18 Replies to “Pet Rescue: Confronting Dog Owner

  1. Didn’t understand, in the end did u take the dogs from this cruel owner or u left them with him to continue abusing them more and more, stupid man and poor and sweet dogs bless them 🐕🐕🐕😘😘😘 😇😇😇 🙏🙏🙏 😫

  2. Sad to say this but while caring for these poor babies the neighbours are not helping,as long as they are being fed they wont do jack to help the dogs.

  3. It makes me physically ill, to see those innocent dogs starving, cold, no room to get away from their own feces, and animal control does have a process. However clearly the dogs were in bad shape. Why isn't that enough to remove he dog's. Some good Samaritans should pay the fur babied a visit and simply walk assy with them. I'd bet money those babies aren't micro chipped, and from the looks of the man I highly doubt he'd even file a report. Sad state of affairs and SHAME on animal control!

  4. The sad thing is stuff like this is constantly happening and not all the dogs are lucky enough to be rescued :/

  5. This old evil, stupid man is an abuser and he is not suppose to have pets, he doesn't deserve to have those pretty souls, because animals are beautiful souls that come to our lives to make us happy and to give us unconditional love.
    Poor dogs, I'm sorry for them.

  6. Laws ensuring protection for animals are not tight enough! That’s terrible, and it’s not considered a violation.

  7. Good for you John. Hope you keep your word and check on those helpless angels. BTW,where was their shelter,water,food?. How much more neglect do they have to suffer?

  8. Some enjoy torturing animals. I lived by a big fat b*tch that had seven dogs lined up like this chained to trees, no shelter, nothing. No help from anyone. So much for law, animal rescue, PETA, SPCA… The animal abuse I witnessed changed me forever.

  9. If you eat meat, you will eat your dog and you are a bad owner.

    No, I’m not rooting for the owner, and no, I’m not a mentally insane peta social media guy.

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