realtime
is getting. And so we are very close to kind of
not rendering individual scenes, and creating 2D renderings. We are going to make
a great realtime experience, and then generate
almost unlimited, absolutely beautiful, artistic, well-crafted renderings
out of an engine.>>People see me use
the Unreal Engine, and they think I know
how to use it. I do not. I normally use MaxVR. And with Datasmith, I can bring
my work into the Unreal Engine. All of a sudden, magically,
I am an Unreal user.>>We have built our company
on delivering a quality experience
to our clients. And the fact that Unreal
can deliver on that promise is really, really important. You know, we are excited
about the direction that Unreal is headed, and we are excited
to continue to use it.

31 Replies to “Neoscape Brings Real-Time Design to the Real Estate | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

  1. Converted my first Vray office scene today with Datasmith and was surprised how well it translated into Unreal. Like Neoscape I've also tried to work with the FBX workflow but that took so much longer and making the manual lightmaps by hand…eugh. What still can be improved is how well and accessible the interface deals with quality settings, lighting settings, HDRI's etc. Settings, important checkboxes etc. are all over the place, they might be logical from a game designer perspective but for visualizers coming from Vray / 3dsMax / C4D it can be a headache.

  2. Unreal Engine looks the best out of all of them however every game i played is really laggy. You need to do more optimization.

  3. pretty sure a lot of small scale ID company do this with real estates companies… Reading the title, i thought there's something new.

  4. We are looking for help we are developing VR Zombie Apocalypse with Unreal Engine come and check us out

    We need a building with realistic graphics real life

  5. For anyone wondering if Datasmith is really as great as it seems… the answer is yes. I've been using it since August and my god, yes.

  6. After Unity3D I switch to UE4… You are the best!
    One thing, it is the installer for Linux/BSD-based OS. To create a games for Linux/BSD on Linux/BSD OS.
    Thank you.

  7. I’m part of the Datasmith beta but pretty much stopped early on… The main issue was that while there was a forum to exchange ideas and tips, people would just post beauty shots all day long and flat out refuse to explain how they did something. LOL.

  8. Stingray had so much potential with the linking from max or maya to Stingray but after seeing this they have no chance

  9. You can create lightmaps automatically in FBX import option. All the Datasmith features they are talking about including automatic collision creation and UV creation already existed in FBX import option for years.

    If you get 2GB Revit file from an architect, Datasmith is not going to magically clean it up with perfect UV mapping into Unreal. You still have to clean up messy geometry. You still have to flip surface normals. So what Datasmith does is nothing new. It's just marketing.

  10. what should we say in our company Demo ?
    People see me use the Unreal Engine and they think I know how to use it? I don't.

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