Patrick Mahomes Is Spider-Man, and “Far From Home” | Gridiron Heights S4E22

– I…am inevitable. – I…am Tractorcito. – Let me know…. if you need a quarterback next year. – Hello, Derrick. – Ya, I think I’ll go to space for a little bit. – OK, SO I GUESS I’M LIKE THE MAIN GUY GOING FORWARD. Now that Brady has been defeated,
the AFC has… …returned after a four-year absence. – I DON’T CARE IF HE GOT DEFEATED., NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY HIS SIX STONES. – TEAM TRIP TO MIAMI, BRO. THINK OF ALL THE BESPOKE SUITS I GET TO WEAR. – I just hope I find the courage to tell the football how I feel…. – YOU MIKE THAT?! – OW, OW, OW. – Nice try, Alex Smith. – THERE’S A HOT GUY UNDER THAT HELMET! – Patrick, this is Mysterioppolo. – Hey, kid, I think it’s real cute when you run around and s–t. – Without the threat of Patriots, his dimension, the NFC, has grown new monsters every year. – Wow, I bet he never hurts his knee and misses games… YOU SHOULD BE AMERICA’S FAVORITE. – YO, NERDS, THE KID HAD NO IDEA I’M JUST FOLLOWING KYLE’S SYSTEM! – WOO, SPLIT CARRIES!!! – Now that we have the lead, just run it. – We see you watching the episode, just wanted to mention State Farm. – Can I finish it? OK, yeah. It’s legendary! – I’ve been meaning to tell you something… What, no, I’m not Scramble-Man. Who told you that?! – Jimmy…the Niners…the— – DATA-DRIVEN FURBALL?! THIS IS WORSE THAN WHEN I GOT STUCK IN THE SCRAMBLE-VERSE. – YOU ALL TAUGHT ME… THAT IT’S DOPE TO SCRAMBLE. – Hello, I’m…uh…. – JIMMY GAROPPOLO. – JIMMY Garage-oh-no. – Hey, that hairy frog child is back, baby. – Activate defense, Saleh. – WOOO, I’M TOO SPICY FOR THE BROWNS. – BOSAAAAA. – NOOOO-SAAAA. – Y’ALL SORRY-ASS RECEIVERS DON’T KNOW ME. – I had a bye week to plan for everything. – @BBQLUVER, LET ME TELL YOU WHY YOU’RE WRONG
IN 30 TWEETS. – I DON’T WANT TO DIE! HONEY BADGER DO GIVE A F–K! – I GOT THIS. – WOOOO! CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE NEW GRONK IS COOKING? – With our schemes, we can make you see anything. – I, uh, think I did the time thing again. – AHHHH! – Patrick, I’m…I’m leaving you. – THIS CAN’T BE REAL. NO-LOOK THROW! – NOOOO! HE BENT MY FLAT BRIM. – So then pew pew, Pat will hit back here – But then what’s this? BABAM, Kittle has a bomb! – THANKS, TEACH. – Yeah, got it, whatever. – Subscribe to this channel.

100 Replies to “Patrick Mahomes Is Spider-Man, and “Far From Home” | Gridiron Heights S4E22

  1. Shanahan, Gridiron Heights
    "Now we have the lead just run it"

    Shanahan, Super Bowl LIV
    "Now we have the lead, keep passing Jimmy"

  2. Damn GH knows how to predict correctly, Mahomes with all his magic saved the Chiefs like in this video and ended up winning.

  3. These are absolute shit lol.. at least game of zones is slow enough you can understand the actual fucking joke

  4. “Now that we have the lead, just run it”

    That moment when Gridiron Heights Kyle Shanahan is smarter than real life Kyle Shanahan

  5. At the end when Kyle Shanahan says right here kittle has the bomb and jimmy g says hm yeah whatever that play happened in 4th quarter and he dumped it on a running back instead of a wide open kittle that would of gone and scored or atleast set up an opportunity to score and go up 27 to 17 instead the chiefs went to win 31 – 20 because scramble man listened to his coach 👍

  6. Travis Kelce: I got this
    kittle looked like he was gonna snap Kelce in half

  7. If you pause it between 1:39–1:40, you see Kelce and Kittle pointing at each other. It's a reference to the Spider-Man pointing at another Spider-Man.

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