Yeah Hello, world. [I] see you. Do you see you so are you? Those are my keys Good. Thank you Okay, Mama Bee come. So you know how you always wanted the kitchen of your dreams right well This is our new home with the kitchen of your dreams No way, [this] is our new home guys no mama bee. This is our new home You’re Joking Mama B. Come over here. This is our new home ,right here This is your new kitchen This is our table. These are our blinds. [this] is our new house, Mama Bee 14 years ago, You trusted me With us being together forever, and I was finally able to Get us the house that we always wanted with the kitchen that you always deserved What do you think? Baby this is your new kitchen oh You better not be joking (laughing). You better not be joking! I told the monkeys [I] told the [monkeys] 20 minutes before I told you, but if you want the tour of the house Mama B. Has to agree that this is the house we are going to stay in. We’re gonna stay in monkeys. Do you like the House? what do you think baby? There’s two sinks there’s like three sinks one two Thee the fridge is here. It’s like a hidden you have your microwave freezer This is it. You know how many mama B. Cooks videos are gonna be done in this kitchen. This is true. This is true I’m not [saying] you like it right. You’re not gonna. Kill me for doing this I love it There was a lot of research because I need to make [sure] that I found a house [that] was renovated that had the kitchen done [this] counter Counters we have counter space we have counter space Look [cuz] [there’s] [a] lot of counters look everything that you see here we have This is ours. Oh yeah, we don’t have it yet, but I mean you have to like it. We have to sign C ab the like it, but yeah everything the furniture the tables even this like whatever this is water Lemons fake lemons these aren’t real lemons take it in take it in mind Take it in okay, but this is just the kitchen. There’s more oh Yes, [I] never had gas. [I] mean I’ve had gas [I’ve] never has is like another stove so I contend that what they called convection stove section, so Don’t be nervous Why are you nervous? okay, so family room family room The monkeys are gone monkeys. Did you pick your bedrooms yet? [becomes] with everything everything everything everything it comes with everything. What do you think baby? Let me show you downstairs. Oh The parties we’re Gonna have down here Check it out look everything is included I Don’t even know how to work any of that stuff. [so] what you guys think monkeys [know] this is our house guys mommy has to approve the house, but it did [dexon] yeah The monkeys are excited wow already open the door this monkey already open the door Okay, so no miss monkey, right? Miss [McGarry] open the Door I Owe ya Mama b. It’s like movie theater that This is where we’re gonna have our movie nights. He’s freaking out Mama be freaking out this took Forever and obviously Mommy needs to know all my business so I had to be very very secretive about that how different houses that I was looking at it was very important to find a House [that] had a hooked up kitchen. It was very important that we can expand the fund so [we] have a Rec area right now. We’re probably going to put like a pool table or something there Maybe a ping-pong table over here the video games over there movies we got to catch up on all the harry potter stuff mama b is on the Are you okay? [white] [doubt] I just have to do a little bit of yoga right now I need to bring my heart rate down mama B. Thumbs up or thumbs down for the house Thumbs up I know we were looking for a house [I] know that we were in talks, so I’m not crazy to just go ahead and pick a house But this is it baby. What do you think? Obviously, I told the monkey like 20 minutes [before] we got here about the new house And that this was potentially gonna be the new house [Coulda] told us before You’re right. You imagine. No you would you can’t keep any secrets? No you guys have to know the last minute So that’s it. I have an office might have an office over there and That’s it. So [let’s] look feel [let’s] get let’s get some thoughts here mom you My unicorn, how’s my unicorn? My [heartbreak] is a little bit hard right now. [it] [has] a [light] now because I feel like I’m going to pass out then faint You need to approve of this for us to get the new home. This has everything We need fun kitchen. We’re gonna unlock memories here. We think Yes, or no yes yes yes yes, I love it I don’t think in 14 years I’ve ever been speechless My keys don’t hurt yourself. I haven’t paid for it just yet [favorite] room in the house movie theater movie here, Mr.. Monkey favorite room in the house you [like] the bedrooms It is okay. It’s okay doing here It’s okay Alright, let’s go upstairs guys. Let’s go new house new house monkeys. It like a boeing space Yes, this is uh this is a real estate agent. Thank you so much. Oh my goodness Yeah, no we weren’t We were just coming to visit a friend get open the door for me because I don’t own this house just yet Do you like it thumbs up or thumbs down? Yeah? I’m so happy that mama B likes this because I also need her to sign on the documents, right? Awesome. Oh my good guys. Thank you so much for being along this crazy ride with us This is gonna be our new home. [this] is gonna be our place right here This is we’re gonna be filming all the amazing things mama p cooks in the kitchen We’re gonna be having some funny skits here the monkeys yes, your rooms are over there Everything is [just] crazy. We have a movie feeder monkeys We’re gonna be screening all kinds of crazy things It’s insane guys. Thank you so much. We love you guys Thanks. We can’t do anything without you guys, and we just we love you so much. I don’t [know] what else to [say] Thank you guys for watching we’ll see you again on the next crazy adventure mwah Yeah, y’all uh-huh? Yeah y’all

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  1. that was one of the nicest things ive ever seen. I can see it has been a while but I hope your new house has turned into a perfect home for you guys!

  2. That was awesome Daddy Bee to give Momma Bee a house 👍👍👍. I respect that Bro. I love the movie room too. That was special. I got teary eyed too. Y'all do funny videos. Thank you for entertaining my little girl and I and everyone else. God bless you.

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  7. I showed this to my mother she cried and said, "Papa Bee you are the sweetest husband anyone could ask for. And Mama Bee You have the nicest family who cares for you… keep them safe. they are your memories."

  8. I know I'm late… but….
    I couldn't think of a more deserving woman and her beautiful family.

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