Real Estate Success Story: What They DON’T TELL YOU About Being A Real Estate Agent

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  1. Hi BC, first time see your videos, I'm happy to hear you talk about positive things being a real estate agent. I'm a real estate assistant now in Australia. Hope I can learn from you.

  2. I love your videos Bryan. You are such an inspiration for people like me aspiring Real Estate Agents. Im 48 years old and a teacher with a master's degree in Elementary Education, and a bad breakup led me to this point! Amazing, isn't it? I have always had the drive and Im very disciplined, I know I will succeed as you said, we all can learn and I agree with you, you just have to get up every morning and do what it takes! Im taking classes to get the license in CT and Im very hopeful. Thank you for sharing your experiences, advice and tips. You are so blessed with genuine interest in helping others! Thank you again! Im always looking forward to see your videos and learning more.

  3. Hi Bryan just wanted to say thank you and hi. I am just getting into the business. Currently I am still taking the courses online but I will be done soon. I just came across your videos and they are great. I'm also a car guy and live in Southern California. I hope we cross paths in the near future. I'm going to watch all of you videos and try to implement the things you are teaching into my career. Keep up the good work and I hope to be on your level someday soon!CheersP.S love the car!

  4. Hey Bryan, im 19 and I just had an interveiw with a real estate company, and i absolutely KILLED it, they really liked me! So now i just have to get my license then ill be set. I wanted to start young so in a couple years when im in my mid 20's ill be an expert. Is there anyway i could get ahold of you and ask you some questions?

  5. Yea Awesome vid Bryan you have me more motivated then ever I just sit back and think why can't I if Bryan went out and did it why can't I go out and grind like him my goal ain't to be exactly like you since we are all different but to take your tips and advice and try make it work for me and maybe even become a millionaire in a lesser time frame

  6. 18 and just finished my course and taken my PSI in June. I'm ready to become the best I can be and use real estate to live the way I want to.

  7. Hello Bryan I just passed my exam last Tuesday and I wanted to thank you because from the very beginning I started watching your videos and helped me immensely. For anyone try to pass the test please watch a video on my channel dedicated to extra tips to help you pass the test. Good luck to all

  8. cool bro I'm an investor getting the license for Fla..and enjoy selling too and relationships… the positive attitude, thx

  9. I think this man is a good example for me because I'm a 15 years old boy and in 3 years I'm going to college i wanna be a real estate agent to so this man it's gonna be the example for me in life 馃槃

  10. I'm in college taking up business and I'm also starting to get into real estate as well. The sky is the limit and I'm aiming beyond the stars.

  11. I have family in real estate they have taught me a few things but i want to be the best of the best a tips and tricks for success would be great also going over where to be a realtor for example best cities and how to make the most off your profit. Sorry for the long comment im hoping to get in real estate soon and want the most knowledge possible!馃榿

  12. I've been watching these videos for the last few weeks and to be honest… I love this guy! Wow, man! Your integrity is so credible it's definitely something I've always dreamed about. It's a honor to mirror your life story Bryan! I can't wait to heal others the way you've been doing so far! I love this content because it kept my mind off of a horrible breakup!

  13. Between You, Graham, Valuetainment and Grant Cardone I definitely appreciate your one on one conversation in these videos!

  14. I appreciate your videos, not only inspiring but extremely true. Would love to be a great contact for you and your team out here in Atlanta, Georgia. Keep up the awesome vids!!!

  15. I love your energy! I took the class in 2015 and took the state test twice and failed. I really lost my drive. But I feel in my heart that this is what I want to do. You鈥檝e given me the confidence to give it another go.
    Wish me luck! Thank you for your message

  16. Bryan, I just turned 14 and I started thinking about a real estate but when I told that to my mom she told me that every real estate developer (enterpreneur, agent) has a second job too. Now I'll have to focus on 2 jobs?
    Real estate and whatever the other job is?
    Can I be successful by just studying real estate business and becoming a real estate?
    I want to not just get a license and be an average real estate throughout my life, I want to be better.

  17. 5/8/18 (17)LOOSERS dont like this video.. THATS WHY YOU 17 ARE FAILURES!! You cant embrace success and THATS WHY you will NEVER be successful!!!

  18. video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities

  19. 5:13 "You can make millions and millions of $$ a year or do it as a side hustle and sell 2 houses in a year" most inspirational quote so far!!

  20. You鈥檙e incredibly inspiring bro. I鈥檓 getting my license this month and will do everything in my power to emulate your ambition and commitment to success.

  21. Loved how you compared it from the athletic aspect.. you say facts! Very inspired me thank you ! 馃檹馃徑馃挴

  22. I'm studying for my California real estate license exam I've been watching your videos I'm super pumped super Juiced can't wait to work as hard as I can and I can't wait to reach my expectations and also surpass my expectations I truly believe this may be the opportunity for me and my family thank you for your positive encouraging words keep up the good work also I plan on working with Keller Williams!

  23. I completely agree with you! I am a new agent and for the 2 months that i've been doing it, I gotta tell you it's definitely not what I expected it to be! It's like being thrown in the water and you learn how to swim on your own. But, I'm super motivated and determined to make that money and get at LEAST one deal before christmas! Currently watching this video right before I head out to go door knocking and inviting all the neighbors to my open houses this weekend. 馃檶

  24. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been in the Real Estate Industry for about a year now and I love it. You are inspiring !! I am now an agent with Keller Williams after being with three other agencies prior in my first year. I look forward to everyday because I learn something new. I will be watching your videos, I really enjoyed this one. I am glad I came across this in my search. Much Success to you !!

