OHIO PUBLIC LAND, We found some bucks! – DEER TOUR E40

what’s up friends I am in Ohio and Logan
is somewhere around headed in the same direction than I am but we’re actually
going to meet up with my buddy Ben those of you that don’t know Ben he’s my best
friend from growing up we’ve hunted together for years in this spring we
actually got to hunt together during turkey season managed to knock down some
turkeys in southern Ohio and he is on his ten or so day vacation right now he
actually got down here we go to Ben yesterday morning and he’s been starting
to kind of scout off this piece of public this is an area that we have a
hunted very much in the past growing up in Ohio we hunted a lot of different
pieces of public land but we wanted to check this one out a little bit further
the reason we wanted to try it it’s just something different we’ve hunted similar
areas basically what it’s going to be is a lot of old strip mines I’m pretty
excited about it it’s been like five seasons since I’m actually got the bow
hunt with Ben I’m gonna be filming him but I’m also gonna have a tag if he ends
up shooting one then I’ll probably hunt for a few days but our main goal is to
try to knock one down with Ben’s tag just because this is his vacation it’s
really his big block of time to hunt during November it’s just looking to get
out of the woods with this guy you know it’s been quite some time so pretty
excited about it we’re gonna keep on driving down the road made up of Logan
and back so next stop we’ll see you when we meet up with Ben made it yeah what do you think good good
and then the other one I just saw right on the main road did it it looks so good
he said he was trailing two does alright come on let’s go in and get Logan all
right so we made it inside Ben and I got them onX Maps pulled up I’m gonna be
trying to download some stuff and Ben’s gonna fill me in a little bit of what’s
going on dude’s got some pins laid down some pins
yesterday I got drove like 200 miles yeah just took a pan of every access
point and car that I saw park them out there there’s hills here well we made it
to the spot we’re about to head in here but we just really quick wanted to talk
to you guys about kind of our expectations what this area is like
terrain wise habitat wise like I mentioned on the way here it’s gonna be
a lot different than what you used to see in a ton in Iowa in Iowa we got real
open hardwoods a lot of river bottom creek bottom here we call it strip-mine
country basically coal companies owned them and they’ve become public land
whether the state owns them or they’re privately owned open for public access
there’s tons of these pieces across Ohio I’m sure there’s some in West Virginia
Pennsylvania so I think with this hunt we’re gonna be covering a lot of what
our viewers are watching that’s a hope at least is we kind of targeted this
area because it’s it’s different than your traditional I guess whitetail
habitat yeah it’s not really hill country it’s not
really farm country no I don’t know what kind of country it is brush yeah it
sends a forester for Ohio so he knows a lot more of what’s growing out here and
he’ll be able to tell us you know as we’re hunting kind of what these plants
are and what he thinks the deer are gonna be feeding on yeah yeah there’s
way more invasive than native species here and really what they did took the
ground mined underneath it flipped it over
reclaimed at all so some of the older stuff we hunt in might be playing
trees from back in the 60s but there’s some newer reclaimed to that’s a lot
more like open ground autumn olive kind of patchy but for the most part most
these trees that are growing or planted it’s not gonna have a lot of that oak
hickory forest you see us hunting in Iowa Missouri Minnesota Wisconsin pretty
much anything that’s growing though the trees are not growing fast the invasives
are growing a lot faster the good thing about now is they’re still green most
your bases are still green so I expect to be browsing on Rose honeysuckle I
mean there’s the trains really weird to like been said it’s not really hill
country because it is really hilly terrain but because of all that strip
mining that they’ve done the ground is very uneven there’s not a lot of
structure to the ground I would call it’s not a lot of you know your Ridge
and just a valley it’s a lot of ridges really flat benches that have been
cleared out just the ground has been pushed away it’s just really kind of all
over the place yeah and this place in particular there is a ton of ponds yep I
mean hundred-and-some on the map but there’s a lot that aren’t on the map yep
I mean you’ll come to some spots that are just low and there’s water in it so
it stops a lot of access I think in spots
yep this area is just kind of a cool cross between a bunch of different
habitat types and the one thing that I would say is pretty consistent there’s
just not a lot of crops in this area in the private land that’s kind of close to
it there are some crops but there’s a lot of fescue fields all past your big
hay fields that are basically just fescue so we’re gonna have to be looking
for kind of off-the-wall food sources which is gonna be a fun experience for
for us to kind of dive into this piece like I said we we’ve only ever fished
here in college and then we did hunted a couple times during muzzleloader season
just a few days we did see good rut sign then but there wasn’t a lot of deer by
the time all the pressure of the gun seasons had kind of cleared them out but
we’re talking to guys they’re in town people are shooting deer back here
shooting some bucks seein Bucks moving around so in this area also the thing
that’s gonna be way way different there’s gonna be a lot of hunting
pressure like a ton of hunting pressure we’ve seen a truck and about every
parking lot there’s a bunch of guys there in town that are hunting find
their hunting license whatever maybe there’s just tons and tons of hunters
ohio has a high hunting population and it’s got a high out-of-state hunting
population so the Bucks are kind of target
or pretty much if we get a good opportunity at a good two year old buck
that’s our goal we’re on a limited time schedule Ben’s on his vacation I’m here
for just a week we’re not gonna be too picky
if a good opportunity for a good shot presents itself we’re gonna take it with
higher hunting pressure higher gun hunting pressure there’s just a lot less
mature bucks and there would be in some of these other states that we hunt so
our main goal like I said is just to get a good ethical shot at a buck we’re just
gonna go out here and have fun man I’m Vince of years it’s been a long time
since Ben and I have got to run around with the bow together so throw the
ghillies on gear up and head on out let’s do it do do it man Zach and Ben are out hunting tonight and
hopefully they’re into some good stuff as well but Ben actually gave me a few
