Pennsylvania Shop Owner In Recovery After Harrowing Altercation

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  1. Hope that beer was worth it. We will make our country better one dead bad guy at a time. A lot of range practice 🙂

  2. The shooter is an illegal immigrant who was already deported in 2015 came back over the boarder illegally and still the liberals want to fight for his rights to stay in the country.

  3. These days, fights get out of hand very quickly, as the general public has become inured to extreme forms of violence through video games and movies without realizing the real world consequences. These would include emergency first aid, as well as legal fallout. The tables can turn against us very quickly in more ways than one….

  4. These guys steal earlier then come back to buy things? Not a clear cut case. This may not play well in court.

  5. why was the shop owner out from behind the counter? why didn't he call the cops prior? why did it look like he was shaking them down, as one man showing his waist, as he was being question? and the assault causing injury from the shop owner, after the fact that he shook them down and found nothing, then he gangster gun butts the mans head' I saw something different, would your Jesus see something different John?

  6. old man wanted to die. he knows people are armed. buisness must be going bad judging by the amount of customers. sucks to die to your own wrath.

  7. John is still painting his nails in that new emo fashion. I like the mexican. He guy hit him…he hit him back. The then gun comes out to shoot the mexican and the mexican shoots him instead!!!! I like it.

  8. Fuck ass old man deserved every bit of that address the situation the correct way ban them from the store get police involved don’t punch people over the head dam fool

  9. In the great leftie city of Seattle if you call a cop don't expect one anytime soon their are very few for the size of the city example I called 911 the other day and none showed but the ambulance and the fire dept. did and I called for one of Seattles drug addicts who had been hit with a baseball bat

  10. I watched the video a few times it appears the store owner who is also a "bad guy", attempted to pistol whip the shop lifter. Not sure weather he drop the gun before or after the hit to the top of the head. But the shoplifter put his hands up with a dont shot me face. Then he jumped ontop of the owner when he realized he no longer had the gun.
    The shoplifter could easily claim self defense… and probably will.

  11. I'm guessing in some states, the thief is considered "standing his ground", "in fear of his life" or "acting in self-defense".

  12. John, Watched your holster videos, and broke up and tossed two of them……………….and I agree, de-escalate and evade.

  13. i get it the guys stole from him earlier but owner is lucky to be alive since he escalated the conflict. he should be charged with assault. you can't just go hitting people just because they stole from you or you have a gun on your person. just like DUI, gun owners should be held liable for something like that.

  14. Damn, that shopkeeper was really about to start waving that piece around to de-escalate the situation… Then probably was like, ''aw hey wait, dang I sorry, Please Not with my own gun!" lol_
    *Don't play with fire folks.

  15. The store owner played a stupid game and won a stupid prize. Dumb and dumber didn’t seem to be looking for a fight. Pretty sure the guy’ s shirt was up becuase the store owner asked to see if they had shoplifted anything. Dumber was on his phone in the process of turning around to leave it looked like. From the minute the weakest sucker punch ever was thrown, dumb hightailed it out of there. Dumber rightfully clocked his ass back, saw the gun fell out as the owner fell and decided at that point to fully commit. Which is when story owner won his prize. He got shot for a couple of beers and dumber is probably going to catch a couple of felonies. And to be fair, the store owner gets to shoulder the blame on this one. I’ll be willing to bet if he didn’t have that gun he never would have hit the guy becuase I certain the plan was to hit the guy and then pull the gun out if the guy retaliated. He’s lucky he didn’t lose his life.

  16. 1. Own a beer store and sooner or later there will be trouble.
    2. Don't control your emotions while carrying a gun and then sucker punch someone with no skills.
    3. Loose your weapon and be surprised when you are assaulted with it.

    Time for this store owner to rethink his career choices.

  17. Store owner should not have hit him, let the authorities handle it for the theft. Would the guy that shot the store owner even face legal trouble? It seemed like self defense, especially since it was the store owners gun.

  18. He's referring to the store owner as the "good guy" and the other as the "bad guy". the store owner sucker punched someone, and that person reacted accordingly. I dont think theres any "good" or "bad" guys here. Just two morons.

  19. I hate to watch these videos where the defender loses but I learn more lessons watching the encounters that went poorly.

  20. I have a question when u shoot at targets at the firing range why dosent the bullets break the targets or go thru some or most targets in the shooting range I was curious was it the bullets?

  21. Great teaching points. Owner should have backed off and called 911 and let the Police deal with them. Holster knowledge seem to be a big problem across the industry. Two many sales people peddling terrible holsters. Great video. Who are the 86 losers who didn't like this video?

  22. The "bad guy" is an illegal alien and was deported once already in 2015. Yet another example of why we badly need a wall on our southern border.

  23. Jon! Love your videos buddy! Can’t believe I’ve met a YouTube star in person! Keep up the world class content! Thanks!

  24. The owner definitely escalated the situation when he clocked him in the head I understand why he did it but he definitely was on the losing end he should have just let the guy leave wow wow


  26. First of all I'm a big fan of your videos you do great work. But what's up with the black fingernail on your ring finger?

  27. I hope the shop owner got his carry permit revoked or something, his goofy ass can't handle that responsibly!

  28. Couple comments:   (1) someone stealing doesn't mean they have NO moral compass. Being a thief doesn't automatically mean he'll murder someone.(2) We're calling the thief the bad guy, but the shop owner escalated the fight from verbal to physical when he punched the younger guy, and then again to deadly when he drew the gun. The young guy should be charged with shoplifting; the owner with assault with a deadly weapon. Put yourself in the thief's shoes: maybe you don't immediately shoot the guy but he just punched you unprovoked and drew a gun on you; no telling what he'll do next.      Shoplifting is bad. Pulling a gun on the shoplifter in this situation, arguably worse.

  29. Thanks to the owners stupidity now the thug is going to say he tried to kill me first, and he probably walk. This is what happens when you have no plan.

  30. Invest in a couple of good quality cameras and have one pointing over the counter behind the cashier and the other next to the door. That way if you suspect someone is stealing from your store, you will have a quality image of the perp's face when they check out and leave the store.
    Don't get into fights with them, because a few bucks worth of goods is not worth a potential trip to the hospital. Hope that guy was caught.

  31. Dumbass deserved it tbh. If you have a problem with somebody, stop talking to them, get away from them, call the police and let it be that. But no this idiot was like "MiGhT As WeLl PuNCh HiM." Except in a very weak and ineffective way LOL…

  32. I went Galco on all my holsters, and they do nothing but work. I've done dive rolls etc in them and the pistol stays. I love 'em.

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