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In this video, I would like to talk about
real estate astrology. A lot of my clients are
actively into real estate deals. I mean buying and selling. They approach me on daily basis.
Even big real estate dealers approach me. They want to know the buy sell date range,
price range resistance and support levels. Most of them are traditional real estate dealers.
Using my method, they have an advantage over the market. Buy sell transactions for real
estate happens every day. Say in a big city of 1 million population, 100 real estate transactions
happen any given day. Buying and selling real estate never stops. Some people want to make maximum profits by
buying selling holding and flipping real estate. These people approach me. I am instrumental
in helping lot of real estate dealers. They buy it, just hold it for 3 months to
6 months and flip it for big margin or profits. I can calculate using mystic chart, whether
this visitor will buy it or not, which properties to avoid, high potential properties or gem.
Timing real estate markets using astrology. I use spirits for this purpose, which have
crystal ball like vision or radar like vision. It can feel the vibes and outcome, who is
going to buy the property, what is the price range? It can give average estimate or scale.
When I do calculations for particular properties, if the properties won’t sell fast, we need
to undercut the market to avoid huge delay. If you want
to sell
the property say within a month, or within 3 months, you need to undercut the
price. Because there are many other properties in the marketplace competing with you. I have
spent lot of time, testing through trial and error for real estate astrology. Not only
real estate the same principle applies for buying and selling cars or
any objects of commercial value.

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