Retirement Investment & Retirement Investing Strategies to Help Jumpstart Your Retirement Planning

Tim: This is a video about retirement investment
and retirement investment strategies – how do you get the best possible returns, how
do you do some things maybe you think aren’t even possible with your own retirement IRA
funds. Good day, Brian. How are you? Brian: Very good. How are you, Tim? Tim: I’m well, thank you. So, it’s come onto my radar that one day,
I too will retire. Brian: Hopefully. Tim: It’s a long way off, I imagine, but
on that day, I want to make sure I’ve got plenty of money and I’ve got everything
sorted out. Can you give me, what are some of the kind
of broad retirement investment strategies that you typically see in the market? Brian: Well, the most popular, clearly, stocks,
bonds and mutual funds. That seems to be where most people gravitate
towards, where most people are most familiar with. Tim: And they do that through the mechanism
of a typical IRA? Brian: A typical, a traditional IRA, which
would enable you to invest in those asset classes. Tim: Okay, cool. So, I have an IRA, I go open an account with
a bank or a broker, and I can invest in those asset classes? Brian: You could. Tim: But, I’ve got to say, at the moment,
bonds aren’t looking so crash-hot. Brian: No, they aren’t. Tim: Returns are pretty low. And the stock market, I mean, in the last
couple of days, it’s gone up and down a little bit. I’m sure that’s great for a lot of people,
but for me, I’m wondering if there are any other options. My folks always told me I should invest in
real estate, but you can’t do that through an IRA, he said, knowing that there’s an
option here. How do you get a little bit more of a diverse
possibility here? Brian: Well, with a self-directed IRA, all
of those options would be available to you. So, by having a self-directed IRA, which is
basically an IRS-approved plan where you have an LLC which is part of the plan, and that
LLC is restricted by its Operating Agreement to only invest in those things that the IRS
permits, you now can open up a checking account for the LLC and invest in, again, anything
you would like, as long as it’s within the IRS guidelines, which really encompass a tremendous
amount of asset classes. Tim: So, suddenly to me, and we have been
talking about this a little bit, my investment diversification goes from those three things
– stocks, bonds, mutual funds – to suddenly, I think we’re talking, real estate, precious
metals, all kinds of things, right? Brian: Absolutely. Tim: Give me some of those that I’ve missed
there. Brian: Well, besides, you know, rental properties
as you mentioned, precious metals, there’s various private placements, which could be
all different types of hedge funds or private equity funds. They could be real estate funds, real estate
related funds. You can have tax lien investments, personal
loans. The list goes on and on. Tim: Lots. Brian: Yeah, absolutely. Tim: So, I want to say, it doesn’t feel
restrictive. Brian: Not at all. Tim: It’s pretty broad. I’m amazed at this. Just being able to bring that back under my
control allows me to really kind of come up with my own, I think, retirement investment
strategies in a really strong way. It also sounds like paperwork, and complicated. I know you guys at Broad Financial help. What can I do here if I want to make this
thing happen? Brian: Well, I’ll tell you, it’s actually,
believe it or not, the amount of paperwork is not nearly as much as you would think it
would be. We certainly walk you through the entire process,
you’re set up in a short period of time, and if you have any questions at all about
specific restrictions within various asset classes, we’re here to answer those questions. Tim: Well, it sounds good to me. It really sounds good to me. I’m a DIY kind of investment sort of a person. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. Brian: My pleasure. Tim: For those you who’d like to find out
a little bit more, perhaps expand your own retirement investment strategies, please reach
out to us at, or through the customer care lines for free and give
us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and set up your very
own self-directed IRA, and really expand your retirement investment possibilities.

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