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(upbeat music) (car engine roaring) (laughter) (upbeat jazz) – The Ford Focus popped out
and into the world in 1998, but only in Europe. The US got it shortly after, in 1999. Which is the same year
SpongeBob came out and I was 5, so the only focus out of
me was watching SpongeBob. The Focus was seen in many
generations in everything from boring sedans to boring hatchbacks. (fart sound) – It has some roots in
rally and touring cars and also grandmothers like to own them. My grandma had one. Now, of course, Europe got
the goods before the US, but in 2013 (cannon ball exploding) (whistling) the Ford
Focus ST hit the States. ST stands for Sport Technologies
because I guess there’s a lot of sport and a lot of technology going into a 250 horsepower
and 270 torque hot hatch. It has a base MSRP of $24,500,
but you know you can get 1751 Taco Party Packs
from Taco Balls for that. Let that sink in. It came in thirteen different colors and three different trim options to try and make you find a reason to buy one of these things. This car is known for its
obnoxious blow off valves (hissing) and littering
every local car show. Today, we sit down with
a very special owner and we have a good old chat. Driver to driver. (upbeat jazz) – Right hey, and don’t forget, wheels, tires, suspenders, suspensions, all that good stuff at, we don’t have suspenders
yet but I’m working on it. Anyways. Today, we’re here with Dakota, alright? You be North and I’ll be South. – I’ve never heard that one before. – But let’s not beat around the bush, how much did you pay for that EcoBoob? – Alright, so I paid about 18 grand for it, it had 48,000 miles, drove down to Illinois to get it. It has depreciated hard. Really hard. – (chuckles) 18k, sounds like you got ripped off. If you were gonna spend that much, why not just get, like,
some cool, like, RS? (bell dings) – You know, initially,
I wanted the RS more, but it was also more, at the time I bought it, it
was still a pretty new car and they were going for upper 30s, I think even low 40s,
and that just wasn’t in my price range at the time. So, I went with the ST, I kinda settled. – That’s true.
– But in hindsight, I do wish I went with the RS, I think. They’re pretty much the same car, one’s all-wheel drive a little more power. – So, why did you go with
the wrong-wheel drive car? You know, like, they make
cars that are all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Fun. – I like front-wheel drive cars, I think torque steer is fun. The car itself handles really well. I know people always
say ‘wrong-wheel drive’ but like, I don’t know, I
enjoy front-wheel drive cars, I genuinely do. I guess, I just don’t like
going fast, I don’t know. – Alright, okay. You do you, boo-boo. I notice you didn’t drive
your Focus here today, where is it? – I actually have it stored
for winter, right now. – Why are you storing a Focus? Shawn drives his Lambo all winter. What’s your excuse? – Well, (beep) I guess I just
wanna keep the rust off of it, keep the mileage a little bit lower. – It’s a Ford, I feel like they come with
rust from the factory. I don’t know. And keep miles off it? It’s already not worth
anything, what’s the point? Just, try and have fun with it, try do something with it. Don’t keep it in a garage, it’s kinda stupid. (beep) Alright, enough from
me, let’s hear from our extremely cool and
loyal YouTube community. (white noise) (upbeat trumpet music) Vang96 wants to know, – Honestly, I think it’s
a great first car to own, they’re, like I said, depreciated so they’re super affordable. The aftermarket list is
absolutely insane, like, there’s tons of mods you can do to them. So, I think that’s awesome. I think it’s perfect for, like, a 16 or 17-year-old. – So, not a 25-year-old? – Yeah, that, I suppose that’s true. – (snickers) Tyson Mandseth asks, – What? These things come with a purse? I already got ripped off enough, I guess I would take a purse
if they (beep) came with one. I mean, maybe I could sell that, get a little bit of money
back. It’s Ford depreciated, it’s not worth (beep) anymore. Yeah, I’ll take a purse. (beep)
(piano music) – Looking for aftermarket wheels, tyres, or suspensions, be sure to
check out – Troy Higgins has a good one, he asked, – Honestly, I like the looks of the ST, I think they look pretty aggressive, and then, the price point was pretty fair on it. – You like that they were over-priced? – At the time, they were, it seemed like a good deal, it was before they depreciated, and then I got the ST3 model, so that, like, came with
all the bells and whistles, it had navigation touchscreen, projector headlights and Recaro seats. – Didn’t you rip the Recaros out? – We’ll get to that, we’ll get to that. Yeah. – Alright. Giovanni Gomez asks, – Honestly, I think
they are pretty reliable for the most part. I know some guys have had like, Ringland issues and low-speed pre-ignition failure. – What is that? – So, that’s when you’re, like, going into boost at a
low speed or low RPM, they don’t like that.
– Oh. – Don’t do that. Not good for them. – Oh, okay. – So, like, don’t merge onto the highway in sixth gear, flooring it. You’re gonna blow it up. I promise. Also, talking about failures, Ford absolutely (beep)
up the paint on these. They’re terrible, I swear. Literally every time I drive the car, more rock chips, everywhere. Top of my roof, the front
bumper, the rear bumper. Don’t know, some of the
spots, how they get there, just chipped, always. – So, I guess you could say Ford went soft in the paint. – Yeah. Ford definitely went soft in the paint. – (laughs)
– Because it’s trash. – Sebbyboo is curious and asks, – (stammers) I am trying
to buy a house, I guess. – Alright, moving forward. Anyway, my boy Will Santiago asks or here in America, the Party ST. – Look at me, I’m a big guy, – I don’t really-
– Yeah, you are, sheesh! – Fit in it, you know?
