Noodles At Home (Quick & Best) LOL~

Yesterday, i went to the cinema. There was a middle-aged woman and she was so rude. Nah, nevermind it. I’m too tired these days :(( can’t do anything much. I’m literally exhausted. This is the last video in this year so let me complain a little bit :)) More than a year I have stayed up to make video. The videos might seem simple, but they took a lot of time and effort. I had to wait until night to make video, because so the background can be quiet. Many things happened also. Now my cat got blood parasite :((, have to cure in a month. If I leave it longer, it will be chronic or develops asthma. Sadness keep coming :(( There supposed to be no video this week, but last night at 3am, I tried to make video until morning :'(. I’m tired these days, so I can’t concentrate much. Talking about concentrating reminded me of that rude woman at the cinema yesterday. I have to talk about this. She sat there and laugh like she has never laughed before. I sat next to her and it was so annoying. Funny scenes, hihihihi. Sad scenes, HIHIHIHI She acted like she’s a funny person “look at me, I’m a funny person, see me laughing?” 🙂 ” Anyone notices me? I know how to laugh~” :). We are trying watch, ma’am. Oh wait, I forgot the noodle tutorial lol :)) 300g flour + little bit of salt + water. After kneading, pull it out like this. Huh? even the dough messing with me? It’s okay, let’s do it again. You know what 🙂 nevermind. I’m done. It is not fun anymore. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Straight to the trash can. That’s it. (hihi lemme flex on my automatic trash can :)) btw, this flour is expired, so I just used it for entertaining purpose. Next step of the world’s most delicious noodle is boiling water 🙂 Anyone has this bear pot~? I guess not :)) After that, walk to the drawer, open it. Take out one INSTANT NOODLE PACKAGE :)))) Huh? you said I clickbait you? Then what? I’m starving and you tell me to knead and spin the dough!?? If you have nothing to do, knead the dough by yourself. No one’s that free to knead the dough for you oke? Am I right :))? Packaged instant noodles are the most delicious noodle. I love instant noodles. Instant noodle iz da bezt :)) Cook the noodle in 3 mins medium heat. Almost done :)) This is supposed to be a sad video to end this year, but what has it turned into 🙂 If you like soft boil egg, crack it into the noodle. I prefer fried egg, tastes much better. Before, I couldn’t eat raw egg, it caused me stomachache, but now I get used to it. I don’t know why since I reached 20 years old, my health has become worse. I once got leg inflammation and can’t walk anywhere :)) Now if I die, I hope that I straight dying, not having any sickness :)) Cause if I get sick, I won’t have any strength to make videos for you guys :)) If one day, you don’t see me anywhere on social media like Youtube or FB or IG, that’s mean I’m dead. Cause you guys don’t know who I am, or no one tell you. So if you don’t see me anymore, I’m dead. Poor Bub :(( hopefully he will get well soon without any after effects. If I know that I would sit next that woman, I would bring my cat to the cinema to scratch her face 🙂 The video ends here. I wish you guys a happy new year, thank you very much. Byeeeee

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  1. For whoever felt tricked and got irritated, I'm sorry. I just simply think it's a entertaining fun video. The flour I used for the dough is expired for a long time ago. So I got an idea to make a fun video for you guys. Please don't think that I wasted food. If you don't believe me, please go to my FB, I posted the expired date on the flour package. In movies, they invested tons of stuff, and in my video, I just invested 300g expired flour, a little bit of salt, and 100ml water, and many people has already criticized me. There are many times money won't buy you happiness.
    Bạn nào cảm thấy bị lừa gạt 1 cách bực tức và cáu ghét thì mình thật sự xin lỗi nhé. Vì mình đơn giản chỉ nghĩ nó là 1 video vui vẻ giải trí.

