NYC Plastic Bag Ban Generating Frustration From Customers, Store Owners

39 Replies to “NYC Plastic Bag Ban Generating Frustration From Customers, Store Owners

  1. Thanks Bloomberg for starting these stupid bans. Don't let this guy become president. New York is a filthy rat infested city, clean up the city.

  2. This ban has been imposed years already in many European capitals…. All these problems people are suggesting (problem with paper bag supply is literally the funniest argument I have ever heard) have been heard before and are insignificant and just white noise really.

  3. Protesting and complaining won't change the law of banning plastic bags. You people voted for Andrew Cuomo to be our governor of New York so just accept it and pick up your groceries.

  4. Those motherfukers that's what you get when you voted Democrat over-regulation people telling you how they eat what the drink what to smoke those motherfukers

  5. God I'm sick of how retarded people are. So you're all ok with carrying your groceries without plastic bags? I mean you could bring your own but store owners will not be able to allocate bags nor facilitate shopping by putting your items in bags for you. So fucked up. You really think this will alleviate pollution? Give me a break.

  6. I remember the fit people had over not be able to smoke in your hospital room and having to wear seat belts some people protested got angry they always get over it they will get use to this too in time

  7. So funny. People whining about global warming. But whine when they actually have to do something themselves personally…

  8. These are miserable people complaining about everything: If you were demanding doubling bag for your piece of gum you just bought, then you had better be ready for iron fist.

  9. Stop the madness and vote Cuomo and DeBlasio out already. They are k*lling full term babies, prioritizing illegals over citizens, increasing the homeless population, wasting billions of our tax money, and all the other stupidity they force on us.

  10. Yeah, you fight the good fight against plastic bags and straws… even though they are still produced and distributed elsewhere, ironically within plastic factories/ distribution centers in other Democrat led cities like Chicago and Sacramento… and are still used around the world. Yay, for less liberty and choice, right?

  11. You people live in a concrete and steel city. I've lived in rural areas most of my life. Do you know who are the worst offenders for littering on hiking trails? City people.

  12. It takes a lot more fuel and work and economics to make a paper bag than a plastic bag. Where do the LEFT think that paper bags come from? Once again the stupid rule!

  13. People reuse the bags as garbage bags. People will start tossing raw garbage into building garbage chutes and into the streets instead of using the bags. What will the city do about all the bugs and rodents all the raw garbage attracts.

  14. god damn you eric Goldstein!!!! I just checked out from a store that has already taken the bags away after customers started hoarding them and stealing them!!!!! I wonder if you are going to remember to bring your reusable bags each time you want to purchase more than one item or will you pay an extra dollar for a bag because you forgot to bring one… or, what if you need to get a whole shopping cart full of stuff and forgot your stupid reusable bags at home????? Then you must buy all those extra bags to add to the ones you forgot at home. !!!!! This is a complete nightmare already. It's causing so much stress and anxiety on a population stretched to the max with insanity from every angle!!!! Bastards!!!! Have a nice day now. One more thing!!!! I have a feeling most customers will just throw away those reusable bags which might triple your nightmare of being buried alive by bags!!!!! Damn!!!!!! I smell class action lawsuits in the air.

  15. Yeah because paper comes from the sky and not forests or animals homes. Why not instead of this ban we properly discard the bags in landfills out of the ocean instead?

  16. For those who don’t know reusable bags do exist and can easily be folded and fit your hand or a very small bag, very cheap to buy and last forever . People just want the convenience of not carrying around something very small. If you don’t understand why plastic is so bad for the environment all you have to do is melt a plastic bag in boiling water and drink for it’s amazing health benefits

  17. Liberals should die. This is there fault. Trying to save the world. I really hope anyone who is for this move. Ur kids get cancer and die a slow death

  18. This ban was quite awfully planned out by a guy who was already a huge idiot. Pharmacies hand out plastic bags, people who pay in FoodStamps or have Medicade get plastic bags, and we aren’t even the ones dumping the bags in the ocean! That’s the countries of Southeast Asia! Why can’t we just have a governor who isn’t a moron?

  19. Why are people so mad about this like??😂you’ll be thanking everyone by 2050 when the earth is aboaolutly fucked

  20. It’s nasty reusing bags that food was in? Somalia bacteria spreading of all nastiness all over the place what a brilliant idea

  21. why are we banning plastic bags.  We should be recycling them.  Lets charge 5 cents a bag like we do for bottles and cans.  It works, why won't recycling work.  These environmental Nazis only know how to ban things even though they preach recycling.

  22. i paid 1 dollars for each bags so i needed 2 bags and i know i will for get to take those bags for next use

  23. A lot of people reuse plastic shopping bags to collect their garbage. With this ban, what do we use instead to collect our garbage without attracting pests? We can't just throw out free garbage down the chutes. They implemented this ban, but it's as if they didn't ever consider sharing the alternative ideas of how to collect garbage.

  24. Fuck this ban. I'm not buying shit. Now when I shop. I'm only gonna buy what I can carry and I'm gonna take that to my car in my arms.

  25. Morons…polluting the,water😂😂 bout u rocket scientist figure out homelessness and why nyc is one of if not the dirtiest city n America.

  26. Hi #AMERICANS!!!! I can export 100% cotton re-usual bag to USA from Bangladesh with cheap price. Cotton bag is 100% environment friendly.

  27. Hi #Americans!!!!! I can export 100% cotton re-usual bag to USA from Bangladesh with cheap price. Cotton bag is 100% environment friendly.

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