Proper way of Investing in SuperVank

So as you can see I earned another 9,219,171 EC Okay so, let’s invest this now Hello guys, if you’re new here and want to earn and learn with my applications tricks just click this SUBSCRIBE button and BELL so you will be notified for our new video alright so, welcome back here in our Channel Finally, I will show you now the proper way to invest your EC or Energy Currency in SuperVank application By the way guys I mentioned last time about my new discovered trick Unfortunately, I still can’t disclose it co’z I can’t verify yet if it’s really legit. Anyways, going back here to teach you how the proper way of investing your EC to companies So as you can see I earned another 9,219,171 EC Okay so, let’s invest this now So what you gonna do is just go to your profile and then go to Investing hours by country press on it So here, I’m sure you guys are already aware in which country to invest You should invest to the country that has marked opened okay.. and take note guys.. just look for the most current date where the investing hours started. okay so the date today is February 5, then we will go to the same date here in Japan this is where you can see all the companies that you can invest to and to those who were saying that you should only invest to the company that has high previous multiple and highest EC volume that’s not true guys here’s my possible reason why not to invest on the said criteria For example in this company, it has high total EC volume so that means, there are a lot of user’s invested there If that company earned very low possible guys that you could only earned very low as well there’s a high chance that your invested EC won’t return to you. Imagine, the total EC volume of that company is really high and that means there are a lot of user’s invested to that company and this means you have lot’s of user’s to get the shares on the earnings of that company So, the best way to do here is just invest to the company that has low total EC volume So, just find there I would suggest not to go near on the top and bottom just look on the middle part So.. let’s invest on this company and.. and another tips guys just look for the closing price make sure that the right side is always higher than the previous closing price so, as you can see here closing price at the side is higher than the left (previous closing price) you will be able to see here your available EC or investible EC So I’m gonna invest here maybe 200,000 okay, done. press okay Alright then.. Let’s find another company to invest again and guys just invest at least 3 to 4 companies only in one country And of course.. Always remember, “Invest only for what you can afford to lose”. alright so.. let’s have a look another company somewhere here at the middle part that has low total EC volume so.. let’s find here.. hmm… maybe.. let’s try this company as you can see it has low total EC volume and right side closing price is higher than the left side so Free Investment and let’s invest again of 200,000 EC ok then press done press ok let’s find another one to invest again so let’s try this company so, let’s invest another 200,000 again so far, that’s enough for the 3 companies so, what we gonna do is just go back to your profile again and.. go back again to Investing hours by country and look for another country with the same date so, let’s go here in Unites States and.. do it the same procedure as we did in a previous country okay, let’s try this company so as you can see, this one is good low total EC volume and higher closing price from the right side and let’s find another company so let’s try this one and this one also good and let’s find another one company again let’s try this company there it is also good so now, go to your investment status so, as you can see these are the companies that you’ve invested in two countries so guys, I will update you as soon as the Investing hours has been ended to those companies I have invested and if the returning invested EC has been distributed Alright, just try this method that I’ve did and if this video found helpful to you guys just leave feedback in the comment section that’s it guys! Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and press notification BELL so you will notified to our next video

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