Real Property Reports by Kahane Law Office

[intro music] Real property reports, and do you have to
update them? The general rule with real property reports in Alberta says that a photocopy of
a real property report is okay. That’s great. But can you use them always? In most real
estate contracts it says that you have to provide an up-to-date real property report.
In this case, up to date doesn’t mean it has to be current in time. It has to be up to
date in terms of it reflects all the structures on the property accurately. So if you haven’t
added fence, decks, and it looks right in terms of the items that are on the real property
report, you’re okay. Do you have to replace it if you have a photocopy? No, we went over
that. But if it becomes so blurry because it’s been faxed or photocopied then you will
likely have to get an updated real property report. Again, if you add anything to your
property, you need to get an updated real property report also. That’s it for now, and
that’s another edition of the Kahane Law Legal Minute. Thank you. [music out]

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