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(jazz music) – Lexus is Toyota’s Luxury division also known as I want to
overpay for my Toyota. Lexus came onto the scene in 1989, which is the same year the
Nintendo Game Boy came out which is arguably more important. Lexus wasn’t even being sold in Japan where it was created until 2005. Instead, it was just
being sold as Toyota’s because, I don’t know, why not? Lexus does have (car tires screeching)
its FSPORT lineup which can get pretty gnarly, but we’re definitely not
in that realm of car today. The Lexus IS300 came out in 2001, and it was famous for
having the extremely, sought after, 2JZ engine. However this isn’t the 2JZ engine. This is the GE with the naturally
aspirated inline six engine. Which is like trying to get drunk on non-alcoholioc beer. Looks like beer. Smells like beer. But it’s not fun like beer. The 2005 Lexus IS300 had an original MSRP of $31,000.00. Which means you could get 4326 Cantina Margarita twist and freezes from Taco Bell Cantina Which is Taco Bell’s luxury division. This car has depreciated
hard and been used and abused by the drift
community for years. Today we sit down with an owner and have a good ole chat. Driver to Driver! (jazz music) Don’t forget the wheels,
tires, suspension, Today I’m here with Austin Flowers. Austin Powers. Flowers. Flower power. All right, cool. Let’s not beat around the bush how much you pay for that
rear-wheel drive luxury Camry. – well I actually traded a Volkswagen and I probably only had like two grand into the Volkswagen so. – Two grand total? Like everything, all said? What kind of Volkswagen was it? – It was a 1.8 2004
Volkswagen Passat Wagon. – You traded a lagoon? – Yeah. – Why would you trade that? Lagoon? Oh my god! All right, so it’s two grand. How many miles were on it? – Volkswagen was like, – Volkswagen. – Volkswagen, 160. – Hundreds? (laughing) Okay and how many miles are on IS300? – When I got it it was like 122. – Okay so it, you didn’t have to throw
any cash on top or anything? – Nuh-uh. – Why did this guy want the Lagoon so bad? Seems like kind of a good deal. – I don’t know. – Was there anything wrong with it? – I mean, Volkswagen had
a check engine light on it but otherwise I mean. – I mean, that’s normal
for Volkswagens though. – Lexus was perfectly fine I hopped in it, drove it home. – You just traded straight up? – Yeah. – Cool. All right, that’s the first
time on Driver to Driver, that someone did that. All right.
(beeping) So why did you go with an IS300 though, did you wanna drift or did you just hear the 2JZ thing and get excited a little bit or what were you thinking there? – No, so the actual reason
for getting the car was, I was sixteen about to
get a driver’s license, left Walmart with my parents and I saw a red Lexus
IS300 sitting outside. And I was like, all
right, I need that car. Forgot about it basically like never thought anything of it. Trade my cars, had what I had and all of a sudden,
the next thing you know, two years ago I was like I need an IS300 so went to go look posted up my car did a trade right for one and then I’ve had it ever since. – So you see a red one in
the Walmart parking lot and then your like, that’s my dream car? – Correct. – Wonderful. All right.
(buzzing) Have you ever referred to your car as a four-door Supra? – I have not. – Don’t lie to me. – I have not. – You don’t got to lie
to me, I don’t care. – No I do not refer it
as a four-door Supra ’cause it is not.
– Okay – I just have a regular GTE. – All right, okay good to know. What’s the IS300 community like? Now that you’ve been in it for a bit. How long have you had the car? – Like a little bit over two years I guess you could say.
– Little over two years. All right, so you’ve been in
the community for a minute. What’s it like? – I mean I like to say its pretty good. I have like group chats
with some of the guys and stuff like that. But in all, I mean just some of them that are out there they’re not the nicest, – Oh!
– but otherwise most of them are helpful, you ask questions you get answers. – That’s dope. – There’s a couple of questions that always get asked like, where the valve that
they have on the engine where someones like, oh what is that for? And its get asked like
twelve billion times in group chats so. – Well that sounds like a good time. – But otherwise. – You guys hang out at Walmart? – No we don’t hang out at Walmart. – Oh I didn’t know if that’s why. (beeping)
Well that’s enough IME let’s hear from my extremely cool and loyal YouTube community, all right. (upbeat jazz) – For wheels tire suspension check out – Pooties McGoodies, that’s a cool name by the way, has an important question and he asked, “So, when are you swapping