pins on onx gonna scout her out and see if I can find some people pressure
and then some deer as well so that’s the goal I’m gonna glass here get out maybe
even check this road side because it’s pretty muddy as it looks and see if
there’s any people tracks or deer tracks you still on the side of the road and
then we’re gonna keep moving hit a few of these pins
I got a few hours till it gets dark so should be able to get some good stuff
tonight all right well we’re headed up this main access path there’s nobody
here when we got here I think we’re just gonna burn it for the first half mile
back it seems like there’s a decent mountain boot tracks here we’re just
gonna go until those start to Peter off and we’re basically on the ridge above
where I hunted this morning so I’d like to get up here and see what’s going on
because I was just made it to the first bench up there’s a lot of sign so we see
what we find on top tonight I try to get up on top there to be a lot
easier walk-in safer wind kind of expected you to be bedded up there
working down to this bench in the evening they’re gonna see us a promise
bench I think prese yeah
leaves him and dropping all day yep we just been working this well thicker than
we thought bridge this is not the access path that I thought it was gonna end up
being we’ve only made a the way I wanted to that’s totally fine we’ve ran into a
good sign here we just came to this patch of Oaks going out to this point
the point drops down to the bench we were on earlier I mean there’s only a
few places deer can get down that way there’s also a really thick bottom they
could be going to that way we’re thinking we might just get to somewhere
where they’re crossing on a saddle make a setup if it looks good
this is fresh sign yeah yeah well I just pulled up to it it’s my second or third
stop this afternoon this is a spot that then pinned on the mat for me to come
observe tonight you can see a long ways and as soon as I stepped out on this
edge it see a buck just for five or ten seconds as he just ran like he saw me as
soon as I stepped out but he just ran and dipped up that coat I don’t think he
was too spooked I actually think they could see him walking just between the
cedars a little bit later on you have to binos and the spotting scope tonight
it probably needs to buy nose see if I can glass deer as soon as I find them
I’ll use the spotting scope to really figure out what they are so hopefully
they’ll be chasing it’s like November 3rd or 4th already and it’s getting to
be that time in year as you guys can probably tell I’m
walking on a little bit early this afternoon there was multiple different
bucks in there two or three shooters the only reason I’m still not there Glassing
right now it’s because I’m almost 90 percent sure that that one buck had
worked his way right past where I was sitting in a little bit I didn’t
want to risk spooking the buck out of there especially because the guys can go
in there and kill one here in the last few days spot looks very very good I
think the only reason they’re in those because there’s not a lot of trees or
opportunity for tree stands the good thing we’re not tree stand hunters you
know a bunch of a bunch of deer back in there and apparently no people I’ve had
an out of here meet up with the guys and hopefully they had some luck tonight
well Ben and I basically got up on top here ran into a few scrapes few rubs
nothing crazy but really what the big thing that we’re seeing is that a lot of
that sign is going across these saddles it’s just like what we see when we hunt
turkeys in in these uh hilly areas with the big saddles going from one bench to
the next those deer just kind of taken the low spot in the ridge just going
over that’s where a lot of the sign is was good to get out and just get a feel
for what we’re dealing with out here we didn’t cover a bunch of ground but we
did that on purpose the reason was we don’t want to just blow into these
places guns blazing we just want to feel it out see if there’s gonna be pressure
and so far doesn’t seem like there’s gonna be any pressure here just been
sitting here listening and looking at the map like I said no we think we got
some pretty good options for the next couple days to check out it’s always
good to just kind of get a feel for I think what you’re dealing with terrain
wise and just distance on a map thickness you know it’s a lot thicker in
here then we knew it’s gonna be thick but we didn’t know how thick this Ridge
was gonna be and just learning stuff like that it’s just helping you kind of
narrow down specific areas so I feel pretty good about it
next couple days should be good yeah yep all right we met up with Logan
we’re staying in a hotel for this journey the reason being is we got a lot
of editing to do because of Iowa and got a desk here it’s just making things a
lot easier and we have Wi-Fi where we’re hunting there’s like literally no
service at all and as you’ve probably seen Logan has run into some bucks
tonight so we got the footage pulled up here we’re about to watch it pretty
excited because it sounds like you saw quite a bit of movement and you’re
pretty excited about this area oh yeah man this is it this is the area hunted
this morning and I came in from a totally different way
I’m glad yeah let’s check it out that’s a big public land Ohio boy right there
like we might not even see another one like that the whole trip all right so we
got a really good buck spotted you know Ben and I were in there tonight kind of
going after it aggressively looking for sign and then obviously Logan ran into
the Bucks but now we got a really good move for tomorrow I’m gonna check out
the map here and then see what we think that my part is late there’s a path
right there was nobody hunting right there as far as I could tell it was a
car park yeah well we’re gonna keep looking at this map here we obviously
got some pretty good Intel today from scouting and from Logan doing that
observation I think we’re gonna start at this spot in the morning we may find a
spot to set up on this map that’s kind of the goal find a place to set up where
we can potentially see a lot still and then be able to move from there but
pretty good first day in Ohio and also looks like Ted might have one down in
Missouri he called this a little bit ago surely if you’re watching this video
you’ve probably seen it I would say yeah I watch it again look back in the videos
he’ll find it thanks for watching the first video from
Ohio we’re super pumped about what we got going on we feel like we got really
good confidence even I’d say the the deer that we’re seeing in the sign that
we’re seeing is way better than we expected for the first day so feeling
pretty good about it I’m gonna give it a go tomorrow and
we’ll see you back out in the field

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