Pay $100 for a Property! Target Delinquent Property Taxes!

I just want to give you a video this
morning and it is entitled how to get a piece of property for $100 so this is
the concept that the entire concept revolves around property taxes so
throughout all 50 states throughout the United States you have people that own
property that pay property taxes and oftentimes what happens is people can go
I depends on the city depends on the county people can go two three four or
five years sometimes sometimes seven years six years before they enter into
something called I call it property tax foreclosures foreclosure
it’s another term for it is delinquent property taxes so what happens is this
people fall behind on property taxes and what happens over a period of time is
the either the local city or local county is going to push for foreclosure
in other words not necessarily foreclosure on the loan to push for a
foreclosure on that property to get those back property taxes paid that’s
the entire objective and that with that being said there are people out there
that lose one hundred two hundred three hundred half a million dollar properties
for unpaid property taxes why do people go on a property tax foreclosure
different reasons can be having medical issues income issues spousal divorce
issues whatever it is it’s a it’s so many things that can go wrong in
people’s lives that they fall victim to delinquent property tax
so you’ve also heard of a term called a tax lien Auctions tax lien foreclosure
or yet tax lien option that’s where properties are sold at auction for the
back property taxes okay this is not that this is getting behind on taxes
this is between having delinquent property taxes and before it goes to
auction okay this is delinquent property taxes these are people who have it fall
into the final stages yet but are behind enough to where it raises a red flag
with the property that says hey look I’m not going to pay my taxes my house is
actually getting ready I’m getting ready to lose my property and I need to do
something this this particular concept is really works really well with land
but it can also work well with houses and commercial property and farms and
that type of thing so what you do is you contact your local city or county
whatever it is and you type in the first thing you do is go ahead let’s say for
instance you live in Houston Texas and so what you type into Google is Houston
Texas property taxes what’s going to come up is the tax assessor’s office in
many places the tax assessor is the point of contact to talk to about
delinquent property taxes okay it can be named differently in different areas but
in my area out here in Atlanta Georgia it’s the the property tax assessor’s
office or the tax assessor’s office here’s your point of contact and
contacting them about people who have delinquent property tax so what you do
is you go ahead you contact them either by mail or by phone or by email and what
you want to do is contact them and ask them what they have records of people
who have fallen behind on on their property taxes and so what you do is
once you go ahead you get that list is typically in an Excel format you go to a
web site called fi berr com ok you contact somebody from there and
you ask them to source the list for you what you’re looking for on that list
because it’s going to come with a whole bunch like ten or twenty different
columns of a lot of different information all you need is this you
need the owner’s name you need the property address obviously you know if
you want to the amount of property taxes and what you want to do is you want to
focus on property taxes that are actually two years old and older why do
I say that you know that first year people kind of forget you know to go
ahead and pay their property taxes or the waiting for their tax refund to go
ahead and pay property taxes or what have you so many people are going to
cure their back property taxes you want to wait two years at least a couple of
years that’s kind of a sweet spot and contacting owners that are not
necessarily either not paying attention or not interested in paying property
taxes like I said it’s huge with land because land you can’t necessarily live
on it’s just land and you got thousands of people out there who are falling
behind on property taxes and they don’t care what goes on with their land but
like I said it can be houses property taxes could be a little bit too high
what have you it can be a farm it can be a piece of commercial property so what
you do is you go ahead you take the time to contact these people and what you’re
looking for you just go ahead and ask them you can ask them I would say your
best bet would be a letter hey my name is Gerald I see that your property is
behind on taxes you can mention the taxes I’ve mentioned the taxes before
and I’ve gotten a very powerful response not necessarily negative but people that
are like yeah you know what can you give me for this property because they know
they’re getting ready to lose their property you can do it yep yellow letter
marketing you can actually go ahead and go on Google and Google property tax
delinquent property tax letters letter samples or what have you or what you do
is go ahead and in the bottom of the description go ahead and if you leave
your information you know better yet this is what I’ll do
I’ll put an example of a letter that you can go ahead and mail to owners that are
behind in property taxes look at the link at the bottom guys so what you do
is this you make multiple offers make hundreds of offers make a lot of them
because numbers will kind of sway in your favor make hundreds of offers make
offers on properties for $100 a pop $100 off $100 offer on a dollar offer don’t
worry about getting the the knows and people that blow you out of the water
and Peter don’t worry about it numbers will definitely work in your
favor like I said it works really really well with land and abandoned properties
and properties that are that have been totally destroyed by tenants and that
type of thing that are just sitting there accumulating housing code
violations and that type of thing so once you get a hit and somebody says
yeah I save my property for 100 bucks so what
you do is go ahead and you write up an offer okay and you can either write up
an all-cash offer or they dig you can go through a process of them quick claiming
the property to you now once you get that property for $100 you have to cure
the back property taxes back property tax is going to be five grand
okay they can be ten grand they can be fifteen hundred bucks right they can be
at whatever amount whatever amount it is but think about this once you go ahead
and let’s say for instance you get the property for a hundred bucks
you turn around cure the back property type so let’s say for instance you don’t
cure the back property taxes you go ahead you turn around you wholesale the
property right let’s say for instead property’s worth 50 grand but it has
let’s say twenty five hundred dollars in bad property taxes
that’s what steal think about it guys I just gave you a secret as to how a lot
of people and even if little surfaces you’re an agent right your real estate
agent you can build a ton of listings like this and contacting people that are
back on property tax that are behind on property tax think about that that’s
gold nobody’s doing that agents are not
marked typically are not marketing to people with back property taxes there
was a guy that I ran into had to be about 10-12 years ago and I didn’t know
how this guy was getting deals I didn’t know how he was getting listings and I
know how I was getting property so cheap it took me ten years to figure out that
this guy was contacting people who were back on property taxes about to lose
their property and he had developed a system to contact
these people to approach these people and say hey look I can give you XYZ for
this property and he was killing it he was and nobody knew nobody could figure
and it took me ten years to figure that out what he was doing he was targeting
people who were behind on property taxes guys I’m telling you you want to destroy
it in the business I just gave you a tip first century you can build real estate
listings off of this you can get your property for crazy cheap using this
concept you can wholesale off of this so many things so that concept ten
properties can make you wealthy trust me this is Jarrell have a go

