Product Owner bei empiriecom

empiriecom presents I’m Oli, I’m product owner
for the smartphone apps of the Baur Group for both iOS and Android. I started my education as a
IT-Specialist for systems integration in 2008. The company I’ve worked for during my training training just started to go agile in that year. Which means I’ve been
through the whole process before. So I have worked agile before already. I usually start my work in the morning
by looking at the current numbers, have a chat with the developers
about what’s up today. That happens, usually, in the form of a “daily”. I have two important appointments
in the week or in the sprint: The planning and the refinement meeting. So I try to prepare tickets accordingly, to synchronise with other teams and even make some appointments for the developers, to help solve intersectional topics,
clarify frontend issues, so our developers can work on their product – or better “our” product – easily without being interrupted. I’d say that as a PO I have to keep track of our product but also
what happens on a market level. The customer’s opinion is extremely important to me, Meaning that I, for example,
read our app reviews daily. I’m probably the one person out of the team that needs to have the strongest focus on the customer. Follow us!

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