People&Product: Ilija Mirosavic, Product Owner @ TradeCore

I think that currently in Serbia many things are centralised in Belgrade, so I hope decentralisation happens for us and that a few industries, especially IT, will spring up in smaller regions. It is already noticeable. From a young age I wanted to work in computing, so to say. A few of us from school in Užice made a plan to enrol at a university in Čačak. However, in the end, when it came to enrollment, only the three of us honored that agreement. I came to TradeCore when I saw what kind of product they were planning to launch. I also liked that it was a domestic company. Typically in Serbia, although there are several product companies, most people are focused on outsourcing. I was really excited to find a company in our market that is ambitious, develops its own product and wants to compete with leading international players. Working on a product is very interesting to me because it is dynamic. Before anything else, a product owner has to be as domain expert, so it’s always fascinating learning new things from the domain I work in. The most important thing for a product owner is to be able to understand the people around them. The more experience a product owner has in certain areas, the better. Unfortunately, product owners very often have to say “no”. Especially when many stakeholders are involved, it’s sometimes necessary to decline their requests and explain why. And of course take on all the risks of that decision. Sometimes that decision could mean losing clients, but the product owner has to make a decision whenever there is something else more important for the product long term. We are currently developing BrokerCloud, which is a fintech platform that will enable the next generation of fintech products. We offer everything a fintech startup needs to enter the market. Instead of spending 6 month or a year in development, we offer them an out of the box solution which includes KYC, payment, trading, card issuing and so much more. What motivates me the most at TradeCore is that I truly believe in the product we are developing. For me, as a product owner, I am mostly motivated by the product and end user satisfaction, which is something that drives me forward. Although I have been at this company for 2 years, I feel like I have only just scratched the surface of the industry, and every day I learn something new, which is very interesting to me.

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