Norwegian Sky Owner’s Suite Tour

What would you think about having
your own private Jacuzzi
on the balcony of your cruise ship suite? With a panoramic view ahead of the ship. That’s the central feature of this lavish
cruise ship suite:
The owner’s suite on the Norwegian Sky. And this high-end cruise ship suite
has a lot more going for it
than just a big forward-facing balcony
with its own private Jacuzzi. How about I give you a tour? As soon as you step into this suite,
located at the very front end of the ship… You start to realize
that this is no ordinary cruise ship cabin! It has its own bar…
stocked with liquor at no additional charge . There’s a living room with a couch and chairs
that make this suite the perfect central location… For a get-together with family and
friends that are cruising with you. There’s a complete audio system that you
can plug your phone or mp3 player in to… So you can fill the entire suite with your favorite music. And gigantic picture windows…
giving you an amazing view
of wherever the ship is headed. The bedroom has a super-comfortable bed,
and there’s literally a pillow menu
that you can choose from. The bedroom looks out to the
living room and the balcony… But you can also close the shutters that separate the bedroom from the living room… To give an even more cozy ambience to the room. The suite comes with not just one,
but two bathrooms. The main one,
which you access from within the bedroom,
features a shower and a full bath. This camera I’m using can’t even fit it all into one shot.
Trust me when I say the bathroom is bigger
than this video makes it look. The second bathroom…
located off the living room,
and near the front door…
Just features a toilet and sink. It’s perfect for guests who come over
and have a few drinks at your party. In the owner’s suite…
It’s a much more relaxed and comfortable
way of cruising than what you get
in a standard cruise ship cabin. And surprisingly on Norwegian Sky,
it’s not completely un-affordable. Sure, it is the most expensive cabin on the ship…
But not completely out of reach of a lot of people. There are four of these Owner’s Suites
on the Norwegian Sky… Two of them with an even larger Jacuzzi
and deeper balcony than what you see here. If you’re looking for
the most comfortable suite on the Norwegian Sky… Any of the four owner Suites will do just fine!

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  1. Great video. May I ask what do you do for a living? Are you in the travel industry? I’d love to hear back from you. Thank you!

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