Peel P50 Electric an owners view –

The original idea was a small shopping car the smallest car in the world and it still
is the smallest road-legal car in the world this is an exact replica of the original Peel
P50 car. We make 2 versions of the P50, we make the
electric version which is the very first electric version, forward and reverse and the petrol
version. This has a 300 watt motor, electric motor
48v, the petrol engine as in the originals the petrol engine is a 50cc petrol engine
with forward and reverse as well. This is very easy to drive and it’s got a
very good turning circle Everybody I talk to has heard of the Peel
P50 or seen it on TopGear. Everybody that’s seen the car wants to come
up have their pictures taken with it, ask questions about the car, some people don’t
know about the car or the originality of the car. It’s the smallest car in the world, that’s
the attraction of the car.

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