Open your home, and open up your world.

We’ve got two international students
with us at the moment and two of our own children. So we’ve got a full house. There’s no room at the inn
at the moment. I love them.
I love having them. I’ve loved all the students
that we’ve had, and I love the experiences. We both feel very privileged
to house these students, because we hope
that we can relay our love, and our care, and our home to them. You may feel like its imposing,
but it really is rewarding. We’re all really accepting,
and we love it, and we wouldn’t do it otherwise. I’d like to think that if my children went
to another part of the world and stayed with a host family
that they would have the care, and warmth, and be looked after
like we look after them. That’s the reason why I do it,
to make sure these students are in a safe environment. Our family’s actually visited some
of our host daughters and sons’ families in other countries. – That’s the benefit for us to able to–
– It’s beautiful. …connect with other people
in other parts of the world. Give it a go. You don’t have to be a family unit
like us. Individuals and anyone can host. – I think once you start, you get–
– Hooked. Yeah, it’s very hard when you get
that little email through saying, “We’ve got a whole lot
of new students coming. – Have you got space?”
– “Would you be interested?” – And you think, “Yes, have we got space?”
– “Let’s do it.” We haven’t got space at the moment,
but yeah, if we did have, – we’d taken them all, wouldn’t we?
– Yeah, we would. Yeah. Find out more
about becoming a homestay host. Call or visit the website.

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