a real 2JZ into it?” – All right so with the 2JZ 1JZ swaps I’m actually not going that route. Next year I’m gonna pull the trigger and I’m actually gonna be buying an LS and then a T-56 and swapping that into it. So a little bit of a different ballpark but I wanna do that just because I want a Corvette, as well.
(tire screech) So why not just mix the two together and have fun there. – So you want a Corvette. So you’re like, instead
of buying a Corvette or trading my car I’m just
gonna put an LS in my car. – Yes.
(laughing) Yup! – Corvette, Lexus,
– I mean, alright. (clapping)
– Boom! – Most people, fine Well you could do 1JZ 2JZ GTE that’d be kind of cool. But you just, so your like, no I want a Corvette. – Yeah I want a big cam. – Are you gonna get New Balance? – I mean yeah I guess. – Okay and khaki shorts? – Yup. Yep, I’ll pull of the look. – Okay good all right.
(beeps) Jeynner Hernandez asked, “I’m considering buying
a IS300 for my first car, but I want it to be manual. Should I get one manual or get an automatic and
make it manual knowing it’s more easier to find
an automatic and cheaper? – So I’ve actually done the swap for the 5-speed just with the stock W55. – Sure – If I had to be honest with you I’d probably say buying one
manual is the easiest way. If you have, know how to do the work
and everything like that. Get one that’s auto, you’re gonna save some money. Just for like the price you
can pick one up for, a manual. – I mean isn’t it hard
to find manual though? – No.
– I heard its pretty hard to find manual – Not terrible I mean you gotta look. You might have to go
farther out to go get them. But I mean there is a
fairly decent amount. But the only thing is in the miles. You’re talking about like 250,000 and the person still wants
like five grand for it. And your like, (groaning) yeah I’m going to pass on that. – Corvettes come manual. – They do. (static noise playing) – RazoE is curious, asks, “How disappointed were
you after you bought it and got gapped by mini vans and struggled to get 15 miles per gallon? former’03 5-Speed manual owner here.” – I cried – Did you? – Yup
– You get gapped by a mini van? – Yeah – Is it slow? – Toyota, Sienna (sci-fi engine roaring)
passed me right up. (laughing) – It actually happened I think this guy must’ve known you. Holy (beep)! And you get fifteen miles
per gallon in that thing? – I mean I’d like to
say probably not anymore just with my exhaust now but. – How much does exhaust add for MPG? – I don’t even know but all I
know is that it sucks on gas. – Why? That’s terrible. Anything around that for a six cylinder, that’s garbage. – Yeah – That’s bad. And its slow. Like what’s the benefit? – I’d like to say the dashboard it’s kinda cool though with the MPG ’cause then you can see it fluctuate. But that’s it, yeah,
that’s the only thing. – Okay so it gets low miles per gallon that’s okay ’cause looks cool when it does it on the dashboard. – Yeah – Okay
(static noise playing) Now Raindrop asked, “what are the pros and
cons of owning one?” – I mean I don’t really
have any cons with it – Brother we just talked
about the MPG remember? – Well yeah I guess MPG, yes, one con there. – So, math. – But otherwise I mean pluses of it,cI’d have to say it’s in all a great car. I mean I’ve really had no issues with it. – So the positive, no issues. Negative miles per gallon. – Yeah – Devaun Wilridge is asking
the important things. He says, “You still have bed
wetting issues, don’t you?” – No not really – All right maxie9506 who
wants to look like you asks, “Who is the wheel manufacturer and what are the specs
on the wheels and tires?” – So right now, I have a set of Rotiform CCV’s they’re
18 by nine and a half plus 22 with a little mild stretch 215/35. But I am going to be switching it up, I just picked up a set of KNP’s so gonna do the five spoke wheel and then with that, gonna get some breakup
grades going in there. – Ooh! You don’t like the sink
drain wheels no more? – No I don’t. Brandon Inks likes to know, “Is the T in 2JZ-GTE important?” – I mean I’d like to say it is, a turbo’s always important.
– Yeah, I’d say so. – That’d be cool right? – Yup
– Or LS – Yeah LS you think LS you could put a turbo on that too. – I think I would rather have 2JZ GTE. – I mean either or. – New Balance, Turbo? New Balance, Turbo? I get it. So let’s get to the nitty gritty. What mods have you had done today? – Mods? I mean I have a handful of mods that I’ve done today. – Let me hear them. I wanna hear them. The people wanna know. – I love carbon fiber. That is the one thing so. – Yeah I do, I like carbon fiber. – A lot of carbon fiber pieces that are in it like,
custom steering wheel, the whole inside of it. I’ve done like diamond
stitched floor mats, – Okay.
– racing seats. – What kind of racing seats? – The racing seats they’re, I’m gonna mispronounce, It starts with a B. – Braum? – Yeah Braum. – I heard those are kind
