Peter and the Atlas | Owner Spotlight

I love being out in the outdoors. It’s a magical place. It’s what I call a spiritual battery recharge for me. My name is Peter O’Neil and I’m the Executive Director of the Colorado Outward Bound School. The goal of Outward Bound and what we call our mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery. Because we’re about character education. It was an amazing experience taking young adults out into the wilderness and seeing how they would blossom and develop and just go beyond what they ever thought possible. When Will was here he lived and worked out of this base camp and would go into the field and provide resupplies to the students that were out there. He knew what kind of vehicle I needed. My name’s Will O’Neil I’ve always loved cars and my first car was a Volkswagen Rabbit. I heard the Atlas was coming out. I was like, that’s the car that my dad needs to be driving. I look forward to long road trips because you’re entertained along the road as well as having a comfortable ride and going through beautiful landscapes. It’s got great acceleration. Driving up to the tunnel or over Loveland Pass. It handles extremely well. And, frankly, it’s fun to drive. I want to be able to get out and about, into the mountains, into the canyons, and the deserts of Utah. I see myself still strapping on a pair of skis and skinning up into the wilderness when I’m 70 years old. If I stay physically fit, there’s no reason my Atlas can’t take me to another trailhead. five years from now.

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