Rabbi Gives Free Investment Advice

Who says you can’t buy your way into
heaven? Of course you can. Now it’s been a fact of life from the dawn of history
that money can be used to make money it’s not only to buy stuff or real
estate you invest money in a way that makes money so that even while you’re
sleeping, your money is working for you, it’s making money for you. there’s so
many Halachos (rules) there’s so many laws in Torah about how that’s legal and when
it’s legal and when it’s not legal like for example charging interest. but it’s always been the case that you invest money that makes money. Everything in the material world is a reflection of some truth in the godly world when you give Tzedakah (charity) then even while you’re sleeping your money is creating holiness if you give Tzedakah to a yeshiva to a place of study if you give money to a
charity fund that helps Brides afford their wedding or god forbid burial
societies that take care of those that need to be to be taken care of after
they pass away your money is producing godliness even while you’re asleep and
that’s an awesome thing to be able to produce holiness and make the world a
more godly place without even without even lifting a finger
so Tzedakah is not only the ultimate mitzvah
and the talmud when it says mitzvah and doesn’t specify which one it’s referring
to Tzedakah so not only is it an ultimate Mitzvah it also has this remote power it
can create holiness from a distance you don’t have to be physically involved and
yet you are producing holiness so Tzedakah should be on the top of your
list it should be a daily activity not an event in your life or not only a
special event every day maybe even a few times a day a few coins in the in the
“Pushka” (charity box) there is a very healthy habit now we don’t we don’t give Tzedakah in order
to exercise generosity we try to develop a generous streak in us so that we will
give more Tzedakah so the giving of the Tzedakah is the end in itself it is not a
means to improving your personality or living up to some ideal idealistic
standard it’s the fact that the recipient is helped by it. So a Hassid came to the “Alter Rebbe” way back at the beginning of the Chabad movement and he
said i give a lot of charity i’m very hospitable i have guests my house all
the time but how do I know that what I’m doing is sincere I could be doing it for
ulterior motives and the “Alter Rebbe’s” answer was the poor
man you invite to your table or the poor man that you give the Tzedakah to
appreciates and enjoys the food sincerely so you shouldn’t be looking
for the sincerity of your act you should be looking for the sincerity of the
result you’re giving not receiving so your focus should be on the giving
itself did you give enough and did the
recipient get what he needs that is the only question so if the recipient if the
poor man is sincerely enjoying your gift that’s all you need to know and that’s
all you need to worry about that’s the nature of Tzedakah so a daily routine of
Tzedakah would be an amazingly good thing

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  1. I got the Cortex M4 Cookbook, my CAD premium subscription… Some philosophy. Take mom out to dinner, some music.
    Signing up for a course or two.
    One day when I earn enough I'll buy the Windows 10 Pro and Winrar

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  3. If the investments, are destroying the planet or cause wars. Are they Godly. I believe you are sincere Rabi, a moment at table. Is reality, maybe someone else's reality was made ungodly preceeding it. Surely the responsibility lies with the Investor to know what's been invested in and what has been signed for. Though I can see that in not knowing sleeping is easier.

  4. Money is not the root to evil but interest is.A honest money system is where everyone gets what they need but no one has any extra. People should not be able to collect extra money. This leads to greed.

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