    Còn bột mình sử dụng là bột mì đã hết hạn từ lâu, vì có bột hết hạn nên mình mới nảy ra ý định làm 1 cái video vui vẻ cho mọi người thôi. Vì vậy các bạn đừng bảo là phí phạm đồ ăn nữa, còn ai ko tin cứ lên facebook mình mà xem mình chụp cho cái túi bột in hạn sử dụng. Phim người ta đầu tư tỉ này tỉ kia còn mình chỉ đầu tư mỗi 300g bột hết hạn, 1 ít muối và hơn 100ml nước mà cũng vào soi mói làm gì. Nhiều lúc có tiền cũng ko kiếm được 1 niềm vui nhỏ đâu 🙂

  2. Oh God,this is so cute😂💜like he isn't saying a single word but his cute n funny captions plus his cute utensils..UwU🥺💞

  3. Ủa rất chi là xàm xí luôn nha. Cũng ráng coi ổng nhào bột, xong đã đi lấy mì gói ra nấu. Chấm hỏi ??? lol

  4. This is the 1st time i watched ur video and also the 1st tine i gave comment on YouTube . It seems like u were not in the good mood at that time. Hope u are Ok now! Stay positive and share ur thought with us when u are not in the good situations.

  5. Если бы ты выкинул это тесто в Казахстане на глазах бабушек, тебе было бы хана..
    И дело не в том, насколько мало продуктов ты всего лишь выкинул, а в том, что хлеб и молочные продукты считаются очень важными и священными для казахов
    Если кому нибудь интересно о чем этот текст сами переводите

  6. Mì Hàn Quốc này vị không ngon. Mình đã mua 1 thùng ăn và hối hận. :))). Ném bột vào thùng rác là lãng phí thức ăn. 🙂

  7. i love your videos cuz theyre great and the eng subs is just,,, you talking about your life and anything that happened recently and im so here for it.

  8. Sometimes I also waste products, when I try to cook cakes by YouTube recipes. I think this video was about me🤭

  9. Bữa em đi coi Mắc Biếc em cũng cười quá chời nèk, hay anh tới nhà cào em lun đi khỏi cần Mồn Lèo

  10. If you don't see me anywhere in Facebook, Instagram….that mean i am dead. No one gonna tell you i am dead.

    Me: sure
    Nino: you guys don't even know who i am
    Me: Exactly 😂

  11. Oh my..hahaha your subtitles are so funny.😂 glad i stumbled on your subbie here from the 🇵🇭

  12. You fooled us but it was fun. I think your humour is addicting. I'm going to give up watching dramas fir a while. 😀
    Instant noodles are the best as long as they're not made in my country lol. The only instant noodles I like are the ones from Seoul but they're no longer available in our nearby grocery store, so I have to stick to pasta. health getting worst after twenty is something I can relate to. Also Bub's clothings are so cute omg

  13. Just found your page I must say you had me rolling . lmao your vidios are funny as heck lol keep them up..

  14. Don’t woryy lmao, you don’t have to apologize for that!!! I think that most of your fans (as me) enjoy pretty much your videos!!💖💖 feel free to do what you want bae<3

  15. no one :
    other youtuber’s uniqueness:
    -let’s make our own opening for videos !
    -let’s make amazing that’s make people interested

    while nino’s channel :
    -hey let’s spill the tea at the beginning
    -hey i want to tell stories check out the subtitles

  16. Giờ mới coi vid này của anh :(( chời đất ơi, nghe ông than mà thương á =))) Dcm, giọng cười thì cưng vãi :3 ume ông Gấu

  17. هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. làm mình cứ thấy lạ lạ. thấy ổng nhào bột cứ tưởng lại đan mì giống chị gái nấu ăn ở văn phòng :))))

  19. anybody got sad when he suddenly mention about death ☹️ I suddenly thought of it like who will take care of his adorable pets huhuhu. I wish your health is in a good state!

  20. Lol. I got fooled. I was about to learn how to make the noodles from flour but then you throw it all. Anyways, I love your Brown pot. It's cute. And your cat too..

  21. Vô tình lướt youtobe gặp được clip ổng khoe cái nồi mèo hay j ấy r bảo em nó phải chít thuốc bệnh tật khổ hoàng thượng… mê cái kiểu nấu ăn k cần nói chỉ có tiếng dụng cụ nấu và phần vietsub khá là mặn mòi. Chúc kênh youtobe của anh càng nhiều người biết vì nó quá hay và hình ảnh dễ thương hết biết

  22. وأنا مستنيه بحماس أشوفها حيعملها إزاي، في الآخر أخذت بومبه😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. I love your videos ;-; and your cat ;-; AND EVERYTHING THAT IS CUTE AND YOUR VIDEOS ARE TOTALLY CUTEEE!!!! 😵😵😭🥺🌸

  24. Boi you cant just suddenly say things like "if I die…" in the middle of your videos!! Like my heart can't take—

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