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  1. Thank you so much for your videos, they always have an interesting thing or more that makes one's mind just spark with curiosity ^-^.

  2. at 6:20, I think you mean pressure is equal to force/meter SQUARED, not CUBED, pressure being force per unit area. Thank you for all these videos.

  3. The business about glass is actually a common misconception. My students called me on this as well. Love your videos.

  4. Mr. Andersen: Your statement regarding the viscosity of glass is incorrect and is a common misconception. Glass is solid at room temperature but can be melted into a liquid, formed into a pane, and then cooled back to a solid. Modern industrial processes create panes with uniform thickness. Earlier manufacturing techniques created glass panes that were often thicker on one end than another. These panes were almost always installed with the thick side down to increase the stability of the window.

  5. Very interesting videos… i am too late to notice these 🙁 ..look forward to watch all of them soon 🙂 thanks again 🙂 

  6. @6:10 in reference to the hot air balloon, wouldn't a cooler state draw the molecules closer together thereby increasing the density verses decreasing it? Wouldn't a gas state have lower density? Thanks!

  7. Thank you! I know nothing of chemistry but I need to take a placement exam. Hopefully I'll do well due to these videos! Keep it up!

  8. In my humble view this introductory videos to chemistry are way more better than those on Khan Academy. Thank you!

  9. the glass thing is debunked its just that the panels were crudly made they just put the thiccer part at the bottem to help support the weight of the class on top

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