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  2. You're not exactly getting these houses from the rich who defaulted on city tax. Your gain is another mans suffering. No one should have the power under any circumstances to take your home because you cant afford to pay a reoccurring tax. People who are retired and unable to work should be exempt. I mean come on you pay into social security tax till you RETIRE then you reap the benefit of collecting and not paying into it anymore. Why should retirees have to continue to pay a tax on their home when they paid city/home tax their whole life. 1 Their kids are no longer in school so theres that. If they live in a nice community they've probably never even called the police department except the time they called and asked when the fireworks were. My mom who is retired with little pension, and being fucked over by social security. I had to foot the bill to get her out of foreclose and I do t even have a home of my own. I rent. Retirees should be exempt.

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  7. I lost eye sight in my left eye and the state took my CDL from me and I lost my job after 30years of driving truck. I've been out of work over 1 yr and losing everything but I'm renting. I'm going to try this and pray to God this will work

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  15. Once you acquire the property and pay the back taxes, is the property yours free and clear or is there still a house loan or mortgage associated with it? I think I may have missed something…?

  16. Thank you, Jerold! This is very interesting! I'm wondering what benefits the seller obtains aside from getting out from under. Is their personal tax situation better from showing a loss or is their credit score saved some damage from having the lein show up in their history? Does the tax lein show up as soon as they're delinquent or as soon as the tax auction is announced? Are there anything like these additional selling points leading the seller to be looking at?

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  22. No he did not. I just got into real estate 6 months ago, bought my first house with a long hold mindset 3 months ago.. Yet I've always known the flip could be faster and more profitable for the quick Capitol. I just never really new how to source the properties that are in the between loss and auction faze. Brotha, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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  29. Here's what I don't understand. How can a property be foreclosed for taxes if there is a loan against it? Wouldn't the bank have a lien with the first right of recovery? Also, wouldn't back taxes just be a lien on the property? If there was money still owed on the home to the bank, how do you get around that? Thank you for your valuable information.

  30. So no one sets up an escrow to pay their taxes i thought that was a mandatory thing that happens…because the banks know that they will come second on the lien, uncle sam always get theirs first so are these properties owned outright?? And once you get it who then pays the delinquency?…oh wait you then pay those taxes….ohhhhh!!! Yeh i just got licensed and that's a great way to get deals…

  31. This just happened to my best friend his house was paid off in 1999 it is worth $450,000 this year he was late paying taxes and the county sold his house for $963.00 now it's been only 2 months and they want $2250.00 plus the original $963 you mother fuckers should HANG

  32. aren't these people most likely being foreclosed on by the bank as well? how does that work if they are being foreclosed on from two entities?

  33. You said to have an entity (you named Fiver) to source the list. What exactly do you mean by that? If I'm not mistaken, it should be as simple as requesting the info from the Tax Assessor's Office (possibly on a CD) and looking over the material myself, shouldn't it?


  35. Thanks, this video in very informative, I have a question, can you email the letter, and the answer to my question please, it would be greatly appreciated? My question is, what if the homeowner still has a mortgage? Do you still, purchase the property? [email protected]

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    One criminals. Justice. One trainer the other red bull now we can work together

  37. In my experience, some, if not most, tax assessor departments will require you to pay for their delinquent property spreadsheets. Not always but sometimes. They are not very expensive.

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