of like computer chairs. – They’re pretty comfy. I mean, I don’t really
drive the car too much. I mean its been sitting on jack stands for doing the swap and stuff like that so. – Doing the swap? Wait, you’ve already
started doing the LS swap? – No, the manual swap. – Oh the manual swap. Oh, I thought you were
done with the manual swap. – Just finished the manual swap – Oh man! – Two weeks ago. – So you haven’t had any problems, but you’re probably gonna have problems. – Yeah, yeah. – But okay so you have ton
of carbon fiber goodies, diamond stitched floor mats – The other couple things is I got full air ride suspension on it. – Ooh, air-ride, good choice. – I’ve done the control
arms upper and lowers, just a couple of things for suspension. The wheels setup, I guess, as well. And then duckbill and then I also have a full lift kit that’s
gonna be going on it. Carbon APR front splitter, carbon Seibon hood, carbon front grill. – You do love carbon you weren’t (beep) around. – Carbon fog lights. – Carbon fiber fog lights? – Yeah – With the bezels you mean? – Yes, that is correct. – Oh I thought you meant like
carbon fiber light bulbs. – No, we aren’t that far. We aren’t that far. – Okay you’re making me nervous. – So you did a lot of
cosmetic stuff, I see. what have you got done to the motor? – Motor, as I said, with the LS swap I just did like headers,
just made racing Mid Pipe and then a custom two and a half inch straight pipe through out the back with blast pipes on it. Intake system. Basically, that’s pretty
much it for the motor. I mean I have like strut tower bars and stuff like that that are kind of cosmetic-ish stuff. – You got intake and exhaust ? – Pretty much, yeah – But then you spend like
ten grand on carbon fiber. – Yeah, ’cause it looks cool. (laughing)
(beep) – How much horsepower are you putting on? – Probably stop at like 215. – How much money do you
think you have in this thing? – I’ve actually done the math before. – Oh God! – I kinda like stopped when I went to all the carbon goodies
and stuff like that, but. – Watch this math. – I think was probably somewhere, coming pretty close, to like ten grand. But I don’t know I’m having fun. – So you put ten grand. No, you got to be more into that. The air ride? – Yeah. – And the wheels? – Yeah. – And then all that carbon fiber. Okay, so if you’re around ten grand, essentially this car is worth two grand. – Like to say, yeah probably. – So you put ten grand into a car that’s worth two grand. – Yeah – Do you have anymore plans for it? I mean your talking about the LS swap. Are you actually going to do it or are you one of those guys that just talks about doing it
for like eight years straight and then never does it?
– No! I 100% am going to pull
the trigger on the LS swap. – You realize this a $2000
car were talking about right? – Mm hmm – IS300? – Yup – You better not bump into anything or hope no one gives you a fender bender. It is going to cost like eighteen grand. – Yup – Oh my god! (laser sound) – Do you have any plans
to like drift this thing, or do what like IS300’s are meant to do? Not just like go park
it on a baseball field. (laughing) – So I want to autocross it. I wanna try it. – I think it would be
cool to drift on air. – I am going to go to an event. I’m gonna try it. Hopefully I don’t crash and hopefully I don’t mess up my car. – So your going to go
autocross with the LS in it? – I’m gonna do it this year with just a regular GE and then. – Its going to be some
weird weight distribution in that bad boy. I’m surprised the air is on. I’m surprised its not so light
with all the carbon fiber that you go to air out
then it just stays there. ‘Cause there’s no weight to bring it down. Maybe one day right? – Maybe one day. – Okay Has six cylinder, but
is bad on MPG., right? – Mm hm – And its not fast. – Yeah – Seems like a good car start off with. What would you recommend to somebody looking to get an IS300? – Get one that’s cleaned. That’s clean. Gosh I can’t even talk. – Get one that’s clean
cause they’re sticky. – ‘Cause you find some out there like I just saw someone that sold one that had like 60K on it that was a 5-Speed manual
for like five grand. And I see people paying like. – Damn, you got ripped off. – Yeah, I see people paying like four grand for one that’s
got like 160 on it. And it’s an automatic and its like. If you look they’re out there. You might have to travel but there’s a good community out there that would help you find
a good one as well, too. – Good to know. Well I think that about wraps it up thanks for Austin Powers being groovy and letting us poke fun
at his, wish I had, Supra. If you have any suggestions
for someone else that should be on this show, drop a comment below. Wheels, tires, suspension (Metal clangs) – Peace! (upbeat jazz) – [Austin] You gonna stop waving? – That’s my line. (upbeat jazz)

