Real estate in 2019: Definitely the year of the buyer, Dolly Lenz Real Estate Managing Director says

35 Replies to “Real estate in 2019: Definitely the year of the buyer, Dolly Lenz Real Estate Managing Director says

  1. For one I am so tired of apartment living. Love to have an affordable home say 2 bed room and one bath. off street parking. Say around $50k and at 73 one floor flat. So what is my out look on this… LOL

  2. they're telling us to buy before the real estate market crashes everyone who's buying should wait till the real estate market crashes then buy

  3. Stupid panel. Why do i give a shit about what celebrities r buying?! La and new york r shit holes full of liberals. Who cares!

  4. I really don’t care what movie stars or celebrities are doing fine it’s only houses talk about the average American

  5. Why don't these TV dunces disclose that moderate interest rates and the new S A L T taxes will stabilize home prices and end the mindless speculation by flippers?

  6. This is B.S talk. Most people own the house now do not need to sell their house because they have a lot of equity .( Most people lost their home from the last recession. due to fake income ) I bought a home in 1998 for $ 215000 ( Now worths $ 750000 ) in Orange county and payment was $ 1600/ month. I rent it out for $ 3600/ month. I buy a brand new home in Corona, CA. for $ 300000 and payment of $ 1800/ month. This market is good for renting to make money. House prices are not going down.

  7. HEY FOOLS!!! 4.6 is a damn good rate, Historically LOW for in history of rates. This is not the issue that the rate is too high BECAUSE ITS HISTORICLY LOW. Wake up allraeady and look at the charts

  8. Prices must fall waaaaaaaaay 60 to 80% off asking prices which all was Grossly overpriced by home flippers and realtors for strong and don't buy until you see homes come down like 60-80% people..force the market to adjust correctly..

  9. Beware: don't buy now!!! These realtors want your money is now and you got no equity in your home with your down payments.

  10. Lol…maybe 2 bedrooms and a maid's room could work for you! These ladies are a joke! Sweetie…I'm the maid in my household and this market is going down fools!

  11. Its the year of the buyer in select markets where properties are in the millions bc now there is a cap on how much mortgage interest is deductible and that is curbing demand. For the other 95% of the country its still a seller's market

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  13. So are we to make our purchasing decisions based on Kanye West's purchasing decision? I don't have that kind of an income! FOX – Just love you guys!

  14. Its funny… I've never heard a real estate agent say its not a good time to buy. 2007 they were saying its a great time to buy.

  15. "How can I help you make this loan"? Holy Crap, Sounds like the founder of Countrywide, the bank that brought the US Economy. I'm saving this video because in 5 years, when these two gals are carrying their cardboard boxes full of nick knacks being escorted by security out into the streets, I can say WOW, thank goodness, I didn't listen to them.

  16. Mark Cuban? I wonder if he's paying PMI, How's do you think Cuban's FICO score helped in qualifying for a loan? I wonder if Mark ever foreclosed on a home during the recession? "Cuban is the absolute example of 90 percent of all new home buyers". According to these gals, When Cuban buys, I'm sure millions will follow. These must be some of the most disconnected and stupid women in real estate. I think Mark would agree.

  17. It is good to buy something when its cheap. But the problem is that most people buy houses for loaned money. When the prices are high, people get loans easily, and then the market crashes, there are no cheap money to get. So people can't buy that stuff. Just those, who controls piles of money, can use that moment.

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