– Go back a little bit. – And I like the looks of the Focus more, to be honest with you. It wasn’t too much past that. (white noise) – Bobthedino makes a good point and says (loud hissing) – (laughs) (hissing) Yeah, the blowoff valves
are extremely obnoxious. I know the Boomba one, like, it sounds good at first, it’s loud and- – (hissing) – It gets annoying real quick, real quick, anytime you
let off the throttle. (mechanical hissing) – So, what do you have
all done to that big dig? – So, I’ve done quite a bit to it. I have Air Lift performance, Suspension 3P, VIP Modular VLS 910
wheels, 18 by 9.5 plus 30 wrapped in 215/40 Nitto NeoGen tyres. Pretty much a stance-y setup. I’m tuned by Stratified,
I have the crackle tune so I’m full bolt-ons, I
have a COBB air intake, COBB exhaust, MBRP catless downpipe, CX Racing Intercooler, with
the hot and cold side piping, I have the Rally Innovations wing, AeroFlow dynamics,
splitters, canards, diffuser. I really like their products, they have good stuff. So, yeah and interior, I
have a few things done. I have the alcantara carbon
fiber SS tuning shift knob, and then I have an Agency Power, painted white, harness
bar to match the car, – Mm hmm.
– With sparkle harnesses, and like I was saying earlier, I have the core,
– Alright, alright. – I have the Corbeau RSS seats that I really like, they’re dope. – That was a long list. (beep) Wait, didn’t you buy the ST because you liked the Recaros? What the-? I don’t get it, you know? – Yeah, to be honest, I don’t know, they’re a little over-hyped, like, the initial, when I got
in it to test-drive it, I was like, damn, Recaro seats, bolstered, they hug me! But, I’m a big dude and they kinda dig into me a little bit, not gonna lie. And then, with the harness bar I put in, I couldn’t put the seat all the way back, so then, I had like, no headroom at all, especially if I was
wearing a beanie like this. And then, my knees were like, touching the dash too, ’cause
those seats are kind of thick. – So, you put in a harness bar that made you not fit into your own car. Okay. Alright. – Yeah.
– That makes sense. – Yeah, that’s…
– I got you. – I (beep) up.
– So, that’s a lot of mods, how much money do you
have into this damn thing? – I’d say I haven’t, like, I added up half of it and I got about like, 16, $17,000 into the car. – Brother, you were saying
and RS is too expensive… – I guess it wasn’t,
at the end of the day. – How much power are you making? – So, that’s the one big
gripe about these cars. I’m probably making like,
270, 280 horsepower. You can’t get over 300
horsepower with these cars unless you, like, you go big turbo on them. That’s pretty much the only way. Full bolt-ons, you’re
just not gonna cut it. – You put 17 grand into a Focus and you make 270 horsepower?! Focus RS makes 350 from a factory! What a waste! What are you doing?
– Yeah. I (beep) up. I know. – Yeah, you did! And what’s this Rice Krispie (beep) tune you said you had on it? – Yeah, so, I got the crackle tune, not the Rice Krispie
tune, might as well be. It just makes it pop and
gurgle and stuff on diesel, you can make it, it’s pretty obnoxious, that’s, the license plate’s got pops. – That sounds stupid as hell. You know you could’ve bought a car that just did that, I
don’t know, naturally, instead of like, a fake T, you know. That sounds like them
cars that come with those sound Symposer things that put, like, engine noise into the
cabin and just fake noise. – Yeah, the Focus has one of those too. – Yo, what the (beep),
these things sound wack! Why the hell’d you buy that? (saxophone) Please tell me you at
least haven’t had like, many issues with it or anything like that. – So, yeah, it has 70,000 miles on it, I put about 30,000 miles on it and I beat the hell out
of it when I drive it, honestly, like I beat
the (beep) out of it. I’ve taken it to the
dragstrip and raced it, I’ve taken it to Autocross and done that, super fun, handled great. That was before I did all
the stance setup to it and everything like that. But, the only other issue I’ve had which is self-inflicted is I buckled the fenders airing out. – Way to go, jackass. – I feel like a jackass, it was just flat ground, concrete, aired out, and they buckled, I
aired out a hundred times without ever having an
issue, and this time… – You know, if you need any fitment tips you can go to the gallery
at – I know, I know. I’m
aware, believe it or not. – Do you have any advice for someone thinking about getting a Focus ST? – Yeah, go test-drive one, I guess, and see if you enjoy it. A tune really livens these cars up. – Yeah, you can go from 250 to 280. – Basically, yeah, you’re not gonna get crazy power out of them. I would recommend getting the RS if you got the cash for it. Otherwise, if you don’t have the cash and you’re just looking
for something for fun, they depreciated, they’re
not worth anything, so you can pick one up for cheap. And, they’re a good time, they’re fun. (upbeat saxophone jazz)
– That about wraps it up, thanks to North for coming on the show and letting us poke fun at his wrong-wheel drive, depreciated car thing. If you need wheels, tyres, or suspension, (metallic clang) don’t forget wheels, tyres, suspension, Bye, bye. Oh, see ya. Bye. So long. Toodle-oo. Lord have mercy. Bye. (upbeat saxophone jazz)

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