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  2. I think his engine is broken, my IS300 get's 10.9L per 100KM and shits on anything that doesn't have turbo. His Fuel injectors are probably fucked.

  3. the is300 is just the 4 door 240sx….i know cuz i have one. And in no way is it a 4 door supra.
    pros of buying a is300………..uhhhh idk a good looking daily I guess lmao.
    if >*built*< having a 4 door supra….ahhem i mean sleeper.

    cons when thinking of buying a IS300

    valve cover gasket.
    leaking vvti cam gear.
    rear main seal.
    front main seal.
    the water pump is known for going bad (I recommend replace your valve cover gasket, cam gear seal etc, water pump and timing belt at the same time as it is a pain in the ass.
    harmonic balancer is known for going bad.
    the stock cats will go bad.
    the 2jz -ge are really raspy straight piped, so be mindful when doing the exhaust setup
    w55 manual trans is a glass above 280hp.
    ball bushing will fail and send you into a wall if not maintained.
    the traction control, throttle body/half drive by wire and half cable control is a terrible design. And the throttle bodies are known for going bad.
    the 02 sensor can short out your factory ecu.
    the ecu is a strict christian teacher.
    the mpg is horrendous for being an inline 6, shit a v8 has better mpg than the 2jz-ge
    if you think making a is300 a fast car wouldn't cost too much you are highly mistaken.
    there is no middle ground for power. You WILL NOT make any power NA if you wish to make power, either swap for a 1jz, 2jz gte, ls, shit even an 1uz. Or build the 2jz-ge making it a NA-T.
    if you decide to go NA-T read up on the is forms to see how much shit you've gotten yourself into.
    there's probably more but thats all i can think of for now.

    *I highly recommend you go to the IS300 forms before thinking about buying an IS! if i would've known all these problems i would've went with a brz/frs etc. Oh and if your looking for a white paint, suede/alcantara interior, manual…Good fucking luck.

  4. I traded a 04 crv with 80k miles for an 01 manual straight up, years ago.
    Theres a video here on the tube, dude jumps tyco, the day I got it I took it airborn, and from there I spent the next 5 years beating the snot out of it

  5. I have an 04 is300 sitting in the driveway and totally felt that mpg. It literally sucks gas and you get to watch the gage stay at 0mpg until you let off the gas.

  6. I call it to this day as the Toyota Altezza from racing games like Gran Turismo 2.What itโ€™s known as in Japan. But nonetheless, thatโ€™s how I found this car and Iโ€™ve just loved it ever since. I would love to own one someday

  7. Typical brz/frs owner trying to talk trash about kids is300 yet your car is just as slow better mpg but the motor wonโ€™t last 100k unless your grandma drives it. Lmfao these driver to drivers are him bagging on these drivers and thier cars…. lets get his car in the driver to driver lol. Just saying you have a frs thatโ€™s gutless like the is worse reliability but you get 25mpg vs 18…. broooooo your winning haha I love this channel and Relly like you guys but he seems drunk… and very disrespectful! I think you guys can do better!

  8. Wish app supra, I'm dead. Cool looking is300, that's a really hard car to find clean manual, I considered it but found 330ci's more plentiful and cheaper.

  9. How to roast? That Is300 is automatic. Lol I had my stock manual 05 Is300 (non swap) parked next to that IS at the time and the difference in comments was shocking.

  10. Im sorry but ill never agree with Ls swapping a Jdm car ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ to me it like gay sex, just isnt right

  11. I mean its not that slow just hit the ect button or whatever the green one and it will pull better lol idk how he got pulled on by a minivan unless the minivan can go faster than 140 lol

  12. Almost certain that the editor gets high as balls before editing these videos. And that sounds like a team Iโ€™d love to be a videographer for

  13. Austin: Iโ€™m going to 100% pull the trigger on the LS swap!!

    Myself: Iโ€™m going to 100% pull the trigger out of this video!!

  14. I like how you used an image of fall out boy for 2005 im guessing that's an image that comes up when you search 2005

  15. Dakota you are absolutely killing it with this series ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  16. "How much money do you think you have into this thing?" is the WORST question you can ask someone about their modded car lol

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