  25. I just joined real estate about a week ago. I started mentally strong and positive. 12 hours a day effortlessly. Today i just closed a big deal! I will continue to focus harder because the sky is the limit for what you achieve in real estate. Thanks for this motivational video!

  26. damn im 20 years old, didnt know what i wanted to do at all and that scared me, ive always mentioned this to my parents an ive heard all the negative comments that discouraged me, but this inspired because i know deep down i have the drive and need to succeed in my life, i want to prove my dad wrong so bad but also myself, thank you for this video, when im successful ill hopefully crossed paths with u one day brotha. just need to figure out how to start off

  27. I loved the episode. I find myself in the position where now I can start doing something. I am related to sales from past 8 years and this video is worth watching. Thank you so much for a motivational video same as #ZackChildress.

  28. Yes this is what I needed, but I'm really scared of pulling a loan, I wanna build a 20 unit apartment 800 or more square feet, 2 bedroom apartment and put it out for rent 1000 each, I have a family in the construction field, construction workers and civial engineers, but I'm scared if this would turn to a disaster, and end up in debt and lose my only property, especially with the interest rates being so high since Trump got into office, but I see the future for this being bright, if your reading this please give me some insight, advice and knowledge, I have big dreams and I love cars, I'm 19 and I currently have a 2008 Infiniti G37 with 330 horsepower to the crank but i could really use and want a GTR lol

  29. Hey Bryan, Im in Charlotte NC and Been wholesaling Real Estate, But im planing to get my Real Estate License, but I already been doing wholesaleing and do you have any other knowledge so i can prepare myself?.

  30. Thank you Bryan Casella for this video! I know without a doubt that I want to be and will become a license realtor….a successful real estate agent. And real estate investor. I have experience in sales and I know that from the research I've done that real estate is not easy. But I've envisioned myself being successful in real estate.
    Four years I completed an online real estate course in L.A.
    Right now I'm studying to get my license here in LV.
    Its Jan.2019 and just now watching this video. Thanks again!

  31. Thanks for the motivation really , im interested to become a real estate agent i cant speak english very well but ill do my best for be the #1

  32. I am getting a lot of what you and others have mentioned in terms of negativity and people saying how hard it is, that most people fail, blah blah blah. I just left a sales job that I made $200K a year at because I was working WAY harder than 99% of the people around me and basically sharing my deals and not getting anything in return (no leads to chase, etc.). I was going out and bringing back the bacon and cooking it as well. NO MORE!! I am a BEAST and will KILL it in Real Estate, too… I worked hard to get where I was, and it's not the first time, and I will do it again… I am just starting the online courses to get my license and when I need a break I watch your videos and others I find inspiring and motivating. I plan to hit the market hard in May '19 and have my first deal, if not more, done by July/August. Gonna get me a Lambo, too!!

  33. Hey BC! I got the millionaire real estate agent book last week and have been reading it. I鈥檓 saving to pay for real estate school online. Turned 18 last October and this has been my everything! I plan to go to college. Do have any suggestions on doing real estate and getting a degree at the same time?

  34. I want to thank you Bryan, before I started watching your videos I was very aggressive but expecting people to call me because of my marketing. Man was I wrong, thanks to you I now door knock, cold call, warm call 馃槈 and I'm not where I want to be but I BELIEVE it's coming.

    You inspire me to work my ass off and believe in myself.

  35. I鈥檝e been working shitty jobs for such a long time, and I want to break the system within myself. I鈥檝e been thinking about going the real estate route because I know I am capable, but I put it off because I get nervous. After seeing this video, it鈥檚 kinda given me more insight into it, and push myself for the lifestyle I want to live. Thanks for the vid man!!!

  36. love the spartan helmet in the background. Thanks for the video bro! Very inspiring. I'm extremely competitive and know I will be successful. Stoked to jump in. I've finally found a pathway to get to my dreams.

  37. Dude I appreciate you so much for this video man , I鈥檓 20yrs old working 10 hrs job and I just started getting interested in this career and I will do your suggestion about learning about real estate and study it before taking courses

  38. Interesting…. I told my husband the same thing. We can not be successful if we are not living a healthy lifestyle. It DEFINITELY can block ones natural charisma and replace it with an unseen to the human eye, but ever so present Charlie Brown cloud. It doesn鈥檛 matter in my mind how much you know if you have a tainted aura. Great video 馃憤馃徎

  39. I love this video so much. You have motivated me even more than the motivation I already had. You鈥檙e amazing man keep it going

  40. It鈥檚 stupid to buy an overpriced car like a Lamborghini. Horrible waste of money. That is some of the worst advice to give someone else. I don鈥檛 trust 鈥済urus鈥 who talk about their jewelry, purses, cars, shoes, etc. Junk purchases.

  41. Can agents make millions year selling real estate? Also do you think agents will be crushed by amazon ? I believe bezos is getting into real estate

  42. Well said Bryan! it鈥檚 really amazing what you can accomplish in real estate with the right mindset and work ethic!

    Hey did you know there is a Podcast with just Astonishing Rags to Riches Real Estate Success Stories. I think it鈥檚 something you could share your story with.

  43. Bryan, thanks kindly for sharing this! Every agent needs to see (or read) this!聽

    Hey here鈥檚 a podcast I think you鈥檇 really enjoy, it鈥檚 called Astonishing Rags to Riches Real Estate Success Stories, these stories are just bonkers 鈥

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