Revit – Properties / Types

Welcome to another episode from my
series “A beginner’s guide to Revit”. Today I will teach you how you can change the
properties of any kind of object. For example if you want something to be
bigger or smaller or you want to change the material of it. I will show you how
you can do that. Now for every object there are two kind of properties. You can
check them out when you draw a new object or when you click on an already
placed object. The first kind are the instance properties. You can check them
out in this box right here. They are specific to every place instance. Now for
example these walls they all have different values in their instance
properties because they have different heights but they all belong to the same
type which brings us to the second kind of properties the type
properties. We can access them when we click on “edit type”. Now if you don’t know
what a type is I recommend you watch my “Families and Categories”-video. I will
put a link in the description box. The difference between these parameters
right here and the instance properties is that if you change one of them it
changes for every object of that type now for example if I give this kind
of wall a pattern we see that it applies for all the walls. So the important thing is to always duplicate the type before you change
something. So I will change that back and click duplicate to create a new type. You
give it a name and now we can make our adjustments so you can see we created a
new type right here If we want to draw another wall like this
we can find our newly-created type right here and there you go. Now to give you a
second example we’re going to take a look at windows. Windows also have
instance parameters for example sill height here so if I want this window
to be a little bit lower I can change the sill height parameter and you see it
doesn’t affect the other window but if we want to for example change the size
of it we have to go to the type properties so we open “edit type” and we
see that we have the height dimension and the width dimension here in the type
properties. Now to change them we’re going to create a new type by hitting duplicate and I want to give this window a square shape of one by one
meter so this is going to be the name of it Now all I need to do is change the
height parameter and the width parameter accordingly and click OK to create my
new type Now I have my new window type that I can create new instances of by
clicking window and then finding my newly-created type and placing another
window also I can change the type of it by clicking on the window and then
selecting another type, Well I hope this was helpful for you and make sure to
check out my other videos if you have any further questions please leave a
comment. I’ll be happy to help you. I will also put a link in the description
box too the whole playlist of my series “A beginner’s guide to Revit” and
well see you next Monday

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  1. Das ist doch nicht nur Schulenglisch oder?
    Find es echt gut verständlich, so dass selbst ich es verstanden hab^^
    Ich hab grad überlegt was man noch verbessern könnte und dabei viel mir auf das bei anderen Tutorial meist ganz leise noch Musik im Hintergrund ist, aber das ist natürlich Geschmacksache
    Weiter so 🙂

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